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Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Come one, come all! Big and small! Short and tall! Welcome, welcome, welcome all! To the Diary's Tea Time of all! Helloooooo readers, Junne here with a new post! I hope you enjoyed reading my last post about Valentine's Day and Black History Month last month. For this month, I have a special post for you all. I normally try not to post my drama because of privacy purposes and because of the fact I do not want anyone to get involved in the conflict I go through. But the one I am going to present to you all today was so looney, vindictive, or otherwise, a 6-day facade (hence the title) that I had to post this. And before I begin, I am going to do a little vignette on the person who is responsible for this. For privacy purposes, we're going to call her "Lucinda". Yeaahhh...good o'l Lucinda.

Lucinda, Lucinda,....Lu...Lu....cinda:

How exactly did I meet Lucinda? 3 months ago, one of my friends' (well...maybe an acquaintance now because we got into some conflict but that's a whole different story)' best friends' forward me a message on IG from Lucinda regarding a party for one of my former teachers who has cancer. I decided to go and even went my way to make brownies for her [my teacher] because she showed and expressed so much love to me, I was like why not? When I arrived at my old school, I could not find the party anywhere, it was basically like a regular school day but I saw they brought some Domino's in and such. Then I was waiting in the lobby and I heard someone call out Lucinda's and saw them talking to her. So I got up from the chair in the lobby and decided to talk to her about this supposed party. It turns out the party was at like 8am in the morning but the invite said around lunch (between 11:50 and 12:30) and when they had it, it was not actually a party but some sort of get together to talk to her. About a few weeks later, I get a friend request and follow request from Lucinda from Facebook and IG and I decided to friend and follow her. I wondered why she wanted to be friends with me, I didn't even think I was that cool and amazing, but whatevs. Alright, now if you want, you can bring your favorite teacup or even a coffee cup as this tea is like running at the minute. NOW, let's actually get started......shall we?

Image source:

When I was 17, I went to my first concert at the House of Blues in Chicago on my favorite street Dearborn. The only reason why I went is that one of my friends was performing there and I wanted to support him. I remember that day because I went to the eye doctor earlier that day and my eyes were acting kinda funny until a little bit before he performed. I even took my mom with me and she seemed more excited than her 17-year-old daughter. Lol, we had dinner there and the performance was great! A year ago, I had wanted to go to that Beyonce and Jay-Z concert called "On the Run II" with one of my friends but something came up and we couldn't go. There are only a few artists that I would actually like to see in concerts nowadays besides Beyonce, and one of those artists is none other than the beautiful, talented, and gorgeous...Ella Mai! I first fell in love with her music when I heard her song "Boo'd Up" at the BET Awards and again in June 2018 because we had gone to my Uncle's house during one of the days during that month. I used to get sick of it because they played it soooooo much, but over a while, I got used to it and even downloaded on my MP3 player.

Thursday,  February 28th, 2019, 10:12pm:
With college and more boundaries going on in my life, I didn't know Ella Mai was going to be performing in Chicago on March 3rd at the Concord Music Hall. When I went on the website to buy tickets, they were all sold out! The only ones that were available were the parking tickets (no pun intended). Lol, so then I decided to post that I wanted to go on my IG stories. Meanwhile, there were people posting on Facebook on the concert page saying they had tickets available. I decided to message this lady and she said she would give it to me for $30 and she had Paypal. I was very skeptical on buying tickets through Facebook because my mom always told me since I was a little girl to only buy from non-cooperations that are affiliated with Paypal unless they are from known cooperations like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc.  A few minutes later, Lucinda replied to my story saying that she was going to the concert. I asked her if she had any tickets left because I really wanted to attend the concert and she said of course. Then I messaged the lady on Facebook saying I did not need the tickets and felt like this:

Image source:

I told her god bless her and goodnight.  Have a peep!

Friday, March 1st, 2019, 2:59pm to Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 :
Lucinda messaged me saying that she had VIP tickets, which include meet and greet! She even wanted to have dinner at this restaurant across the street before the concert and wanted to know what color band I wanted for my VIP pass. Take a peep!

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019, 6:30pm:
I was running a little late because I was getting ready and because since I was taking a shared Lyft instead of a standard one, we had to make a few stops. Lucinda told me she was also running late and I arrived at the restaurant Turbo Tacos at 7:13pm. More and more people waiting for the concert came inside the restaurant like I did and the restaurant shut down early for an unknown reason (probably because of the concert or due to the fact it was Sunday and most businesses close on Sundays). She was still running late and I kept messaging her.  Eventually, she messaged me and kept telling me to go to the backdoor and use the name Artibutance Castevae. No offense but.....what the heck kind of name is that?!

Then I tried to go to the front of the line and asked for Lucinda's name (not that generic one she told me) and the dude said he did not know anyone named Lucinda. Then I decided to wait in line.....this is when the pure fire began. My hands became so numbed that I couldn't feel my hands and I decided to text her saying I was leaving and I went inside a restaurant a block away and called for a Lyft. My phone was going down to 15% too. So the Lyft finally came and I came back home....only to turn my phone back on and view THESE MESSAGES.

That place was so small and it was adjacent to this store and used its parking lot that I don't even think they had a backdoor. Anywho, I called my mom up, explained what happened, cried, then she told me to order some Uber Eats, and hung up. I was so prepared when I went to the concert that I even painted my nails in her honor.

Monday, March 4th, 2019, 6:01am:
Lucinda said she got me an autograph with her signature and even my name on it. Let's have some more peeps shall we? Also, notice the "signature" very clearly.

You know what? I don't even think I have to type the next few couple of parts (I'm kinda getting tired of typing anyway).

I asked her to take a selfie of herself with Ella....and this was the answer I got:

My reaction: 

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, 10:22am:
She even said that Ella wanted to hang out with me all week and wanted to record some tracks with me. She never even met or seen me and she wants to record some tracks with me? She might as well ask my pets and my Grandmother too! Actually....let's let the REAL Ella put in her two cents in this interview from the video below. Click from 13:00 to 13:07. 🤐😶

Ella Mai's interview with the Breakfast Club: 


Okay, so the plan was to meet up at my Condo around 1pm. Just in case any funny stuff happened, I decided to bring my dog downstairs in the lobby with me. Meanwhile, while I was looking and feeling like a fool and bimbo in the lobby, these are what I get. 🙄🙄

I got sick and tired of her shenanigans and decided to go back upstairs and wait in the hallway of my floor, then went inside my condo. One last thing to point out is that she said she was on the second floor of my Condo? How the freaking heck did you bypass me to the second floor? There are 3 exits in my Condo: The Lobby, the door that leads to the Garage, and the back exit. If you have never been to anyone's Condo before, which door would you have entered in order to get to the second floor of their Condo? They would've had to enter the lobby (WHICH IS WHERE I WAS AT) to get to the second floor! And why the Slipping Jim (I'm trying my best not to use profanity people) WOULD YOU TRAVEL TO A FLOOR YOU'RE UNFAMILIAR WITH?? That's like someone breakdancing inside the window room at the Sears' Tower (forget Willis' Tower, it's the SEARS' TOWER) knowing the fragileness of the glass!  I told my Mom this and she is still talking about that statement! Oh my fricking gosh! I was getting very frustrated and decided to video chat her. I asked Lucinda again: Are you really friends with Ella Mai? Did you guys come over like YOU SAID YOU WOULD? She was a bit hesitant. Then, I told her until she can prove that she's actually close friends with her and show her on the video chat, she is not allowed to come over to my condo. Then she was hesitant again....and hung up on me. Then I went on Youtube for like 5 minutes and received a text message.

We finally have come to a conclusion........

On that Monday (the day before the "meeting"), my Mom told me in soo many words that she [Lucinda] was probably lying her behind off with this whole brew ha ha because my Mom said she and one of my Aunts had a bad experience with a person similar to this situation. When they were younger, one of their friends said Teddy Pendergrass was performing in concert and he had tickets. But then when they arrived at the stadium, he was not performing. I even had the nerve to kind of scold my Mom a bit because I didn't think this would happen to me....annnd it did. I apologized to her for being stupid and she forgave me. She said that she knew all along that she was lying but she said: "For Junne's sake, just play the game and she'll [Me] figure this out". Sorry again, Mama!

Just a quick analysis:
When she gave me "Ella's" number, I noticed while I was talking to her, I did not hear her british accent. My mom even told me because she saw her performance on SNL and she didn't want to ruin it for me. She even had the nerve to create a voicemail perpetrating as Ella Mai. I also noticed that when she was perpetrating as Ella Mai like as soon as I got off the phone with her or tried to call her, Lucinda would instantly message me as soon as I got off the phone. Another thing too is when I tried to video chat her and told her to put Ella on, she would say "Oh she's in the bathroom putting on makeup" or "She's coming". Ella Mai's concert was only permitted to people 18+, and Lucinda is only 17. Meaning that even if she did try to make an effort to go, she couldn't get in without me or another adult.  Remember that screenshot from when she said she was traveling with her from Indiana to Chicago? Okay, she is still in high school, so how the flipping heck does she have time to travel with her from Chicago to Indiana to Chicago? And why would she [The REAL Ella Mai] be in Indiana on Monday when she was scheduled to perform in Ohio that day? And at the same time miss a flight to New Zealand (which was also a lie) and a week's worth of money to visit a 19-year-old girl from Chicago THAT SHE NEVER EVEN MET BEFORE? And why the sam flipping hill would you want to meet me in Elgin, IL , which is a city I never even been to? Then she said Norridge, IL at the mall (which ironically she wanted us to hang out there before she created this crazy episode of Catfish instead of Water Tower Place) and then we agreed to my Condo. She also sent me the cities she's going to perform in over the summer, which ironically the REAL Ella Mai posted more of her tour dates but let's compare and contrast.

                                                                   "Allegedly" (😒🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

From Ella Mai's website (I liked how the REAL tour dates were posted literally the day after she [Lucinda] told me. 😉😂😂)

Oh and here's one more thing I would like to point out from earlier: THE SIGNATURE. COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE SIGNATURE PEOPLE! 

"Allegedly" (Smh, this looks like a signature I created when I first started learning how to cursive write). 

From Ella Mai's website (I love your signature, Bbyg! 😊❤❤)

Oh, and here's a bonus peep before she admitted herself: 

I just have one thing to say about this screenshot: 

Well folks, that's the end of Tea Time! The pot is empty and there is no more to tell after this. And Ella Mai...THE REAL ELLA MAI...if you are reading this, I am not upset at you. I am just upset at the fact that someone impersonated you and lied to me as desperation for friendship. I hope you come back to Chicago soon so I can actually see you perform and meet you in person. And Lucinda if you are reading this, I hope you do not do this to anyone else and I hope you get better soon. As the great Downtown Julie Brown would say...WUBBA, WUBBA, WUBBA! 👀😆