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Six Flags Field Trip: Great America

I was so scared to go on the rides at Six Flags, I kept asking my friends that I might need some Adrenaline Pills before we go on the ride...wait how did it come to that point-? I would've probably overdosed and ABC plus NBC would've been dialing up my Mom's Phone for rights to a TV Movie about me. I could see it now: ABC presents "So young, So Fast: The Junne **** Story." Or NBC presents "Why Her? The Junne **** Story." Poor thing was about to graduate until one day, she decided to ride a Roller Coaster at Six Flags because she had no choice or she would get mocked by her Friends. So, she decides to make a choice that would change her life forever. BROUGHT TO YOU BY TIDE, WHO STILL THINKS THAT THEIR PRODUCTS ARE BETTER AND CHEAPER THAN OXY CLEAN. Let's began with ride #1.

#1 King Chaos:

*Glup*...I just knew in my mind from the beginning that they were going to try to get me to ride this ride. I saw it the last time I came and I thought I would never ride this ride...HUH SELF? The screams, the part where they basically flip you upside down and at that moment you just feel like it's either a trip to Cook County Hospital or a nap that you can never wake up from. The good thing I learn about this ride is that I'm a screamer. Ooh, hehe that'll probably benefit one day, won't it? I thought I was going to throw up too, yeah even when I mention that they were like "Let the heart handle itself." How many times you've been watching Mulan? I was just glad that the ride was over and that THEY TURNED US UPSIDE BACK TO NORMAL. I'll rank this from 1 to 5: 1 being the worse and 5 being the best.

Rank for King Chaos: 3.5. Why? Well, if we hadn't gotten turned upside down it would've been at least a 4 or maybe even a 4.5. And if we had gone just a bit...a BIT slower, it would've been a 5. I still like it....but I ain't gonna go on it again.

#2: Batman Roller Coaster: Man, I was so scared that I started hyperventilating in line and praying for like...30 times? I didn't think the ride was that bad...until I saw 2 random pairs of Glasses behind the gates of the ride. AGAIN, they gave me some Mulan speech, told me not to worry about getting Adrenaline, and to take my Glasses and Hoops off or else it'll be 3 pairs of Glasses...and Hoops behind the gate. At least they made a perfect choice to have the three of us to sit in the back since who would dare to sit in the front of a Roller Coaster with someone when it's their first time? Alright, I closed my eyes and turned into the screamer from the King Chaos Ride. AAAH! 3-5 minutes later, it was over before you know it! Man, that was fun!

Rank for Batman Roller Coaster: 5! Why? BECAUSE IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME, THAT'S WHY! Later, my friends decided to go on another Roller Coaster and I couldn't do it, I didn't like the design because I wasn't sure on how safe it was. This is how it looked:

Therefore, I was out on my own for a bit. So I decided to go on the ride with those Swings or whatever they're called.

#3: Whatever-that-Swing-Ride-was-called:

I don't really have that much to say about the ride because it wasn't that exciting as the other rides now that I think about it. But all I can tell you is that it would suit someone who is new to trying rides at an Amusement Park. However, I rode on a ride similar to this at Navy Pier back in '13. It's weird because the one at Navy Pier seemed to went a bit faster than the one at Six Flags.

Rank for Swing Ride: 4.5. Why? Well, if it was as fast as the one from Navy Pier, it would've gotten 5 all around. Other than that, it was pretty cool when you want to slow down on the other rides.

By the way, on my way to the 4th ride, I passed by the new Roller Coaster they just build called "The Joker." Here's a picture:

#4: Balloon Air Ride:

Surprisingly, the lines on this ride didn't last that long but why should I be surprised? I haven't ridden that thing '15 anyway. I'll admit that this ride was better than the one with the Swings because it moved faster and because the lines were only 3-5 minutes. Some Kids cut in front of me at the Swing ride, but I didn't care they looked like they were only....let's get back on track.

Rank for Balloon Air Ride: 4. Why? Let me sum it up because it's past my bedtime. Lack of speed.

#5: Batman Minecart

Out of all the rides on went on today, the only ride I excited for was the Batman Minecart ride. Why? Well, despite the long...long...VERY LONG line and the short reactions that you'll get from the Adrenaline while riding, I love it so much that I would actually get back in the line and wait for another 15-30 minutes. Oh yeah, there's also a Security Camera inside and a TV with the Gotham News on. Since I was the alone group, I had to be paired up with this group of 3 on the ride. HERE COMES THAT ADRENALINE--WOOOOOOOAAAAAHOOOOOOWWWOOOOOOHHHOO! Bam! It's gone! Too bad I couldn't get on it again, V.I.P passes anyone?

Rank for Batman Minecart: 5+! Why? Because it feels like your in an actual episode of Batman with him chasing down the Joker, spinning into various of crazy comical-mix ups and getting mocked by Harley. That's what I actually imagined when I rode on this ride, and DKC, minus the Barrels and the Bananas.

#6: The Revolution (Last Ride)

This ride is one of the popular ones, another surprise to me because the line was like 10 minutes long. That's because the more seats they have on a ride, the less time you have to spend in line. Maybe they oughta start doing that like....NOW? Whoa, Revloution felt like King Chaos on Adrenaline since you didn't have to go upside down and because it was going slow a bit. Not until that screamer came in with the other screamers..... AHHHROOOOOWMMMOGOGFNFNODNDONFFO! Beautiful, just beautiful!

Rank for Revolution: 5+. Why? It was like the Batman Minecart had a baby with King Chaos backward....wait for what? Oh, time for lunch!

Because we were only limited to certain lunches since we had a Meal Pass, so one of the lunches was a Chili Cheese Dog Meal. And guess what? It came with a Drink instead of me paying $20 for the whole thing! 4.5. Why? Could've put more Chili on that Dog, Dawg. And more fries to please my beautiful Eyes, Guy.  Alright, you guys can return to the blog post now if you want.

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