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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kaplan, Tupac, and Steak n Shake

Today was another busy Tuesday. I spent half of the day getting my application approved for Kaplan, went to see that new Tupac movie, and Steak n Shake afterward. Yep, Tupac. Who doesn't love Tupac? He was a famous Rapper who was overshadowed by his music lyrics and "bad boy" personality, but deep down inside he was a pretty cool person, I'll explain more in the Movie Review later. So in today's Blogette, we're going to discuss how my Tuesday was with Kaplan, Tupac, and of course Steak n Shake. Check it out!

Ugggh, pretty much after breakfast I had to start my Phone calls with this School. What? No, actually we started making Phone calls last week and that was a pain in the fanny than today. Since my Case Worker was busy with other Students, I found this the perfect time to go through an interlude of about a half hour or so...actually that turned into like 60 minutes or more. 60 minutes later, we finally get the Phone call back from my Case Worker and she instructs us on what to do next. Then we made to make more Phone calls and fill out more forms on the FSA website, as more complications were arising and we were pressed for time because not only did we have to hurry out the House in time to see Tupac, in addition, we had to hurry to pick up my Mom's Car from the Shop. After 2-3 hours of frustration, cups of Tang, countless random Movies on TV, and burning Candles, we were finally done. We also went to pick up my Mom's Car and my Aunt because she wanted to see the movie too, now let's move on to the next part.

When was the last time a Movie Theater was ever at a decent price? A. The 90's a.k.a the last DECENT generation? B. The 80's a.k.a the HISTORY OF THE MAKING GENERATION? Or C. The 70's a.k.a the YOU CAN DO/BE WHATEVER GENERATION? The answer is....yeah I really don't know or care at this point because there's a possibility that the answer could be a huge paradox. My Mom and my Aunt couldn't wait for Steak n Shake like me, I'm trying to watch my figure and they wanted some Popcorn and Pop. That's why my Mom spent $15..yes a 1 and a 5...almost $20...on two items. Hehe, my Aunt snuck in her Smoothie Drink though. So after that, we headed to the aisle where the Tupac Movie was playing.

All I can say is that if you want to know about the "real" Tupac, you gotta watch this movie. It was unbelievable and extremely amazing. And the actor who played him, he did it so well that it felt like you actually went back in time to view his upbringing and his failing action. Heck, THE DUDE LOOKED JUST LIKE HIM! I'll state more facts later, but that was just my quick though so we can move on and so I can have time to write this tonight since I'm a lazy person.

After we left, we finally came to Steak n Shake. Since my Mom and my Aunt ate plenty of Popcorn and Sprite, they only limited themselves to Milkshakes while I had a la the new Kit Kat Milkshake and the Bacon n Cheese Double Steakburger. Let me give you a brief about Kit Kat though. I FREAKING LOVE KIT KAT. Kit Kat is part of my soul, my life, my fortune. ♬MY LOOOVE...DO YOU EVER DREAM OF...CANDY COATED RAIN LOOOVE...YOU'RE THE SAME, MY CANDY RAAAAAIIIN.♬ I couldn't remember a moment when my Mom never came from the store at least once a week to deliver me a Kit Kat. If I could, I dirty dance with it and have Kids with it. I could see it now...Kitty and Katty. Or Kit Jr. and Katherine. I sound like a Cuckoo Bird don't I? Anywho, after Steak n Shake, we dropped my Aunt off and came back Home. Now I'm writing this post and still sipping on my Kit Kat. <3 Love you, Babe.~<33 Anyways, check out the next Movie Review post after this under "Movie Review" on the right-hand side of the page. Have a good day, see ya!

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Lincoln Park Zoo/Conservatory Trip

Yo guys, Jizzy's back with another new Logette! This time, I went to Lincoln Park Zoo and the Conservatory they had there! Check out more info in the link below or click under "Travel Logette" on the right-hand side of the page. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Good evening/morning to you guys, I just came on, here again, to say thank you guys for the support that you've been giving me for my Blogette. Thank you very much, I couldn't have done it without you! Have a good evening/morning, see ya!

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Hello everyone, and good morning/evening to you all! I just came to wish you all a "Happy Pride Day!" I hope you all enjoy your day, celebrate it, and maybe even attend the yearly Pride Parade. If you guys do decide to attend, have fun, be careful, and let me know how tasty the food is. See ya!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Field Museum/Water Tower Trip

Yo guys, how's it going? I went on another Travel Logette Trip today! In fact, I went on two trips today! I went to the Field Museum and to Water Tower Place. You can check out the links below or look on the right-hand side corner of the page under "Travel Logette." Check it out! And you will also find a video below of what I captured from the Museum.

The Field Museum Trip:

The Water Tower Place Trip:

Video of the Field Museum Trip:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Take Your Daughter to Work Day Tuesday

Has anyone ever heard of that day called "Take Your Kid(s) to Work Day? I sure have, but unfortunately, it was back in April and I blew it. I was busy focusing on my grades and Graduation anyway. In fact, I had so much fun today, that I might start doing this at least once a month. PFFFF...LOL, it's too bad I couldn't Facebook live what happened today, otherwise, this post would've been more enjoyable and something I can laugh at when I'm in an "emo" mood. And now I see why my Mom is like "Good thing you were born in the 90s." So in this Blogette today, we're going to discuss how my day at work with Mama was that included Ice packs and pre-pubescent little half-pints with misadventures into fantastic antics.

All I can say is that in this paragraph, Bebe's Kids ain't got nothing on this Kid. After the Pledge or in other words 5-10 minutes later, while my Mom was filling up the Ice Maker plus on the Phone calling up one of the other Nurses and while I'm on my Phone and Tabby, we notice wait I think either 3-4 Cops come inside the Nurse's Room (My Mom's Work Room) with the Security Guard and another Lady.....because of the 3rd Grader that they were with. WHY were the Cops called on him? According to Ms. Security Guard Lady, he was running in the hallways kicking people. Outside, my face is like "WTF?", but inside my sides were hurting so badly....I'm like "Kid why? Did they forget to give you a Cardon of Milk with your Corn Flakes or something?" LMFAO. Don't worry, my Mom calmed one of the Cops down by giving him one of those "Hope" speeches. Meanwhile, the 3rd Grader had his mouth balled up and for some weird reason gave one of the Cops a Uno Card? After everything, all of them left since it was lunchtime.

During Lunchtime, while I was innocently sipping my Capri-Sun and eating my Sandwich, I tried too hard to hold my mouth while hearing the Kids give excuses on why they came inside. We all (including me) had to wait outside so she (My Mom) could give one of the Kids her Diabetic medication. My Mom only stepped out the room for 5 minutes, but still, those Kids were coming. Two Boys came in there because one of them needed a Bandage. Instead of waiting patiently like an innocent Child, he decided that he could have the power to overrule the Nurse's Room by getting the Kid a Bandage in one of the draws...he couldn't find it and still had to wait for my Mom. :P Then....LOL Uh-oh! Two MORE Boys came inside the Room and asked where Mama was. I said that she had to step out for a few and they told me they needed some Ice packs because....because...well because one of them got hurt in their "Banana Cage." LMAO! I told them they could wait until she comes back, then they were like "Oh since she isn't here, we might as well go to lunch." And that's when....well...they left for lunch?

Oops, I forgot to explain what happened with this 4th grader. So Kid comes in the Nurse's Room complaining about how his stomach was hurting, 5-10 minutes later he's standing on top of an Exercise Ball watching my Mom help with the other Kids. Whoa, Kid, I thought you were sick? I thought you needed to lie down until your Brother comes? My Mom also gave me a duty there, I was the "Sticker Girl." I was in charge of giving the Kids Stickers after they were done seeing her.

After getting a bit bored, my Mom told me that maybe I should walk around to get a glimpse of the area and what not. First, I walked around the block. After hearing some of the Kids sing throwback songs from MJ, I decided to continue with my stroll. The first stop I went to was 7 Eleven, I haven't been there since like 7 years ago maybe. But I knew I wanted a Slurpee...Cola..@_@. Too bad I was already full, and too bad they had to make the Donuts look like the ones from The Simpsons! Just hope Homer doesn't stop through. The next and final stop was Walgreens, yeah I knew what they had but....whoa. Wait a second, this one is bigger than the one in the loop! Why? Well, 3 Escalators that include the Phamacy downstairs, the main floor, and a Boutique upstairs...duh. Boutique? I had to check it out like noticing that Cola Bottle with one of my (Wow, former) English Teacher's name on it. And why someone would be dumb enough to pay $2.00 for a pack of miniature Gummy Bears. What I thought was a Boutique was basically their Cosmetics department with Escalators. Yeah, I did get a chance to sample some of the products like the Lipstick and Mascara, but they were similar to the ones I already have. Afterward, I left as it was about to rain...thank god my hair didn't get wet. A couple of hours passed and it was soon time for us to go. By the way, this was the last day of School for the Elementary Kids which made this day even better.

So there you have it, that's how my Work Day with my Mom was. I haven't gotten to go to work with her since I was like wait since I was 11 I believe. It was fun while it lasted, and it gives others a chance to have a relief that they don't have any Kids. See you guys later, and have a goodnight. Here's a short video I made while Mama was on the Phone with one of the half-wit's Parents.

The End of The Year Carnival/Gone to Grandma's (AGAIN)

Every year, our School has a...well…”End of The Year Carnival” to wrap up the School year and as an excuse to plan a “fun” event for us. Yeah..heh….”fun”...YEAH, LOADS OF FUN. MMMMMHMMMM. Not a lot of the High Schoolers go each year, I wonder why? Maybe because it's mostly for Kids? I'll end that summary part here, let's move on to the next summary. Guess what? We're going to Grandma's again. Woo-hoo! And I believe we are going to have Chinese food! So in today’s Blogette, we're not only going to discuss the Carnival but my trip to my Grandma's. Check it out!

The End of The Year Carnival:
Alright, I'll just cut to the chase. I decided that this day would be the perfect time to wear my black/white striped Dress, because….why the heck not? Anyways, as soon as me and my Mom arrived there, she immediately pulled out her paperwork to finish there. Who could blame her? The event was mostly for the K - 8 Kids anyway so who cares? And I didn't really want to go, I was mainly there because a couple of my friends said they were coming. However, in addition to waiting for them like people used to do at McDonald's before that whole “All Day Breakfast” hit the fan, I decided to play a few games. What was the prize? Oh boy, 2 Lollipops from Dollar Tree! After getting a scoop of Ice Cream, I decided to call two of my Friends to see if they ditched me..AGAIN. Surprisingly, one of them answered the Phone. I'll just give you her nickname: Bee. Bee told me that her and her family are on their way to Six Flags, have fun Bee! I gave her my regards and hung up. Then….Oh this one is going to be another memory to chuckle at…..I called my other Friend. Nicknamed: Shae. Sent her a couple of texts, called her twice, SAW HER ONLINE ON MESSENGER AKA FACEBOOK, had Best Friend to call her….speaking of which, let me tell you about what happened with me and Best Friend. I get to the Bouncy House where he was at and he looked sweaty. Luckily Mr. M was there to give him a break, as well as one of the Lollipops I had to give… Cherry flavored buddy? The second time I walked to him way. He was standing aside without a shade!? Look man, he's my Best Friend, can you at least give him a Parasol? No, forget you then...dang! I decided that this was another perfect time to ask him to call Shae for me. Very surprising, he did. NO ANSWER. Yo Shae, Y U Soo lazi gurrrl? Blah, well at we tried….HEY NOW! HEY NOW! A couple of my underclassmen friends came….I knew they would since they are just too sweet and pretty to not come. Said hello, gave hugs, my number, compliments ( I MISS YOU GUYS! ), and then me and Mama (You can call her Mama Clay, Ma Clay, or Mother Clay) bounced outta there. To Jewels, donate at Salvation Army, then Home to go to G-ma’s.

Gone’ to Grandma's (AGAIN):
I couldn't… well we couldn't even spend a good 20 minutes at the House since we had to rush out the House to go to my Grandma's and so my Aunt could go to the DMV…..again. Don't blame her, blame the system. In fact, she's the reason why we're able to go to her (My Grandma) House we don't gotta spend 90 minutes in my Mom’s Car due to the lack of sleep she gets. Whereas if my Aunt ( Aunt J) drives, it'll only take 45 minutes. That's why lunch only consisted of half a Granola Bar and some Milk, why the Blogette couldn't be finished sooner, and why I'm basically typing this on my Tabby. Quick note about the DMV, then we can continue with the main topic: It was like Thanksgiving Thursday in the parking lot for the Seagulls! Off and on again it was raining, why? Maybe Mother Nature got jilted by her bf or her “friend” came. After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, we finally arrived at Grandmama’s. Her fence and stair railing is finally fixed! She gave me a Jacket as a graduation gift, asked me 5 times how I did my hair and makeup, and is passed out while I'm typing. I tried too hard to show her what my Tablet was…..she was more focus on the makeup than the internet. “Hey, who did this Baby’s makeup?” “What college are you going to?” “Who did your hair?” “Did you find yourself a boyfriend yet?” I got the answers: 1. Me. 2. Kaplan University. 3. Me again. And 4. Sadly, no.  Nevermind, she woke up after pointing and laughing at this chubby Girl on Andy Griffin… Yes, she only watches shows from the 50s to 70s.

That being said and since there's nothing much to discuss, that was my day. I hope you all have a goodnight.  Where's the pictures of the Carnival? Well, here's the thing. I didn't take any! Why? Because I didn't want to. Night. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Graduation Part 2: The Ceremony and Everything

Hey, everyone! I have part 2 of the Graduation under the "Special Events" column. Or you can click the link below! I had a fun time there, and I didn't even cry like I thought I would. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Graduation Part 1: The Practice/Luncheon

Before we began, let me just note that I changed the name from "Blogzette" to "Blogette." Why? Because I wanted to and "Blogette" sounds cooler...hehe.

Alright, from the beginning! Usually, the day before you graduate 8th grade or High School, there's always a practice to keep the flow going so the ceremony will be "perfect." Practice makes perfect, which is why it took us about 60 minutes to get everything...."perfect." But before we tend to "practice makes perfect", we were rewarded with a Senior Luncheon at....GIORDANO'S! WOOT WOOT! Like the Shedd Aquarium, I've heard of that place before like a million times but never been there. I wish they could've let us go to a luncheon in 8th grade, as well as taken the 8th graders to a luncheon since they had to practice during the morning as well. So today, we're going to discuss how my Graduation practice and Senior luncheon went. Check it out!

Woke up as usual, Breakfast Cereal, threw on basically the same outfit I had on when I went to the Aquarium yesterday except for the different shoes, in fact I wore my Graduation Shoes today to break them in for tomorrow. 20 minutes later, me and my Mom finally got to the School....late. Blame the traffic, not her Car. No one was there, not even the Teachers. There was only one dude there. Oh that's right, we were supposed to walk over with them but since we were only like 10-20 minutes late...yeah you get my point. Luckily, the Navigator system on Google Maps didn't malfunction, otherwise, we would've gotten our Goose cooked while hangry. What is hangry? Hangry is a combination of hungry and angry at the same time. HANGRY. 8 minutes later, we finally made it. Oh man, I didn't know that many Teachers and Students would be there....hence that we had our own private section in the back instead of the front. So many people, that we had to wait for the next two Pizzas to dish out....well I took the last slice so. Yippee! I was so glad I did....EWW, WHAT! NO! IT WAS COLD! YUCK! At least the taste buds came back for the Salad and Garlic Bread. Oh, and the Lemonade, Water, and Pepsi were also our Refreshers.

After 20 MORE minutes, two of the Pizzas finally came. The stuffed and the thin crust. Lord have mercy, let's make room for my stomach...SIKE! I have a ceremony tomorrow, which is why I only ate HALF of the cold slice, a half a cup of Salad, 1 small piece of Garlic Bread, and two Thin Crust Sausage Squares. Mama was so glad to come, she personally created herself a doggie bag despite the Staff's objectives. After a walk over about the slideshow with our pictures for tomorrow, talk about boy bands like Run-DMC, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync (I hope one day they make a comeback), and vice versa, we FINALLY came back to practice for the ceremony.  Remember I said it took us 60 minutes? Yeah, it might've been longer than that...I think 90 minutes? Well when you mix crazy antics, missing Students, and slapstick jokes, you basically get our Graduation Practice! I proved to one of my Teachers that I DID KNOW HOW TO PRACTICE FROM PLAYING PIANO CEREMONIES FOR MUCH OF MY CHILDHOOD AND WHAT NOT....Speaking of which, I gotta start back practicing on it again. We were also given our Caps and Gowns, plus our Senior Class Pictures with our Caps and Gowns on.

After it was over....OMG ONE OF MY FRIEND'S MOM GAVE ME SOME CHICKEN WINGS...THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL! Did it really have to rain? ....I guess it did since that's what happened to me when we got into the Car. Yeah, guys, I broke down, I couldn't hold my tears back I was so sad. I did it before on Monday, but I guess I did it again today so I wouldn't jinx and embarrass myself during the ceremony, huh? I love that School so much, that even though I'm going to be busy with College, I'm going to try to save out some money to visit my Teachers and my underclassmen Friends to keep in touch with them...even though I have a majority of them on Facebook and text. Still, who wouldn't miss the hugs, compliments, and smiles that you would get from people that treated you so decent that you could've sworn that they were like you're long lost family members? *Sigh* Well, tomorrow is the big day. I hope everything goes well and that everyone goes to the ceremony. Talk to you guys tomorrow, and I hope you guys enjoy this post. Wish me luck, cross those fingers!  Below, you will see 2 more Selfies I took today.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Shedd Aquarium Trip

Hey guys, this post is going to be short because like the Six Flags Trip, this one is a "Travel Logzette", therefore there's going to be a personal page about it on the right-hand side of the page under "Travel Logzette." Not only did I take pictures while I was there, but I also purchased a Camcorder a couple of weeks ago so I could film a video while I was there. Yep, to impress you guys and to improve the Blog, I'm going to try my best to take a bunch of trips to Chicago during the Summer! Anyways, enjoy the video below and enjoy the Travel Logzette! There's more to come!

(Sorry for the delay, this is also what's taking me awhile to publish the post because I'm having trouble uploading the Video on Youtube. It'll be on here soon enough, check back tomorrow or later tonight.)

(3 hours later, HERE IT IS!)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mission Impossible: The Escape Room/Final Senior Field Trip Edition

Today is the day of the final Field Trip for us for the year. Well, the final Senior Field Trip for us for the year since we go on more Field Trips than any of the other underclassmen. And the best part about it was that we didn't have to come to the School until at 2:00 pm because the Trip was so close, that we could take transportation and walk there. What a beautiful day. So in this post today, we're going to go over the trip to the Escape Room. Let's go!

Let me break to the Afternoon since all I did this morning was watch the Fresh Prince, talk to Ginger Snaps, and played that Blossom Game online. So here we are, my Mom dropped me off at the School and even decided to stay there until we got back. I don't think she was bored since she brought plenty of paperwork to do and her Netbook thingy. How many Kids went on the Trip? Let me put it this way: If you ordered half a dozen of Donuts from Dunkin Donuts, you'll get the number of Kids that went on the Trip, including me. If you want to include how many Teachers went, then you might as well add 2 Cups of Coffee. Oh and one of my friend's Mom went, therefore 3 cups of Coffee and half a dozen of Donuts. Apparently, I wasn't consulted that Parents could go since I could've brought my Mom since she hasn't gone on a Field Trip with me since I was 11. OH, and I also wasn't consulted that instead of using the Ventra Cards that they FORGOT TO RETURN TO US TODAY, we had to use our own fare. Welp, there goes that Sensodyne money. We're going to take the Pink line, no wait a minute...we're going to take the GREEN line. I know I'm going to sound racist, but how the heck do you confuse Colored lines? Especially if it's Chicago! We also had to walk a couple of blocks, then we finally made it.

A lot of you probably never been or even heard of the Escape Room, so let me break it down to you. Basically, the Escape Room is where you are placed in a Room that leads to other Rooms from that Room and you find clues and objects to help you escape that Room to proceed to the next Room to escape the Room you started at. You also have 60 minutes to Escape or else. By the way, you can't use your Phone, you can't even take pictures or touch certain objects in that Room. There are four Rooms that they have that you can choose: Mission: Mars, Prison Break, The Heist, and Gold Rush. The Kids chose The Heist and the Adults chose Mission: Mars. Alright, it looks like this isn't going to be another Telltale Game, it's going to be Mission Impossible. *Cue the Mission Impossible theme*

60:00 - We were first looking around the Room for hints and clues. Of course, we knew we couldn't touch certain things and the clues they gave us was a bit confusing.

55:00 - OOH! A CLUE! One of the Kids found a clue! We had to find the numbers to unlock the lock on the door. The hint gave us a clue to look at the paintings, the years on the paintings, and behind one of the paintings was a Mirror.

48:00 - Someone opened this small square hole that leads to a small opening of the next Room we had to go to. Using the Mirror to find the combination, they used it to reflect the Mirror on the wall with the numbers on it. I used the combination and INTO THE NEXT ROOM WE GO! YES!

45:00 - Man oh man, it was so frustrating escaping out of this Room. The first clue we found were some puzzle pieces that automatically make me think "Okay, who played Banjo-Kazooie last night?" We couldn't find most of the pieces because...well YOU TELL ME!

40:00 - I was getting so scared, I thought between either needing to burst out the Room or getting some Adrenaline to boost my confidence. We found more clues that included a Key inside a bottle, a Map, a Napkin, Flashlight, and a closed Chest.

35:00 - We found another clue that leads to finding a Tablet inside the Drawer that was inside the Room and another clue that lead to the combination of opening the closed Chest to finding another Tablet.

30:00 - Guess what? We found another combination that leads to...a secret pathway to a hidden Room that contained on what appeared to be a Jailcell, Drawers, and some Goblets?

00:25 - Two of the Classmates found one more clue that leads the combination to open the door of the first Room.


The Teachers and my Friend's Mother came out of the Room looking a bit exhausted. Awwww...what's wrong guys? Are we smarter than you or was it too hard? Just kidding. Instead of going to Portillo's AS PLANNED, we had to go to a Pizzeria called Pizzeria Due that looked pretty fancy...and sexy...well the Man Waiters were so that's why----Something leads to one of my Teachers to sit outside instead of inside with us. He was taunting us while looking through the window, looking bored, blah blah blah. To keep boredom from happening with us, one of my Friends gave us the good idea to play a Game on her Phone, which-I-forgot-the-name-of but know that the rules are that you have to hold the Phone on your forehead while the other Players have to give you hints and clues to guess the name that's on your forehead. How did it go? Let me give you a quick run-down: OLD TV SHOW! FRESH PRINCE! LOOKS LIKE A MEXICAN SQUIRREL! CHINCHILLA! MEOW! CAT! TV SHOW WITH A HALLOWEEN FAMILY! NO, NOT THE ADAMS FAMILY, THE MUNSTERS! LINCOLN PARK ZOO! OSTRICH! A BUG! FLY!

After we finished our Pizza, one of the Teachers who had to pay the Restaurant Bill...again...noticed an order of Chicken Wings and a Ceasar Salad on his bill. Gee Whiz, where on Earth did that come from? I'll tell you, from Mr. M who's sitting outside and mocking us! So we had to take Transportation back, Mama took me Home, I'm tired af, and Ginger Snaps is helping me write this post. Plus for some reason, I am having a thirsty quencher for some good o'l Apple Juice and Tru Moo. Maybe I'll get some tomorrow. So that's how the Trip was and that's how it feels to be trapped in a Room for 60 minutes without the use of a Phone. I hope you enjoy this post, stay safe and goodnight!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yesterday at Grandma's/ Telltale's "Six Flags Great America:" High School Edition

I noticed that every since I've become an Adult, I've become a very busy Bee like my Mom, only I'm not the one with the Job. It seems like every week, I'm either going somewhere or doing working on different projects to help with my Blog or just for fun. But that doesn't mean that I don't have time to visit Grandmama, right? And being busy also qualifies me for an opportunity to go on the yearly Six Flags Field Trip this year! Woo-hoo! So today in this post, I'm going to discuss the first half about what happened at Grandmama's yesterday and the second half of the Six Flags Trip today. In fact, it's going to be so long, that I'm going to create a page for more info on the Six Flags Trip, check it out after this post!

Yesterday at Grandma's: 
Everything was going normally, as usual, we went to pick up my Aunt since we usually ride together with her to go to my Grandma's. She showed us her Garden, let me chew on one of her delicious Strawberries she grew, and the "competition" next door to her. PFFFF, it looked like a poor excuse for someone using a Litterbox as an Orange Grove. I'm just stating my opinion though, but golly. Before we went to my Grandma's, my Aunt had to take care of some Business at the DMV. Would you believe me if I told you that it only took her 15 minutes? Why? Because she did it a few minutes before closing time! Maybe I should do that when I get move. Afterward, we finally got to my Grandma's, and as always my other Aunt brought us some food for the little family function that we always have. What was on the menu? Let me turn this into a roll call: Ribs, Hotdogs, BBQ Sauce, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Fruit Salad, and Hawaiian Rolls (I recommend that you microwave them for 10 seconds, they taste a bit better but still taste just as good at room temperature). 

There were also two trucks that came to fix the Steps of my Grandma's House and to fix the roof I believe? Then a crazy antic happened about some Baby Powder and a $1.07. LOL! Also, my Aunt (The one who always brings the grub when we come over, I'll call her "Aunt T") gave me a Dress, a Graduation Gift, and a Birthday Gift Card from my Birthday a couple of weeks ago. Nothing much was happening after that unless you want me to include on what we were debating on what to watch on TV and discussing our plans for tomorrow (Tuesday). Same o'l same o'l, let's move on to the Six Flags Field Trip, shall we? 

Telltale's "Six Flags Great America:"

Oh man, only 6 hours of sleep? I don't have to tell you because of where I was yesterday since we always get back SO DARN LATE....I MEAN GOSH? At least the Milk wasn't spoiled in my Cocoa Puffs again, otherwise, we would've had a severe problem. But ignoring that, for the first time in my entire life, I'm riding the CTA by myself since my Mom had to go to work today (I told you she's a busy Woman right?) and because...who else is going to take me that's not working on a Tuesday? I and Mama took the first Bus together, then she went to her stop for work and I had to take a second Bus. It was fun actually, some Dude and a Lady got into a conversation about their blindness while the Lady's Daughter was watching while sipping on her Chocolate Milk...THAT I MISS HAVING. MAMA, PLEASE BUY ME MORE TRUMOO. PLEEEEASE? I'VE BEEN A GOOD GIRL, I PROMISE. Ooops...*cough, cough*....That's my allergies acting up again. 

After that, I finally got to the stop at my School.....only 1 person from my Senior Class that's one of my friends? SERIOUSLY? Before you ask why it's only one person, let me discuss the rules and regulations about the Six Flags Trip. In order to qualify for the Trip, you have to get a 70% or higher in all of your classes, even if those classes aren't the "main core" classes such as PE, Art, and etc. The first time they offered us a chance to go on the Trip, also a quarter of each Class came. Now, it's like "Okay, who got kidnapped for ransom?" Finally, my other friend from my Senior Class came. Although some Kids qualified, some didn't go because they had other obligations to tend to such as work or deal with a sick relative. Meanwhile on the Magic School Bus, one of my friends had a discussion with me about how I AM mandatory to go on the Roller Coasters with her and my other friend since I've never been on one. Good thing I'm still wearing the cross Mama gave me....HAVE MERCY. We finally arrived there and guess what? It only took us about 10-15 to get in? Quick huh? I'm going to post the link to the page I created with my reactions to the rides and my reviews on them and post it in the post because this post is getting too long. One more thing to add: I MET BUGS BUNNY! He hugged me, grabbed my hands, blew an air kiss at me, and then waved goodbye to me.~What a charming Rabbit. <3 


Phew, what a day. Had some close calls, trapped in long lines, lack of Chili on the Hotdog, and a bunch of cute Boys who I wish could've came back with us. My Phone was nearly dead too...9%? SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR! I really enjoyed going back since I couldn't go last year because I had a cold. I was going to go back Home on the Bus, but my Mom decided to pick me up....10 minutes late since the Principal had to stay outside with me...Thanks, Ms. B! So now I'm back Home, tired, back hurts, and I'm going to bed after this sentence. Goodnight and I hope you enjoyed the post and page. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017


What's one of the most fun events that Girls like during their Junior and Senior year of High School? PROM! YES! Prom is THAT event, that's why you guys might see more Girls at Prom than Boys because Prom is mostly for Girls, well in my opinion. I went to my Junior Prom and it was very nice, but the one I went to today was special that I decided to "one-up" the one that I went to last year. So special, so special. I really had fun today and you're going to know why in 5...4...3..2...LET'S GO, guys!

It was even better today because there weren't any classes (Well at least not for the Seniors since...well you should know from the previous posts that I made), giving me extra time to prepare for my special day. I accidentally made the boiled Egg taste like nothing again; don't blame me, blame the ones who were delivering them to Jewels! They obvious didn't have time to get that Breakfast Burrito that they so very needed, did they? Or if it was the afternoon, they were probably one of those out-to-lunch fools. Forget breakfast, let's move on. Like last year, I took a nap so I wouldn't get tired while preparing. Why? Well, here's the scenario: If I had gotten tired, I would've passed out while doing my makeup and hair. If I would've passed out while doing my makeup and hair, I would've messed myself up. If I would've messed myself up, I would've missed my Prom. If I would've missed my Prom, I would've never lived it down. If I would've never lived it down, I would never get a Boyfriend, I would've run around my Condo screaming and banging on the doors, they would've called the Cops, I would eventually get a warning, then check myself into a Mental Hospital and then....I think you get the point.

Let me give you the phases on why it took me 4 hours to get ready: First Lunch, then Bath, next Dress, afterward Hair, and finally Makeup and Jewelry. See, that wasn't long at all, was it? Guess who I dressed up as....PRINCESS TIANA! Oh and guess who my ride was? GEORGE THE LIMO DRIVER! THANKS FOR THE COLA AND RIDE, GEORGE! I'll recommend you in the future for future references just in case one of my friends gets married or wants to pretend like they live on the Gold Coast or something. Oh, and I appreciate you letting us take a Selfie together!

Let me give this small note before we continue...a Random Lady asked me if she could take my picture! Omg! I felt like a Celebrity or something! YES! YES! TAKE ALL THE PICTURES YOU WANT, RANDOM CELL PHONE LADY! After that, I went to the area of the Swiss where the Prom was held and guess what? I was the first one there! Last year when I got there, almost everyone was there except a few people. This time, I was the first one! I was the chosen I though. Boring, boring, boring! Waiting for my Friends to come while taking Photos (Which I didn't mind) and having a short dance with one of the Teachers. A few boring moments later, we have one of my Friends and her Date arrive in matching outfits! BLUE IS THE WAY TO GO! Too bad I can't show you guys the picture unless she gives me permission or whatnot. After the rest of my friends came, we finally had Dinner and Dessert. We also had a Punch Bar and...OMG. REMEMBER THE FRIEND I TOLD YOU WITH THE JOB? SHE NOT ONLY BROUGHT ONE BUT TWO OF HER COUSINS THERE. HELLO! NICE TO MEET YOU! I'm Princess Tiana. Where's Naveen? Uhhh...he's here and there....(Every night..hehe)...nice weather we're having, huh?

After Dinner, we danced a bit...oh yeah! The Principal came and brought her Daughter...she recognized me as Princess Tiana! She's so cute and sweet! She tried to tell us how to dance, told us when it was time for us to get out the bathroom, and gave us high fives! Princess Tiana loves you, honey! We also had this Cake that had a Gentle Lamp on it since it was an "Arabian Lights" theme and all. Then we continued to dance some more, group dance, BEYONCE, Reggae dance mix, and then it was time to go. You know what I noticed? There were at least 20 Kids at the Prom last year, only 10 were there this year. In fact, it was such a small amount that I think that's why they made the dance floor smaller and why there were fewer songs to play. Heck, the Teachers didn't even start dancing until near the end; although I'll admit, we danced a little while waiting for the other Kids to arrive. Despite everything, I still had fun and it was better than last year. The only difference was the number of Students and Teachers. I'll post some of the Selfies I took in the Post, as well as some of the Prom pictures I took! So that was my Senior Prom, I hope you guys have a good night sleep! Goodnight!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Senior Finals! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! YAY!

Today is one of the best days this week, besides Memorial Day! Why? Because after today...I'M DONE WITH ALL OF MY CLASSES AND PROM IS TOMORROW! WOOHOO! OPEN UP THE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE...JK, I drink Sparking Apple Cider. And what else do I do after finals? Mama takes me to Dairy Queen as a celebration! So today, we're going to discuss how the final exams were today.

Sometimes when I wake up early for School, I'm like "Is the time broken?" or "Leave me be...I need beauty sleep." Nah nah, not today! Because today is a VERY special day since I'm pretty much done with class after this. My Mom was excited to, so excited that she decided to buy the Staff a Cake and leave out the House 30 minutes early. And only giving me Jevity for least she mixed it with Ice Cream! As always, I took a nap in the Car while watching Cyanide and Happiness while she laughed her buttocks off at Mr. Harvey during his Radio Show.

When we finally arrived at the School, guess who was the first Teacher we saw? Yep! Mr. Whatshisname, the same person who was kind enough to pay for our Lunch at Starved Rock. He gave me his "urgent" message stating that he though I would come with a Dress and Flip Flops last week, saying he was "scared" for me. Pfff, yeah he wasn't the first Teacher. One of the Female Teachers who went on the Trip told me that too, I understand (Hehehe..). While my Mom went with one of the Teachers to take the Cake to the Cafeteria, me and my Friends were discussing Finals, Prom, and the last two Field Trips of the year. NO I AM NOT RIDING THE SUPERMAN OR BATMAN....unless you hold my hand and give me a Barfbag. Finals? Yeah, I only studied one day for them. Prom Dress? Uhhh....SECRET...TMI ALERT...TMI ALERT. Finally it was time for our Finals to begin.

As expected, not everyone showed up. Why? Either they had other obligations...or like most people, they didn't want to. The ones that didn't want to, I understand that exams are very hard. But that doesn't mean that you should skip them because that's only cheating yourself and lowering your standards since you're not brave enough to take them. I heard there's only 7 Seniors eligible to graduate anyway, let's hope that number multiplies or else the Ceremony will only be a half hour. Heck, maybe even 15 minutes if you don't include the Cake and Punch that they might serve. The first test we did was British World Lit. That test wasn't too hard if you have the materials that you could use during the final such as a Dictionary, the BWL Book, and the Review Notes that you were responsible creating. Had all 3 and still got a D. Oh well, at least my grade is still a B. Second test was Personal Finance. The Multiple choice seemed easy...UNTIL IT SHOWED A BIG FAT F ON THE SCREEN. COME ON MAN, I SPENT....well...I SPENT 2 MINUTES LOOKING AFTER THE PAPER AFTER I SPENT 10 MINUTES WRITING AND COLORING IT. Same with the BWL Review Notes. Then there was the Part 2 of the Personal Finance....Oh come on Ms. V....Part 2? I though we were your favorites? Can't you just let us slide and give it to the Juniors and tell them "Well the Seniors from last year were my Babies...and most of you guys are in Honors so..." I was so heavily confused, I answered #1 on #5 and #5 on #1. NO I AM NOT "Confused with Life", Part 2 of the Personal Finance is.

After I spent 15 minutes thinking of ways to make up answers on the Part 2, I was free. FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, FREE AT LAST. Then me and Mama hopped in the Car, off to Dairy Queen....FREEZE. We had to go back because I forgot to pick up the Yearbook. Oh well, at least I found out about the Prom Menu for tomorrow. ;) we're headed to Dairy Queen! Who knew if you drove around Downtown for 10 minutes, you could actually find parking down there with only paying $2 for a half hour? And who knew that if you cashed in on the $5 Buck Deluxe Cheeseburger Lunch, you could upgrade a Sundae to a Chocolate Xtreme. Just a small note, there were some Caillou Kids there...I bet in my Mom's mind she was like "Thank god this Girl was born in the 90s." You know what I miss about Dairy Queen? I miss that French Silk Pie...oh man that was the stuff. I used to get it sometimes when my Mom picked me up from School back in Kindergarten. Good times, good times. Too bad they had to discontinue it...they could've at least sold it in the stores like what Baskin Robbins did. Who remembers that flavor? No one? Oh, my bad. Ask Google, they'll tell you. And not only will they tell you, they'll give you a Wikipedia bio from how it started from the Cows to how many people bought it for their Birthdays.

After DQ, Aldi. After Aldi, Home. Me and my Mom talked about how much I accomplished at this School, how I worked so hard to come this far and the obstacles we took while doing it. I hope the Juniors (Well, some of them already do) use me and the rest of the Seniors as examples to help them graduate next year. And if you guys are reading this right now, I'm proud of you guys that made it far to your Junior year and since you're going to be in our place next year. You've worked so hard, Junior year is the hardest year of High School. Good luck on your finals in two weeks, that's also the week when we get our Diplomas. I wish you all the best of luck.