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Monday, July 22, 2019


Readers, hellooo! Junne here with yet another new post! It's been a while since I actually did a post like this and I'm actually excited to post this one because...well you should already know by the title. I was wondering if I should list this as a travel log or a special event. But because of the special person in this post and the event, this shall be labeled as a special event. And from reading the title (and the third tea if you read it) you should already know what's gonna go down in this post: going to Complex Con on the weekend and seeing Ms. Ella Mai! Therefore, in this special event, we're going to discuss the events that lead up to going to Complex Con and seeing the beautifully talented Songstress Ella Mai!

Thursday, June 20th, around 4:40pm: 

Basically, I had woke up from a nap and decided to go on Instagram to see if there was anything interesting happening...and it's a good thing I did because there was and I couldn't even believe it at first! One of Ella Mai's fan pages posted that she was coming back to the Chi for Complex Con at McCormick Place. I was shocked...I was like "OMG, is my mind playing tricks on me or is this for real?" So I read it again and it still said the same thing. Quickly, I got up and decided to go online to purchase the tickets. However, before I purchased the tickets I wanted to make sure which day she was going to come on so I wouldn't miss her. They didn't post which day she was coming on yet and I knew I really wanted to see the Enchantress. So, the following day, I decided to buy the 2-day tickets so I could go on both days and so I could see her. After that, I felt soo joyful...unlike my bank account but who cares because...oh wait if the account ain't happy then why should I be happy? Moving on to July...

July 10th, 2:00pm to July 18th, around 1:00pm: 

Because Complex Con said they would have skip the line reservations, I decided to check to see if that would include Ella Mai's event. So for the past few weeks, I have been calling and calling just to make sure I get a spot to see her. I was able to get in touch with a customer service rep with a woman named Jenny and she said she would call me back and send me an email on the skip the line reservations. At the same time (like a bunch of people have been complaining about this), there were some issues going on with the Complex Con App. What issues? Oh boy, it indicated my ticket was not registered even though it already was, it was slow, I saw a review on the Play Store of some dude saying his skip the line RSVP disappeared, and so on. So I called Jenny up last Thursday and she said for Ella Mai and the other concerts, there weren't any skip the line RSVPs, like it was basically first come first serve type of thing. I told her thank you and the next day, I started prepping myself on how to attend the event, I bought an outfit from SHEIN to wear, styled my hair, painted my nails for Ella, in fact let me show you a picture of them and then we'll move on to the Con.

Yeah, I kinda messed up on the "Complex" part because I was distracted and nervous on how the day would turn out. Also, since I'm covering both days, you can skip the sections on which day you prefer to read. For example, if you rather read Day 1 than Day 2, go ahead. Read what pleases you.

                                           Complex Con Day 1: COMPLEX ELLA! 

Complex Ella indeed, because this whole day was centered around her in my mind and the only reason why I attended Complex Con. I had set so many alarms for this day; one at 6:30am, then 7:30am. Heck, I couldn't even sleep that night I was so nervous. But anyway after getting up at 7:30, I started to get ready and call for a Lyft. Thank you Subhkrt or however you pronounce your name for dropping me off! So I arrived at Complex Con at 11:46, had to go through security, scan the wristband, etc. Then I made it into the room of Complex Con and this sign in the first thing I see. I noticed that there were a bunch of people around my age, so I guess Complex Con (at least this one) is for 20-somethings to early 30s.

                                                        I also took more pictures too.

               I was surprised to see this character. Still, you're too cute to be evil man! 😆😆

After walking, doing more walking, plus more walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and...ooh a Churro stand! I haven't had any of these since I was a kid! Guess how much they cost? $4.75. Yep, $4.75 than at regular price would be less than $2.00. Why? Well, this is Complex Con and Chicago is a tourist attraction so if a Churro there was $4.75, then a bottle of water was $4.00. If a bottle of water was $4.00, a slice of Connie's Pizza was $7.25. If Connie's was $7.25, you should know that they had Burger and Fries between $11-12. And before I forgot, a Hotdog and Grilled Cheese Combo were like $12.00. Let's talk on the event I saw with Juice Wrld at 1:00pm.

I didn't know Juice Wrld was from Chicago until I attended the event. What event was this for Juice Wrld? I forgot what this show was called but they feature Celebs eating Chicken Wings with spicy sauces while interviewing them simultaneously. I actually recorded some videos but I had to stop because they were soo restricted with the cell phone policy.

His whole outfit and the Backpack though. After that, I heard there was going to be a meet and greet with him and he was going to be performing around 5:30pm. Meanwhile, I decided to do more walking, walking, walking, annnnd....ooh more pictures and selfies.

I took these selfies because they said I could have a chance to enter some sweepstakes to win some prizes. All I would have to do is post it on IG and hashtag them. Well...I did...but then I quickly deleted the pictures because I wanted to take more pictures and post all of them on IG together.

Before Juice Wrld performed, this dude named Lucki performed and the guys were going crazy. Like they were bouncing, dancing, they were basically turning up on the floor. After more know what? They had a place for the attendants to sit. So I sat there until Juice Wrld performed and here's where things started to get interesting. During his performance, some dude was asking people around if they had a lighter since security took it away from him. The thing about this is that I saw some people smoking in the crowd and I'm wondering how are they able to smoke even though there was a no smoking policy? 😜🤷‍♀️

Alright, now let's move on to the Lady of the night as this made my whole evening and day. After Juice Wrld performed, a bunch of people left and that gave me a chance to go to the front of the stage. I had to pee but I started thinking if I go to the bathroom, then I'm gonna lose my place upfront. But, I managed to hold it while Juice Wrld was performing and I was like "If I can hold it while he was performing, I could do it for Ms. Mai". 20 minutes later, I see her band come on stage, then her signature appeared on the screen, music playing, her backup singers Dottie and Norelle.....the adrenaline rush started coming....then I see Ella come on stage. I couldn't contain myself...I was like "Is this really happening? Am I daydreaming again...? Is this really Complex Con?" Let me give you a review on the performance. Have you guys ever seen a Disney movie at the theater, fell asleep in a hammock, or listened to a song that was so beautiful that it felt like you were in Heaven? Well, that's just what the performance was like traveling to Heaven for an hour and then being sent back to earth. She looked so beautiful....down to the edges to her fingertips.....from her outfit to her shoes....her skin looked smooth as like one of my scarfs or face creams. I also noticed I was kinda coordinating with her and her backup singers on the outfit tip. I was also able to record some videos. I couldn't do all the songs because I got a notification on lack of storage. Smh. But yeah, take a look below and see my heavenly experience.

                                                        The beginning and Dangerous. 😭😭

Whatchamacallit. 👏👏

She Don't/That Thing Mix. 👀😍😍

The song that started her career: Boo'd Up. 😭😭💖💗💗 I made sure to record this! 

Before the next song, she had the Men in the audience singing Boo'd Up and then the Women. Guess who won? You already know us Women did of course!

                                                                 Naked. ✨✨

Annnd...this is when the video cut off. After Naked, she sang 24/7 and then she had us singing it. I liked how during the performances, she gave credit to Dottie and Norelle. 😭💗 The last song she performed was Trip. I think she looked at me at least twice...I know she kinda looked at me during Trip and smiled at me. I was kinda blushing ....😳😳😍...but...still, I thought I was going to faint. Then the performance was over and...I went to the bathroom. When I got into the Lyft, I called my mom up and she could tell in my voice that I had a good time because my voice was kinda sore and shocked at the same time.  So yeah, that was Complex Ella for ya! Thank you for reading day 1 and Ella if you are reading this, thank you for coming back to Chicago and for making my throat sore. I hope you can come back soon and I hope I can meet you and get into contact with you so I can show you this poem I made for you. You're really a blessing. xx 💗😘💗😘

                                  Complex Con Day 2: Basically....WHOMEVER!                                                                                
I decided to take my time today and go there at my own pace. So this time, I got picked up by Lyft at 12:14pm and arrived at McCormick Place at 12:50pm. Thanks for dropping me off Tony! What I failed to realize is that I forgot my wristband. So I went to customer service saying how embarrassed I was and I don't know if it was my femme charm or what but the dude gave me a new one with no charge. It's weird because I thought I read on the website that if you lost your wristband, you would have to pay the same price you paid for the original for a new one. Anyways, I head back to the Con and took more pictures 

I went to this booth where they were giving away free t-shirts too. Instead of ordering a Burger and Fries combo meal for $11-12, I decided to bounce downstairs and go to Mcdonalds. Compared to how crowded it was when I went to the Black Women's Expo, it looked like a ghost town down there. And guess what? My ordered totaled up to $6 and some change by buying a Double Cheeseburger, a McDouble, small fries, and a Drink. All that for $6 vs. the $11-12 combo meal. I'm a little piggy when I go to Mcdonalds hehe. Afterward, I went to this event there called Leaders of the New School. I wasn't able to film anything because I didn't want to get that irritating notification again but I took some pictures. 

Then I heard Saweetie was performing and I peeped at her show a bit and I took more pictures and selfies. 

I stayed for one more event and that was for T.I. So, I decided to wait in-line 20 minutes early....and I think everyone else thought ahead before me because I almost didn't get a chance to attend. There was this Lady that wanted to leave the line because she wanted to get a drink, so the dude told her if she left the line, she wouldn't be able to see T.I. Then he said, "You gotta think about it, it's either T.I. or that drink." LOL, I was completely done. He said that like they were at the drive-thru at Mcdonalds. "You gotta think about it, it's either a Big Mac or that Quarter Pounder." I was chuckling but in my mind, I'm like "It's just T.I dang!" 🤣🤣 The room was soo filled up, they said there weren't any seats available at first. But then, I was able to score a seat in one of the front rows. I have some footage from T.I.'s event if you wanna see. 

After T.I's event, he was like signing autographs and I tried to get one but it was so crowded and then he left. After his event, I decided to leave early. See, I really didn't have to come to the event on Sunday but I figured I had to because I paid for the 2-day tickets and I didn't want this money to go to waste. But yeah, this is how my experience at Complex Con was and I'm glad I went. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have a blessed day! 

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