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The Field Museum Trip

The one thing I noticed from driving on Lake Shore Drive and wondering where my life would be in 10 years is Soldier Field and the Museum Campus. Specifically in the Museum Campus would be the Field Museum. Out of all the Museums they have there (Well only 3), the Field Museum is the only Museum I've always wanted to go to. It was bigger than all of the other Museums combined. I enjoyed walking around there, and learning more information about the past that I either didn't know or forgot like almost everything else I learned from my History classes. In addition to going to the Museum Campus again, I decided to combine this trip with a trip to Water Tower. Therefore, there are 2 parts to this Blogette today. So in today's Blogette, we're going to discuss my trip to the Field Museum and to Water Tower. Check it out!

I set the alarm for 7:00 am to get an early start, even earlier enough for my Mom and the Pets to still be sleep. Since she always told me to never cook or keep a Kitchen nasty before you go somewhere (Unless it's important like my Graduation last week), I decided to spend 10-15 minutes washing those nasty Dishes, then eat Breakfast, and read the Paper and the sales (OMG 97 CENTS FOR STRAWBERRIES AT JEWELS!). Next was putting my Clothes on, leaving Mama a note saying "Going to the Museum Campus, bring ya back a Starbucks. - June. PS, I washed the Dishes", leaving, COMING BACK INSIDE BECAUSE I ALMOST FORGOT MY VENTRA, waking up Camel so she started barking then woke up my Mom, told her I would be back...whenever...THEN left again.

I mean dang, I must've been too excited and too eager since I accidentally went on the wrong Bus. Well when you're learning the Bus route on your own, that happens I guess. Here's a couple of  pictures as a reminder of my ridiculous mistake:

Michael Kors, you're Clothes never disappoint me do they? Who's heard of MaxMara? Who? No one? Okay then, let's continue! After getting on the correct Bus, I finally made it to the Museum Campus. I managed to take a couple of pictures of the outside of the Field Museum since why not and because isn't it beautiful?

Doesn't the inside look like one of those Gold Coast Mansions minus the Statues and Front Desks? See for yourself:

There's a video I created with the Exhibits I went to inside, but I'll just discuss the ones I very much adored: The Native American Exhibit and the African Exhibit. Those Exhibits really connected with me since I've always been interested of the history of African-Americans and because I'm looking forward of gaining knowledge of the Native-American history as well. Here's a fun fact on the Native-Americans: During slavery, they helped the African-American slaves escape from their Masters. They gave them shelter, food, clothes, and protection. That's why some African-Americans have Native-American ancestry in their family, like me. Apparently, I'm part Cherokee. You'll see the Native-American Exhibit in the video I've created later, but let's focus on the African Exhibit.

I was going to take pictures of the Native-American Exhibit, but my Phone was low on battery and I got this warning on my Phone on the limited functions I'm able to do on there and all that brew ha ha. That's why you're only going to find pictures from the African Exhibit and SOME video footage. Let's have a look:

Whoa, I though they were real at first until I took the picture. Cool Clothes.

It's nice that I went there today to take these pictures for you guys that want to know about the history of African-Americans. It's also nice that they have these Free Admission Days so Kids can come and learn about history from different cultures and whatnot. I also checked out the China Exhibit, too bad I couldn't take any pictures, in fact their Exhibit was like only 2-3 rooms. Hmm..

Anyways, after I left to go to the bus stop, I took a couple of more Selfies. Have a look and stay in for part 2 of this Travel Logette.

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