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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Cafe #21: Cherry Pie

Ring ring! The Diary has another new recipe! Hello everyone, Junne here with a new recipe. I wanted to make this recipe last week but they ran out of Pie Crust on Amazon Fresh and the local grocery store I go to. Luckily, my mom managed to find some at this other grocery store in our neighborhood saving me a trip from waking there. Also, this Pie is gonna be easier than the first two I made because guess what? We're using canned filling this time! What type? Cherry! Cherry Pie is my top favorite, especially the Sara Lee ones and the one with the Cheesecake and another reason why I wanted to make this. Heck, my mom told me she had two slices last night with some ice cream and gained 2Ibs. Lol!😂😂 Therefore, in today's recipe, we are going to make Cherry Pie! Let's get started! 

Serving Size: About 4-8 people. If you're making it for more than that, double up the recipe and use more than one Pie Pan. 

Cooking Time: 30-35 minutes.


2 Cans of Cherry Pie Filling 

3 Tbsps of Sugar

1 Tbsps of Vanilla

1 Pack of 2 Pillsbury Pie Crusts 

Optional: Melted Butter 


Vanilla Cinnamon

Optional: Cinnamon Sugar



Can Opener (For the Canned Cherry Filling)

Pie Pan

1 Large Bowl

1 Large Spoon

Optional: 1 Rubber Bashing Brush 


1) Preheat the oven to 450. 

2) Open the Canned Cherry Filling and pour it into the Large Bowl. 

3) Pour 3 Tbsps of Sugar into the Bowl and stir. 

4) Pour 1 Tbsps of Vanilla into the Bowl and stir.

5) Sprinkle some Vanilla Cinnamon into the Bowl and stir.

6) Follow the instructions on the Pie Crust box on how to put your first Pie Crust on the Pie Pan;If it's kinda hard for you, you can follow the instructions here:

7) Wrap the other Pie Crust on top and gently prick the top with a fork.

8) Optional: if you want, you can brush some melted butter on top. Melt some butter in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then, use the Rubber Bashing Brush to brush it on top of the crush. You could also sprinkle some Cinnamon Sugar in the middle. 

9) Place the Pie into the oven for 25-30 minutes or until the Pie Crust is golden brown. 

10: Enjoy! 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Cafe #20: Plant-Based Nachos

Ring ring! The Diary has another new recipe! Hello everyone, Junne here with a new recipe. The reason why I made this recipe is because it's been a minute...a whooole long minute...well actually weeks, months, years, you get me people? In other words, it's been awhile since I tasted this dish. I don't know why but I guess I didn't really bother to order any or as recently, it just crossed my mind to make it or something. Ironically, yesterday when I made it I heard it was National Taco Day...but by this dish being Nachos, I don't think it technically counts but it kinda does if you consider the ingredients used. But I don't know! Also, since I'm trying to cut down on meat, I was able to find some Plant-Based meat and it tasted just like real meat! Therefore, in today's recipe, we are going to make Plant-Based Nachos! Let's get started! 

Serving Size: I wanna say about 4-6 people but it really depends on how much Chips and Beef you use. As always, if you want to cook for more people, double the recipe and use more than one Pie Pan. 

Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes. 


Chopped Green Pepper

Chopped Red Pepper 

Chopped Yellow Pepper

Chopped Orange Pepper

Chopped Yellow Onions

Chopped Green Onions

Chopped Tomatoes

Chopped Lettuce (I used Romaine)

1 Bag of Shredded Mexican Four Cheese Blend 

1 Can of Black Beans (I used Bush's Best) 

2 Bags of Gardein Plant-Based Beefless Ground Crumbles

1 Pack of Original Taco Seasoning (I used Old El Paso)

1 Pack of Mild Taco Seasoning (I used Old El Paso) 

1 Bag of Dorritos (Party Size) 


Black Pepper

Meat Tenderizer 


Garlic Herb/Black Pepper & Sea Salt 

Garlic Onion/Black Pepper & Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt/Black Pepper & Garlic 


Large Frying Pan 

Medium-size Sauce Pan 


Can Opener (For the Canned Black Beans)

Large Stirring Spoon 


1) Pour the Plant-Based crumbles into the frying pan and follow the instructions on the back of the bags. 

2) Follow the instructions on the Taco Seasoning packs and pour it along with the water into the frying pan. Also, sprinkle the seasonings in there except for the Garlic/Herb Black Pepper one. 

3) After a minute or two, pour some Chopped Onions into the pan and let it cook for 1 minute. 

4) Take the beef mixture off the stove and place it in a serving container. 

5) Pour the can of Black Beans into the Sauce Pan and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes or until it starts to boil. Stir occasionally and sprinkle the Garlic Herb/Black Pepper seasoning inside. 

6) Chop up the Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, and Lettuce. 

7) Place the Dorritos into a serving dish like a plate, bowl, etc and you can pretty much layer the nachos however you want as long as you sprinkle the Mexican Four Cheese as the last topping. For example, I put the beef on the Dorritos first, then the Peppers, Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Black beans, and the Cheese so you can do that or your own thing. 

8) Place your Nachos into the Microwave for 1 minute. 

9) Enjoy!