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Monday, June 17, 2019


Come one, come all! Big and small! Short and tall! Welcome, welcome, welcome all! To the Diary's second Tea Time of all! Readers, hellooo! Junne here with yet another new post! I hope you enjoy my previous posts because if you have, there is good news for you: I have an update on the first "Tea" I posted on this blog. If you haven't, I highly recommend you read it. Otherwise, this post might not be your cup of tea (no pun intended). Here's the link: Alright, now if you want, you can bring your favorite teacup or even a coffee cup as this tea is like running at the minute. NOW, let's actually get started......shall we?


After she admitted that the whole story she made about Ella Mai was completely fake, Lucinda apologized and I accepted it because she was honest and I did not want to create hatred toward her. By the way, I forgot to show these screenshots from the first tea, so I might as well do it now!

Okay, things were going smoothly because I thought after she admitted fault and forgiveness, she would leave me alone...boy was I wrong. Yeah, some of you might think I went easy on her and I did because I wanted to keep the situation under control and like I said before, I did not want this to get too out of hand. But ummm...well...just keep reading and you'll find out more.

The first screenshot below, I was thinking of traveling to Indianapolis to go to Ella Mai's concert when she was still on tour (yes, this is how badly I wanted to see her and I was even thinking of going to Detroit because I heard she was going to be performing at a festival there). But, I didn't because I kept having second thoughts about traveling by myself for the first time....annnnnd because I didn't want to ask my friends because I didn't want it to seem like I wanted them to travel with me just so I could see her concert. Unfortunately, I did a post on my IG story if anyone would be willing to traveling with me (I didn't tell them where though) and Lucinda had the audacity to respond.
The second screenshot below is when I went to the Thompson Center and the Building was so beautiful, I had to take a picture to memorize the moment like I did last year. Unfortunately (again), Lucinda had the audacity to respond....again. Also in the screenshot, about 4 days later, she sent me a message apologizing again. 

The third and fourth screenshot below is when me and my Mom took a selfie (I decided to hide her face for privacy purposes). Unfortunately (YEAH AGAIN), she [Lucinda] responded to my story by sending me a reaction to the photo. She also asked me how I was doing 2 days later. THEN, a month later she sends me another apology. If you're really apologetic to someone, would you or would you not leave them alone? Because otherwise, that basically turns into harassment...which is was she was doing...harassing moi.

The fifth screenshot is from when she reacted to my IG story from Easter and from this letter I received from this couple who is in charge of the TBN Network the Smile Channel because they kept constantly sending me letters asking me for money even though I only sent them $1 for this stuffed Noah's Ark Plush I wanted (and my mom told me to send them $3 because...y'know why not? they were trying to help the kids from the Smile channel). What's wrong? Oh nothing, a married couple keeps sending me constant letters to send them money like once a month. For example, one of them told me to send them $75 and one of them wrote me a speech about their 75-year-old Father. No offense to you guys, I love and appreciate you all for sending me the Plush and helping the kids (I'm getting off topic I know lol), but...can you help the kids out by cutting me some slack? 

What's wrong? Tsk tsk, what a heck of a question to ask someone after you irritated them for 2 months and tried your gosh darness to impersonate a Songstress you never even heard of. The "What's Wrong" thingy made me fed up, and I decided to delete her from my IG and I thought that was the end of her; I still kept her on Facebook though because a majority of my friends don't even use Facebook or if they do, they mainly use Messenger. The good news is that I finally had the interlude I was waiting from her.....the bad news is that it was only temporarily... for a I guess literally since today is the 16th (Well technically the 17th after I post this since it's almost midnight). When I posted my birthday photo shoot last month, she commented on it. And even though I heard she graduated last Thursday, she is still fixated on this subject! When I graduated High School, literally the day after I graduated, I started applying to Purdue. This girl is still wondering when am I going to respond to her and if I ever am. Anyway, here is what I receive today besides her trying to follow me again on IG in the sixth screenshot. 

I was going to message her asking her to leave me alone. But then, I quickly deleted the message and decided to call my Mom at work to see what I should do: Reply or Ignore? And of course, Mother Dear told me to keep ignoring her as usual....thank you Momsy! After that, I blocked her....but she bombarded the blockade somehow because I received a message request....from one of her other accounts in this seventh and final screenshot. 

Yeah, she got the username correct for herself...djcrazy.  Just a reminder: in the first tea, she said she did ALL OF THIS just because she wanted to have something in common with me. So basically, she's saying the whole facade was created because she wanted to fit in. Oh my gosh, this went from sounding like an episode of Catfish (especially that Katy Perry episode)  to sounding like an episode of Arthur.

Well, so far this is the end of the update on Lucinda. If there is another update on her, I'll let you all know. In the meantime, we have some extra Tea in the post for this post because of a message I received when I woke up Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, I woke up and saw that Ella Mai sent me a message on messenger. My heart started to skip a beat and then started racing. I was like "OMG, Ms. Ella (that's my pet name for her) sent me a message on messenger!" I thought it was her because I sent her a reaction to a story she posted on messenger when she received this RIAA award (congratulations again girl!).

Then...*sigh*...things started to get fishy...

Then I tried to video chat and call "Ella" and quickly, "Ella" hung up.  

The thing about this is that the person did not have a facebook account and neither did Ella, they only communicated to me through messenger. That's another reason why I thought it was Ella Mai because she only has a Facebook page, not an account but y' know page to promote her music and stuff. And why me? I mean...out of all the people....why me? Oh wait, the person said they messaged other fans of "Ella", but that has yet to be proven factual like this person claiming they are really her. Too bad, I had high hopes once again and I was even going to show her the poem I created for her. One more reason is because if you look at the screenshots above, the person thanked me for liking Ella's page, RT (retweeting on Twitter), the support, and watching her videos. I did like a bunch of her posts on her page, retweeted her a bunch of times and commented on some of them, and watched her videos. But the question is how would this person know this? Are they just messing with my mind and emotions? Could it be one of her fans using her image as a scam to scam her fans?.... Could there be something more to this? This whole thing keeps confusing me because it's like one minute, I'm thinking it could be her despite the scam the person said with the gift cards and one minute, I'm thinking this person is totally fake. Heck, I started to wonder if this was Lucinda perpetrating as her AGAIN. And if it is....well, here's a meme to explain how I would felt (and how I felt when Lucinda tried to message me and even if this person is not her but a con artist):

Because of what Lucinda did, I decided to learn more and more about Ella Mai's history and listen to her music more. I'm glad I did because eventually, the depression I had due to some conflict I had with an acquaintance went away and I felt more connected with the music of my current generation. I bought her Debut Album, her 3 EPs, T-Shirts, downloaded more of her songs on my MP3 player, OMG I did so much! Heck, I even included the shirts I bought in the photo shoot I did. 

Ella...The Real Ella Mai, if you happen to read this post, I really would like to thank you for making me more joyous with my life by connecting with you your music. You have a beautiful voice and talent, and I'm glad you're sharing it with others. I really wish I could contact you so I can show you the poem I created for you. But I know your a busy Songstress creating music so encouraging and breathtaking, that there's only so much you can do. Again, I am not upset at you. I am upset at the fool for impersonating you and the con artist as well. Keep up the work, Babygirl. x ✨πŸ’–πŸŽΆπŸ’—

Well folks, that's the end of our second Tea Time! The pot is empty and there is no more to tell after this.  Thanks for reading and sipping! Have a blessed day! 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

KHOB/Paparazzi Accessories Collab! Want to Purchase Jewelry? Click Here!

Readers, hello! Good day, evening, night, or whatever timezone you are reading this right now! I just wanted to announce that besides Avon, I just started selling Jewelry with a wonderful woman named LaWanda and you should check out the Jewelry after you read this post. How did this collab start? Every Wednesday, she hosts these "Jewelry parties" on Facebook and I always try to attend every Wednesday so I can check out the Jewels and buy some. So far, I purchased some for myself and even gave some to my Mom as a Mother's Day present. My Mom loved it so much, she even said that she would consider selling some herself. Anyways, there is going to be a party hosted for 7 days from June 15th to June 22nd and I would love it if you all could attend. If you cannot, then you can always message me or LaWanda and we'll try to find some beautiful Sapphires, Rubies, Opals, Pearls, etc that would admire your attire. As always, thank you for reading this post, and have a great day, evening, or night!

Here's the link to the party: