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"Everything, Everything"

When I first saw the trailer for "Everything, Everything", I though it was either going to be another Twilight or if it was a commercial for some Perfume or something. It wasn't until I watched it again or it was another trailer I believe that got me interested and curious about the movie, it was one of the reasons why I went out today. I was so "in-love" with the trailer as it made me connect with times that I loved someone so much, that I would do anything for them. What made it also unique is that it was an interracial relationship between the pair of two, making me more impressed by it because there aren't too many movies with interracial romance and because I'm the type of person that wouldn't mind dating outside my race. Therefore, here's my review on "Everything, Everything."

When I first walked into the Theater, I didn't know what to expect from the movie since most of the trailers they show nowadays either spoil the movie or leave you with endless hints that mess with your emotions, and that's what happened with me. I did have some thoughts and predictions on how the ending would be, but I'll save that for the last. Luckily, there wasn't a bunch of people in the Theater which made it better for me to watch the Movie and understand the symbolism they showed in the film, they showed a bunch of them in fact. However, during the middle of the Movie, I started to have weird....well not really "weird", but...I'll explain.

I had the same feeling that Maddy (The Female Protagonist) felt since she wasn't allowed to date Olly (The Male Protagonist) because of her condition. I don't have the same condition she has, but there still are some limits. I'll admit, I do have some feelings for someone. I can't identify them for personal reasons and because I like to keep most of my feelings private, you can call me secretive if you want, but that's the choice I made. I felt how desperate they were to be together, laugh with each other, and enjoy each other. I felt the pain that any other Girl would feel if she were to be trapped, with only few to turn to. Risking lives....And you know what? If a person wants to be with you so much, that they'll risk their life for you, that's the love that's coming from their heart and soul. Their sending you a message saying "I love you very much, so much that it hurts. And I'll let it continue to hurt as long as we can stay together." That's basically what I felt. These two were like the modern interracial Romeo and Juliet, heck maybe even the whole movie was.

I know there's other interracial romantic movies, but when was there ever a movie that topped to this one? I sure don't remember there ever being one (Guys if there is one, can you tell me? Because I might be wrong). I think this movie was created to show us not to be afraid, let go of our fears so we can move on with our live instead of fearing what's out there. That's what Maddy did, and why I felt that I was guided to watch this movie. The ending? I'm not going to even spoil it, nor give any hints. But I will tell you guys this: It wasn't what I suspected. I give this movie an A+. Oh, and while I was typing this, I found out that this movie is based on the Book created back in 2015. So go check out "Everything, Everything" and let me know what you think about it.

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