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Millennium Park/Grant Park/Whatever Park Trip

The only time I've ever been to Grant Park would only have been yearly when the Taste of Chicago comes around. Now, I barely even drive near there unless we're going to my Grandma's or somewhere on the South Side. I no longer attend the Taste of Chicago, why? Well, numerous of reasons: Lack of shade, too hot, a bit pricey (Well kind of, it depends on the number of people you're going with), too hot, NO REFILLS ON DRINKS, too hot, and one more thing to add...TOO HOT. I think that's also when you'll find most people there because it was a bit empty there today, and you'll also find more people there if there's maybe like a parade, concert, or any other special event. Same goes with Millennium Park, people. So in today's Blogette, we're going to discuss my trip to Millennium and Grant Park. Keep scrollin'.

When I first woke up, I noticed it looked a bit "dead" outside since it was rainy and because of of...well yeah, it was rainy. I was a bit peed off because I had my heart set on going on the trip today since I couldn't go tomorrow because we're supposed to be celebrating my Cousin's birthday and all. And I don't really feel like taking another trip on Wednesday unless my Friends hit me up with some trips or something. Whatever, I did the "Mission-Impossible" sneak out again with only drinking a Lala Smoothie for breakfast and leaving another note. Okay, when I was outside waiting for the bus stop, guess what happened? IT TURNED INTO SUNSHINE LAND. In other words, I brought my Umbrella and Jacket out the House for no reason because the Weatherman lies and because Mother Nature can't make up her mind! Ugh. So I came on the Bus, then headed to the Park. By the way, the "so-called rain" was the reason why I left my Camcorder at Home, I bet if I had brought it, it would've been pouring so hard that you could've sworn Disney was remaking "The Little Mermaid" in Chicago or something....wait a minute...SOMEONE WRITE THIS DOWN AND SEND IT TO THEM! As my feet were hurting as I finally made it to the Park (No I wasn't tired, it's just that not all Avon Shoes are going to be your BFFs for life), I took some pictures that you'll find below. I love taking pictures of beauty.~

Those were from Millenium Park, not Grant Park. Yeah I know, I've been living in this City my whole life and I just realized today that only one part of the Park is Millenium Park, not the whole Park. Other than that, here are some pictures of GRANT PARK:

That's right, I almost forgot. There were a bunch of Vehicles and all because they were trying to remove the stands and gates because the Taste of Chicago ended yesterday. Speaking of which, has anyone from Chicago been there this year? If so, did you taste any Giordano's or this Cookie Sundae? Oh man, I forgot what restaurant that was called, but I remember when I was 11 I had a Cookie Sundae from there. The good part about it being empty in Grant Park is that you get a chance to take pictures of Buckingham Fountain. YES! This is my first time ever visiting it! WOOT WOOT!

After I left the Park(s), I went to lunch at Burger King. I used this opportunity to bring my Tabby with me to get a discount through the Burger King app....which took about 3-5 minutes due to Wi-Fi and other ridiculous complications. It also took my order like 10-15 minutes to get ready...they completely ignored me, I felt like a Stepchild. Oh well, at least that New Crispy Chicken meal or whatever it's called was good. I should've used this advantage to get a refill on some Diet Cola...wait we got Diet Pepsi Cherry at Home. I also got Mama a Hershey's Pie.

After BK, it was time to shop at Macy's! Not the one in Water Tower, but the one on a la State Street. Hence the name "Macy's State Street", very beautiful and very worth it. Too bad the Mac Lipstick is $16, I'm surprised I have like 5 or 6 pairs. I bought an outfit from there, OMG IT'S SO CUUUUTE, took a short video (Look on the Instagram if you're interested), then left to go on the Bus Home. I'm back Home, my feet are killing me, my Mom I think ate her Pie, and now we're just rewatching reruns of Sister, Sister. So there you have it, that was my trip. It was nice sharing it with you guys and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. See you guys later! By the way, I took more Selfies!

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