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Navy Pier Trip/ HAPPY 4TH OF JULY 2017!

Before we began, I just want to start out saying HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE! God bless you and I hope you have a happy safe and peaceful day! I almost forgot that today was the day that I was going to Navy Pier since the day landed on the 4th of July and because all I ever did on the 4th of July was eat BBQ and go on Social Media. I'm glad I did go today since I haven't been there since last year for this Nursing Convention with my Mom and all and so I could share the footage and photos I captured with you guys. I even rode on their Trolley there....and got charged a bit too MUCH AT MCDONALD'S SINCE...look let's move on. In this Travel Logette today, we're going to discuss my Trip to Navy Pier...and the mix-ups along the way. Check it out or something.

Yeah, I couldn't believe I still managed to get up early after a night at Grandma's yesterday. And I still have to wake up early tomorrow for my Dentist appointment. Like always...well not today...Mama woke up early because my Aunt called and...she kinda was already awake but still...I wanted to do the whole mission impossible "sneak-out" type of thing like I did before and be like..."Going to Navy Pier, bring ya back a McFrappe." She already knew, she always knew. So I left out the house, on the Bus, the got off downtown to wait for the #29 to take me to the Pier. Took a video plus some Selfies for the FB/Instagram Squad and blah. I got on the #29(To be honest, it smelled like Eggs on the Bus...someone either has a fetish for Chickens or they went to their Grandma's like I did yesterday) and finally made it to the Pier. This time when I went to the Pier, I had to get search because of the whole Fireworks thing. I know this doesn't have anything to do with the principle...well it kinda does but...DO NOT SAY "BOMB OR BOMBS" AT THE AIRPORT ON THE 4TH OF JULY. I asked the front desk if my Camcorder was allowed, they said ask Security, called Security and the Lady said yes. After I said "Thank you" and before I finished saying "Have a happy 4th of July", the Lady hung up on me. Don't get mad at me like that dude from Christmas of 2015 when I called to order food and he had an attitude because he couldn't get a day-off on a Holiday.

I began to film the front of the Pier, the room with the beautiful squirting fountains, the Ferris Wheel (They made it bigger now), the Merry-go-ride, the different Yachts, Restaurants, and vice versa. I also took pictures. have a look see. You see that truck in one of the pictures? Yeah, that's Channel 2 News, they were there! I think NBC News (aka Channel 5 News) was also there.

I also took some of the insides of the Pier. Have another look:

The video will be posted in a bit, but let's get on to lunch. Lunch, like most people, would go to when they come to Navy Pier like I've always done with my Mom, was Mcdonalds. It was one of those Mcdonalds that even though they were expensive as homemade heck, they at least..."try." They have their own personal McCafe restaurant and they have the new touchscreen device that you can use instead of going into one of the lines. I used it today...IT DID NOT WORK. Here are pictures to remind me of my mistake and so you guys can have this heads up the next time you go.

I wasn't really hungry, I was more Thirsty and excited than hungry. That's why I decided to order a 10pc McNuggets and a Diet Coke. I also ordered a Chocolate Chip Frappe for Mama. I decided to bring my Tabby because I had the Mcdonalds App on there for coupons....*sigh* this is what happened. I get up to Cashier Lady and explained that I had---NOPE NOPE, SHE DID NOT WANT TO HEAR IT OR GIVE A DA-. She said, "We don't do that here, everywhere else but not here." She also charged me with the soda tax...I THOUGH THE JUDGE CANCELLED IT SATURDAY? "She was like, you gotta pay tax for everything... BLAH BLAH BLAH.." I ignored her, paid $9.00 INSTEAD OF THE $5.00 I SHOULD'VE PAID FOR and continued with my day. This is also another heads up, guys. The next time you go to Navy Pier, tell the Manager at Mcdonalds that June said that if we're not allowed to use coupons, why was the coupon scanner adjacent to the Cash Register? And if a small Diet Coke is $1.00, why in Sam Hill are we charged $1.50 instead of between $1.10 to $1.30? Here's the picture of the food:

The Wi-fi was a bit jacked up since I couldn't finish watching an episode of The Twilight Zone, not the old one the one from 2002. That episode when that dude was a Magician or something. After lunch, I left to go look for that doggone Trolley...while the Frappe was slowly and slowly melting. YO TROLLEY, nope he didn't stop for me. YO OTHER TROLLEY, he stopped for me! He told me he could only take me to St Clair and Grand, and that I had to walk a block to Michigan. That's fine, at least I saved $2.25. Here's the inside of the Trolley:

After I went to Michigan Ave, I decided to walk inside Macy's in Water Tower to buy some outfits. What a mistake, I left out of there since the Frappe started to turn and look like Chocolate Milk. I then went on the bus to take me home, ran into Mama who was going outside to grill (I'M SORRY, BLAME THE TRAFFIC AND SCIENCE FOR YOUR MELTED FRAPPE), and just..well rested. So that's my 4th of July for ya. I hope you guys have a happy safe and peaceful day. Here are some
selfies I took while waiting to go to Navy Pier, check them out:

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