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The Water Tower Place Trip

Previously from part 1, I discussed that after going to the Field Museum, I was also going to make a trip to Water Tower. This Logette is going to be a little short, mainly because I didn't stay there too long and because of the lack of video and photos I didn't take...I was too lazy okay? Anyway, let's continue.  But first, let's have a quick look at the picture I took of the sign:

I can't remember the first time I've been to Water Tower, but one thing I knew that every time my Mom took me there, is that we were always going to go to Godiva and the American Girl Store. Yep, in fact that's the only American Girl Store location in Chicago and in Illinois. I still have a remembrance of the time that I got two American Girl Dolls. They're names? Rebecca and Felicity. I know Rebecca was a girl that was Jewish I believe that lived during the early 1900s. And Felicity was a Girl that lived during the Revolutionary War in the 1700s. How are they doing? Well as of now, I don't know. They're either in someone's living room or at a second-hand retail store like the Thrift Store or the Salvation Army. Yep, I sold them on Ebay a couple of years back because I wanted to buy GTA 5 and stuff. I didn't want to use the money I already had, ugh. I actually made more than the price----OH OOPS, let's discuss Macy's.

I'll admit right now that I am a cheap person, unless I'm purchasing something I really REALLY TO THE EXTREME WANT. That's why I went to the clearance department at Macy's (A.k.a, the Last Act Department) for some Clothes. Ooh, one of the Dudes there looked like my future...hopefully. I'm single, I need some love. Any takers? NO I AM NOT DESPERATE. Besides, if you find two outfits at Macy's for less than $30, you might as well continue going there. After Macy's I decided to go to M Burger and Starbucks for lunch. Sorry Mcdonald's, but guys if you want an equivalent to their Chocolate Chip Frappe and there's no Mcdonald's in your route and only Starbucks, go to Starbucks and order it.

I left, got back on the Bus, then came Home. Well, that's my Wednesday for ya and I hope some of you guys will be able to go on a Travel Logette with me before the Summer's out. Have a great day and again, enjoy the video from the Field Museum!

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