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Lincoln Park Zoo/Conservatory

For those of you who live in Chicago, who here hasn't been to Lincoln Park Zoo? If you haven't, you better start planning a trip sooner before fall and the dangerous winter hits! You've had to at least been there once in your lifetime even if it was a long time ago or for a class trip. In fact, that's the last time I've been to this Zoo is when I was in middle school. But I haven't been to the Conservatory since I was like maybe either 10 or 11, oh well! So in this Logette today, we're going to discuss how my trip to Lincoln Park Zoo and the Conservatory was today. Check it out!

Very peaceful for a Monday morning, since most people have to force themselves to Work if they want their Netflix subscription to continue and if they don't want to breakdance on the sidewalk for some change. And the bus stop I was at didn't get...well not crowded but a bit full until like around 8:50. However, the Bus I took was almost full like my stomach last week after we got Home from my Grandma's last week....thank you, random sir, for giving me a seat! I forgot to mention that I left out the House again before everyone woke, good riddance! Anyways, let's continue. How I felt so sorry for my left arm because I had to carry my Picnic Basket with me since apparently...YOU CANNOT EAT A SUBWAY AT THE ZOO JUST BECAUSE (Yeah, they want you to spend money at their "foo-foo" Cafes, whereas if you go to Subway the day before, you'll save about...$5-$10...including the money for transportation). Therefore, I had to pack a Picnic Blanket along with the other food so I could eat at the Park across the Street.

When I got there, I realized that I got there so early that the Zoo wasn't open, heck the Animals were sleeping as well. I thought that this would be the perfect time to check out the Conservatory since I remember it being so hot, that you could've sworn that they've created a special get together for all of the males in the US....they should do that and make me a VIP! Before we continue, here are some photos I took of the outside of the Conservatory:

This time unlike the other times I recorded footage of my Logettes, I've captured clearer footage than the other times mainly because the settings were mainly outdoors and they had better lighting unlike the times I went to the Museum Campus. And because I'm still getting used to a Generic Equivalent Camcorder, I mean it's not so bad if you only take footage of it outside and not inside. After the Conservatory, I decided to see if the Zoo was opened and apparently it was since I saw some people enter the gate. I like how they decorated their sign by the way:

I didn't take that many pictures while I was there because since I had to carry my Purse and constantly place my Picnic Basket down due to the UNESSESARY WEIGHT THAT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME, I was only limited to either using more footage of my Camcorder or taking more pictures on my Phone. Sorry Phone, but Generic won this round. It seemed a bit "dead" there since the Animals were still sleeping, too bad though...I wanted to see more Lions and some Gorillas...basically the whole cast of the Lion King. The little Kids that was there made it adorable, especially the Pre-Schoolers I ran into that were doing the "buddy-system." It wasn't even that bad since the windy was very windy today. I live in a "Windy City", what can I say? Here are some of the pictures I took at the Zoo below:

Around 11:00am, nothing else to film or photos to take, stomach was like "IT'S BEEN 4 HOURS, ARE YOU TRYING TO COMMIT SUICIDE OR SOMETHING?" That was the sign that it was time for lunch. A la Subway, Coke Zero, Red Grapes, and Youtube for entertainment. After lunch, it was time to go. So now I'm back Home, waiting for the Video to upload on Youtube, and watching Drake & Josh torture my stomach a bit more with laughter. That's also why I haven't gotten much to say in this post because the video explains everything! I hope you all have a good day/evening! See ya!

YO! Here's the video, guys:

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