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The Shedd Aquarium Trip

If you're a Chicagoan, you must've heard of the Shedd Aquarium at least once even if you've never been there before. And you would normally go on free admission days like I did today. It was a good thing I went there early, otherwise, I would've been in line for 30 minutes with a meanmug on my mouth. Lol. The best time I would recommend to go would be during free admission days that's in the Summertime between June-August. Or if you can't stand the heat, early fall. I've never been there before in my life, I just heard about it from others and saw various of commercials on TV. That's why I though the minute I got my Ventra Card to make that my first trip....well at least one of the trips....Alright fine! I was going to make it one of the FIRST TRIPS I would go on for free admission day, Lincoln Park Zoo doesn't count since unlike New York, they're Zoo admission is always free. Blah blah blah, anyways we're going to discuss what happened during free admission day at the Shedd Aquarium. But before we began, let me give a quick shout out to one of my Aunt's whose Birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU THURSDAY! STAY STRONG AND KEEP YA HEAD UP!

I knew what the Agenda was for today, planned everything out, the budget, time, etc. I didn't want this to be as an example of free Pancakes at IHOP day, I wanted this to be like Sonic: Fast and done. So right after my Mom left for work, I left for my "work." It felt so relaxing being on a Bus on a Tuesday. Fewer Kids to worry about, more space on the Bus, a chance to get a window seat, and basically the relaxation peeping through the looking glass at the City.....for 15 minutes. This Elderly Lady brought her Granddaughter on the Bus, more people came on the Bus, the relaxation slowly started dying away, and the atmosphere started to make me hotter and hotter. Too bad I couldn't visit my Friends in the underclassmen today while they were taking their tests, no wait I would've been a distraction and would've gotten either a long scold or a long ridiculous speech from one of the Teachers. Heck, they could've gone with me on the Trip after they were done. Oh wait, they would've had to study for their finals for tomorrow. Let me get back to the point.

As we finally got there, I noticed the Aquarium looked bigger than what I imagined. Even the Field Museum looked bigger than what I imagined despite the fact that I've only seen it from a distance of some sort. I even got my picture taken while getting my Ticket! CHEESE! Oh man, as I pulled out my Camcorder to begin filming, it looked so pretty, so amazing and alive. It made me imagine myself as either a Mermaid or Dolphin swimming with the other Sea Creatures in the Ocean while gaining the experience that they had during their lives. The Kids even enjoyed it too, heck they're Parents might've enjoyed it more than they did. Want pictures? You want 'em, you got 'em!

Oh yeah, I got a chance to rub one of the Sea Creatures. I forgot what it was called, but in the picture above is a picture of what they look like and the other people there petting them. To me, they felt silky and smooth, and at the same time, they smelled like Fish...WELL, IT IS OBVIOUS...DULL. I also saw a Monkey there, and here's the perfect time for me to ask this question: WHAT IN SAM HILL IS A MONKEY DOING AT AN AQUARIUM? DID SOMEONE FORGET TO MAKE A STOP AT LINCOLN PARK ZOO OR ARE THEY MAKING A LIVE ACTION CURIOUS GEROGE MOVIE? Curious George Visits The Aquarium. Plot: The Man in The Yellow Hat was so tired, he accidentally drank some Booze for breakfast instead of a Protein Shake. He even gave some to George. Ironically, they were going to the Shedd Aquarium that same day and....yeah.

After filming about 12 minutes of water, Fish, Turtles mating, and a drunk Monkey later, it was time for lunch. Yeah I was hyped and so eager to leave that instead of going to Kim and Carlo's, I went to this other person's Hot Dog Stand instead. It was a pretty nice price for a Hot Dog stand...$12? I also decided to walk around a bit before going back to the Bus Stop. Oh, here's more pictures:

After leaving from the Bus, I decided to go to the Bolton's to see what's new and Dollar Tree for Cards for a couple of my Friends...and a little something extra...hehe. Then Mariano's for my freebie and then Home. It took me awhile to edit the video...yeah 5 hours to turn a 12 minute video into a short movie...Don't blame Ginger Snaps, blame Microsoft for showing me in so many programs and errors to go whatever myself. So that's how the Trip was and that's how my day went. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and I hope you guys like the video. By the way, here's a photo I took at the Museum Campus Bus Stop while waiting to get back home:


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  1. Reading about your trip to the Shedd Aquarium has got me excited for my trip. I hope that I get to see an aquarium moss while I'm there. I want to see if I can get a moss for my aquarium tank, as well.