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"All Eyez On Me"

If you guys listen to Rap music, not all the time but at least sometimes you've had to hear of at least a couple of old Rap songs from the previous decades like from the 90's and the early 2000's. And if you listened to some from the 90's, you must've heard music from a very popular Rapper that built his Rap career by age 25. That person's name is Tupac. Tupac, or known by his full name Tupac Shakur was born on June 16th, 1971 by his Mother named Afeni Shakur. Not only was Tupac a Rapper, his career also included times of him performing as an Actor. He started in the 1992 movie "Juice", the 1993 movie "Poetic Justice", and in the 1994 movie "Above the Rim." He was originally going to star in Menace II Society and I believe in Higher Learning, but complications soon came in his way. On September 7 of 1996, he was shot multiple times by an unknown person in Las Vegas and was pronounced dead 6 days later on September 13th of 1996 (I think most people know that information by now). That being said, this movie "All Eyez On Me" explains not only the events that lead up to that date but also the events that lead to his Rap career. Before I began, I just want to let you know that for respectable purposes and because not too many people haven't seen the Movie yet, I'm not going to reveal any spoilers of the movie and most people seem to know how it ends as I explained. And any opinions that I share in this review should have no effect on the Movie itself, it's just me being honest with my feelings. And if you guys don't like that, I respect that as well.
That being said, let's began on the movie review of "All Eyez on Me."

When I first saw the trailer, it immediately reminded me of the trailer and the time of when I took my Mom to see "Straight Outta Compton." I think because of the similar music and the similar upbringings the N.W.A had and Tupac had. They were both on affiliated with the "West Coast Rap" too. I heard stories about Tupac getting arrested and about how "negative" his image was in the media. But after watching this movie to get a further understanding of him, I felt the media was a bit too exaggerating and jumped to conclusions too much on him. Just because a person has Tattoos and makes explicit lyrics in his songs, doesn't automatically make him a bad person. It's the choice he made. In fact, I listened to the lyrics more clearer in the movie this time to get a better understanding about the messages in his songs. After getting a better understanding, I realized that Tupac basically wrote his songs on the negative drama that was affecting the African-American community during that time. For example, that song about a girl named Brenda, who had a Baby at 12-13 and the rest's too disturbing to discuss, but if you want to listen to it or watch the video, look it up on Youtube.

However, not all of his songs related to the negativity of the African-American community, it also sends positive messages to the community. That song "Keepin' Ya Head Up" was told in so many lyrics about the aftermath of the LA Riots. And how our community shouldn't give up hope, stay strong, and continue to fight for our rights in our community. The other song "Dear Mama" is a message Tupac is saying to his Mother, thanking her for raising him the way she did and protected him from the obstacles they faced in their life.

As the movie slowly and slowly began further to the finish, I started getting a bit sad and upset because I knew this wasn't one of those "fairy tale" endings. I was also waiting for the moment for Tupac to pull out an iPhone 7 instead of one of those "Brick Cell Phones" since someone online spread a rumor in a meme or something that he used an iPhone 7 in the movie. DUDE. That was the 90's, not 2 months ago! Well, I'm here to tell you the obvious...that rumor was a lie. And I'm also here to tell you that you should totally check out the Tupac movie before they release it from Theaters...or go on a bootleg website tomorrow or Thursday if you're desperate. I liked it better than the Notorius B.I.G. movie, matter of fact I like Tupac better than Biggie. IMO, Tupac's legacy was better and bigger than Biggie's. He was a person that benefit and gained ground well for his age, and started a legacy for a grown man that started in the music industry at 20. He was even the first Rapper that released a Album while in Jail. Furthermore, check it out and thanks for reading this review! See ya!

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