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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Library, The Walk, Walmart, and Whatever

You know what I've noticed just recently? I noticed that the most walks I normally take are on the Weekend and some Tuesdays and Wednesdays out of the month. If not, then just the weekends. And you know what I noticed about the Library? It's pretty obvious but....NO ONE GOES TO IT ANYMORE....unless they HAVE to. And one more thing I noticed about Walmart....literally almost every day, a price is either getting cut, a bunch of Cars in a parking lot, and almost the same people working there. That's because of the success they've created over the years besides they're legacy, unlike o'l "Snobby Sears" and "Poor Kmart"...Who remembers the days when they used to go with their Parents to Kmart for layaway (No, layaway isn't for poor people), Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Appliances, Food (Yep, they used to have a Bakery and a Deli there, well at least in Super K/Big K), or just to look around? If not Kmart then Sears (They closed the one by me about 2 years ago I believe)? I think both of them turned to Chapter 11 for bankruptcy more than once, I could be wrong but it's mostly true, but that's a whole different subject. So today guys, let me tell you how Wednesday went for me...again.

YAHOO! 2 Classes cancelled because the Juniors went on a Field Trip to whatever! Yesterday, I took my last 2 finals for PE (Would you believe that Man said a PE FINAL? That m-) and Consumer Math! And there was no Digital Arts final, which made God on my side even more! God bless you! Therefore, no classes today since I'm taking the last two finals tomorrow, then Prom the next day, and so on! I though to myself, I said "Self, this would be the perfect time for you to show off that White Dress again to the public by going to the Library and renting the Dictionary that your British World Lit Teacher wanted you to bring for your final exam. Go Self!" I listened to "Self" and "Self" made sense, always listen to "Self", "Self" can be the difference of you being at Home binge watching on Netflix and YouTube or watching Monkeys hit each other endlessly. So as I was walking toward the Library, I noticed a Store that sold Chairs, specifically Computer Chairs because I knew two things would have to happen if I get one: 1. Get a job or 2. Wait for Mama to buy it. But if I asked her to buy it, she would give me an ultimatum: The Chair or Allowance. MAMA NOOOO...well expect for the Allowance part. How much was it? $135.00, plus $45.00. In other words, $180.00. Whereas if I purchase one off Ebay, I'll only be out of between $40.00 to $80.00...heck maybe even less than that. It wasn't just Computer Chairs they were selling, they were selling Massage Chairs with the Foot Tubs attached to them! The Water Fountain they had was to die for as well. I took the Catalog, left, and continued my Library Trip. Guess what happened when I got there? Self was right! I could go to the Library, renew my Library Card, find the Dictionary, and go Home.....WRONG. Self told me a bold face lie! WHY SELF? WAS IT BECAUSE I WENT TO BED TOO EARLY LAST NIGHT OR WERE YOU OUT TO LUNCH? Dang Self, I though we had a connection. And I don't mean Wi-Fi. I tried to open the Door, but the Dude waiting as well told me that they don't open until 12. Now guys, I don't go to the Library like I used to when I was a Kid and you have to agree with me on this....WHAT KIND OF A LIBRARY THAT'S BEEN OPEN SINCE EISENHOWER TRIED TO FIX THE COUNTRY OPENS AT 12? DIDN'T IT USED TO BE OPEN AT 9!? Oh that's right...the City had to go through some Budget cuts according to my Mom.

Feeling disappointing, tired, and frustrated, I though (Unlike Self) why waste a beautiful day like today and treat yourself to something? That something was to go to Baskin Robbins for they're $1.50 Cone of Mint Chocolate Chip since it's the end of the Month and to get Mama some Jamocha too. I came Home, rested, then waited for an hour to go BACK to the Library. What I though was going to be easy peachy...was hard fart. Why? Let's see. When I was almost at the Library, I almost got hit by a Car since there's a Car Wash/Gas Station adjacent to the Library Building and because I guess the Dude couldn't see me, but the more important fact is that at least I didn't get hurt. When I got inside the Library, talked to the Librarian that I came for a new Library Card. Mhmmmmm....I knew there was a catch. I need a $1 to renew it. Do you accept Credit, Ma'am? No. Just a flat no. I don't blame her (Her Nails might've been fake, but her personality was REAL) I blame the system. In fact, when ever they need to cut something the Library is the first choice! Basically, here's the scenario: "Random Dude: SIR! WE NEED TO EXTEND THE HIGHWAYS! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR! WE NEED MORE ADVERTISEMENTS TO PRETEND CHICAGO ISN'T DANGEROUS! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR! I FORGOT MY LUNCH! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR! MY CAT THREW UP ON MY FILES! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR---- Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! I know I'm going to get criticized for this, but I'm just stating my own opinion: How hard is it to increase the tax on Alcohol and Tobacco? They'll make people stop using them for their own good and they wouldn't have to cut as much Programs, Schools, again Libraries like they already did now. Came Home, TIRED AGAIN, and made some runs with Mama.

We only went to 3 places. Jewels for something for my School tomorrow, Walmart for House things...Did I mention I found some cute underwear there too? I had to buy it! And Mcdonalds for Dinner since we're kinda low on food in the House and since my Mom barely has time to cook anymore. I just want to state something....NO, we don't eat fast food every day, we only get it sometimes or twice a month when we go to my Grandma's. Most people order out nowadays because of their busy schedules, putting them at a lower chance to make home cooked meals. Some people eat this stuff every day, giving them a danger risk of heart disease, diabetes, and vice versa. Even though I ran into a few issues today, it turned out to be a wonderful day. I'm not even nervous for my finals tomorrow, but I still want you guys to wish me luck so I can pass them and walk across the stage in a few weeks! See ya later, bye!

Monday, May 29, 2017

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! (With Honor and Gratitude!)

Before we began, let me start this post by saying Happy Memorial Day to you guys! If it wasn't for our Male and Female Soldiers, this Holiday would've never been created. Neither the 4th of July would've either. This Holiday is a perfect excuse to cheat on your diet because you can say "Well it is the Holiday and what's the obvious that people do on Holidays?" and get away with it. Ribs, Steak, Chicken, Hotdogs, Burgers, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Pop, Hawaiian Rolls, and many more make it the reason why someone would take go into the storage room that hasn't been clean in ages because-who-does to get their o'l Grill and fire it in the whole! And to share their Grilled Food smells by grilling in the Park! So today everyone, we're going to talk about how my Memorial Day went!

What a beautiful, but somewhat-well-not-really busy morning. Breakfast was...well "okay" not really, let me explain. Who knew if a boiled Egg had a slight crack (SLIGHT CRACK), it would taste like Paper. Heck, it didn't even taste like it, it tasted more like one of those pretend foods you guys probably had when you were younger when you were playing "House." Never played "House?" You are not alone, because I didn't either! Why? Because I had a "divorce" with the "Dad!" How did it come down to a "divorce?" Well here's a quick summary: Teddy forgot it was my Birthday and spent the pretend money that he SHOULD'VE spent on me with Barbie....TEDDY WE TOOK NAPS TOGETHER AFTER HAVING AFTERNOON APPLE JUICE WHILE WATCHING SESAME STREET!  ...Moving on to 12:00 noon, here was a perfect time for me to ride my Bike. Everything was going pretty good...for 5 minutes...might've been 3 but who cares? Called Mama up for some help because the seat needed to be adjusted since everytime I rode it, the handle bars were so close to my legs pedaling the Bike. Now I see why I got stopped a couple of times about the seat. What I though would take about a 2-5 minute job took an hour. The Seat was adjusted, but she wanted to also adjust the handle bars so I wouldn't slump over while riding.

After an hour, we came up with a compromise to keep the handles the way they are since the main problem was the Seat. I went out and tested it, it was better than I expected. In fact it was so better, that I rode it to Mariano's for a freebie. After 30 minutes, my Mom FINALLY got a chance to go outside and Grill since she'a a busy Woman, that's why I have the things I have because of her busyness. Keep being a busy Bee, Mama! Appreciate it! I also decided to ride around the Park again. To my surprise, my Aunt came over for fresh air and brought her two Dogs: Rambo...and crazy Cookie. Luckily, Camel was outside with us and this was a fine time for her and Cookie to meet each going through a round of WWE with each other. What was on the Grill? Chicken Drumsticks, Pork Steaks, and Corn. Sides? Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and Hawaiian Rolls. Dessert? Hostess Ice Cream! Woohoo! We also saw one of my neighbors who's dog is about Cookie's least he's not mean like her....and the "Little Gray House Squirrel"...licking her dirty paws while watching me type...and giving me death looks...QUIT IT, SOPHIE! Eek! There were a bunch of flies outside too (A Green Worm crawled on my Shoe)....good thing we live in the Windy City. After everything, my Aunt left since she had business to tend to, so me, Mama, and Camel came back inside for Dinner. Oh man, you guys have to try the Hostess Cupcake Ice Cream....Dairy Queen for days Man....Dairy Queen for days. But the Hawaiian Rolls will eat your heart out....Thank you for whoever created them.

So that's how my Memorial Day went, I hope you all had an enjoyable Day like I did! Have a great Day and again, Happy Memorial Day! Goodnight! Oh, also here's a photo:

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Telltale's: "Starved Rock:" Senior Field Trip Edition

Near the end of the year, schools usually host Field Trips for Seniors as part of an award for completing the year and as part of the Graduation plan. Some places are "way past cool", some places are so boring that you wished that you could've either stayed at Home to play Nintendo or watch Cat videos on YouTube. But then there's my School, they at least try to have Field Trips that we chose instead of just choosing one for us and then asking "Why aren't you having fun?" Yeah....The Field Trip we went on today was 1 out of the 2 (Well technically 3 since we're pairing up with the underclassmen for a Six Flags Trip in a couple of weeks) we're expected to go on before Graduation. In fact, this Field Trip was so fun (And I know I'm going to say this again, but VERY TIRING), that it felt like one of the Telltale games! So today, we're going to discuss what transpired on the Field Trip to Starved Rock.

I'll admit, I was a bit nervous on going to Starved Rock, mainly because of two things: It was soo far AND BECAUSE I'M SCARED OF HEIGHTS. But kudos to the Teachers for letting us ride one of those beautiful and comfy Shuttle Buses on our 2 hour trip. KUDOS! On the way there, I noticed that there were a bunch of Barns and Fields, they actually looked either abandon or just very poorly managed. Regardless, it was nice to see some because it was my first time actually seeing a Barn in the state of Illinois. What about the one at Lincoln Park Zoo? Yeah, I though it was real.....until 10 hit my age. When we finally arrived, I though the walk was going to be a piece of cake since I'm a walker and because the images I saw of Starved Rock didn't compare to how long the walk ACTUALLY was. I was fooled by myself, but that was just ignorance on my part. Before we continue on what happened during the walk, let me just give this quick message on how cute the Gift Shop was and how I wish I could've spared my cheap self out some money to purchase a Churro from the Cafe they had there. Who remembers the ones from Sam's Club? Why did they have to get rid of them? JUST WHY?

Heh...A-Anyway, let's get on to the part of the "Telltale Game." It started out decent....until we had to walk like 4-5 flights of Stairs to see some Water and Trees. There were other Classes there, so at least we weren't the only ones suffering. Then we did the same thing again, only this time we were higher and you get the picture. The next part was either choosing A or B. A. Walking up some Steps (They weren't as high as the Stairs we had to climb before) or B. Walking around the steps, only in some mud. I chose B. We then reached 2 Waterfalls, which one of them we had to climb to get to the other. Here's where the game started to become harder and harder. We couldn't chose A or B. We had to chose C. ALL OF THE ABOVE (Yeah, there were some options of choosing C, but not during that much of the hike). We also had to be careful or else we were either going to trip and fall or "double dip" in the Water. After we climbed over the Waterfall, we finally made it to the other one. Apparently, they allow Dogs in Starved Rock, which made the Hike even better. A cute Dog ran into the small pond in the Waterfall, he must've really enjoyed himself. And I forgot to mention that there was this little Dog climbing over the first Waterfall to get to the second Waterfall....cuuute.

Next during the game...Oh Lord...I knew I should've brought a Water Bottle....Remember those 4-5 flights of Stairs? Yeah...they multiplied into 10-11 flights of Stairs. I felt like I was running a 5K again back in 5th grade. Then there were Bridges similar to the ones from Bridge of Tarabithia...I was so scared that it was going to break, I should've ran on that Bridge.....No then the opposite would've happened. One of my friends also spotted a Chipmunk....ALVIN IS THAT YOU? WHERE'S SIMON, THEODORE, AND THE CHIPETTES? Many Bridges, Staircases, and Dehydration's later, we finally, finally, FINALLY, made it out of the Forest. Game over! Woohoo....So I though. AH MOOSE HEAD....wait, or is that I forgot while typing. Remember the Cafe from earlier? Yeah, it turns out that we ain't gonna eat there, we're going to eat at the Cafe above the-Cafe-that's-above-the-Cafe-that-we-should've-went-to-instead-of-doing-the-Richard-Simmons-workout-we-did-before. After hyperventilating for almost 10 minutes, we made it. Instead of eating a parodied Subway menu, we ate like we were at a Restaurant! And guess who was kind enough to pay for it? You guessed it...Mr. Whatshisname(I-cannot-give-out-his-name)! Thank you, sir!

After lunch, we headed back on the Bus to go back home to "Sweet Home Chicago!" Woot Woot! I knew God was good when I saw the Sears Tower in the distance on our way back....2 hours later. Got picked up by Mama (You never keep me hanging, do you Mother Dear?), Grocery Shopping, Post Office, Home, and according to google at 7:30, we walked for 2 hours and 43 minutes today. Woohoo! New Record! So, that's how the "Game" went. I'll post some photos I took so you guys can see them. Enjoy your day and remember the moral of this blog: Never leave your Water Bottle and Bug Repellent at Home. Goodnight!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy, Happy, Birthday to Me!

The day has finally come guys, the day I finally turn 18, aka "Liberation Day." I've been waiting for this day all my life, wondering as a little Girl what it would be like when I become a grown Woman and how affected it would be. I though by the time I turn 18, I would've picked out my own Place, have my own Car, a Boyfriend (Well....hehehe...), and basically everything an Adult has....Oops, I almost forgot, a J-O-B! You can also thank my Mother for making this Day very special for me since she took me to Dinner and a Show! So today, I'm going to explain to you guys how I celebrated my special day.

If your Class time on your Birthday is basically a period for you to get caught up with your work, work ahead, or like me, doing-nothing-since-your-basically-caught-up-and-since-you-get-bored-and-excited-easily-for-no-reason, then that's a Birthday Present from your Teacher. AND if another Teacher gives that to you. Thanks Ms. K and Ms. V! And if you don't have any other classes since your waiting for the finals in those classes, another automatic Birthday Present! Thanks other-Teachers-whos-names-shall-remain-nameless. Forget classwork, let's get to the good part!

My Mom took me to one of the AMC theaters downtown as a Birthday Gift (Hey, I didn't really care for Cake like I used to). We almost missed the movie since she had to make a quick run to take care of some business at her job. What movie? "Everything, Everything." In fact, I'm going to write a movie review on here since there's some information (No spoilers) I want to clear off my chest about the movie. Guess what? It was one of those dine-in movie theaters, in other words DINNER AND A SHOW! And best of all.....NO USHERRRRRRRR! Burger and Fries with a Diet Cola for me and some Wings and a Diet Cola for Ma. I noticed that Movie Theaters aren't as popular as they were when I was a Kid, probably because of all the Bootleg copies and Internet. Wanna watch a Movie? Don't worry, it'll be on Google in 2-4 business days. Wanna save $10 on some Popcorn? No worries, there's bound to be a Dollar Tree somewhere in your neighborhood! Pop? Same place. Candy. Same place. A Date? Well, I'll leave that up to you. After it was over, were decided to make a quick stroll around Block 37 into a beautiful Boutique, there's so many of them so I'll just tell you the name: Akira. So beautiful, so expensive, so worth it! Thank one of the Workers (A Guy) for giving me a compliment on my Dress, even though it wasn't nearly worth half as the Clothes they sell there. When we were coming home, we saw that Channel 7 was filming...LIVE! YES! Now we're home, tired, and just sitting back watching some good o'l Fox.

Well, that's my Birthday for ya!~ Enjoy your Wednesday! Also, enjoy this Birthday Photo, it really took the Cake!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

We Should've Turned This Day Into Senior Ditch Day, Guys!

Most Schools have Day(s) where they allow Seniors to have a chance to skip school for certain reasons and what not. Not my school, they're like "Heck no, you're the reason why I'm getting my paycheck and to renew my Netflix subscription! Don't be late again or else you'll get another detention!" Luckily, they stopped that detention for tardiness stuff back in Freshman year. Heck, it didn't even last a week. The end of the year is coming up, which is why most of the Kids didn't show up today, and which is why WE SHOULD'VE TURNED THIS INTO DITCH DAY. In fact, today's the day of our last academic day. In other words, no more School since we're going to focus on finals review next week. Then the Senior Trip, take finals, Prom, Six Flags Trip, and Graduation. So today, I'm going to explain how my Thursday at School was.

My, my, my, I knew this day was beautiful since I had the chance to have a nice Breakfast and take a couple of selfies on the ride there. And I knew it was beautiful since Cyanide and Happiness improved their shorts and...well when was the last time it was 78 degrees in Chicago? Oh that's right, last August. Let's cut to Advisory. Everything was going normally, got a few compliments on my get-up from my Friends and Teachers..."Hello there, Island Princess!" Normally is what I though until they flip flopped us to another room since the K-8 Kids had to take some Exam or whatever. Roll call admitted the names of the Kids who weren't there...or who though today was Ditch Day, but who could blame them? If I had got the memo sooner, you would've saw the Island Princess on the absent sheet since she would've been at Home playing Nintendo and gobbling Gummy Bears. Lemon flavor, yuck! We also had to take some "mandatory" survey. After Advisory, we....OMG! ONE OF MY FRIENDS WHO I THOUGH WAS EITHER SICK, BABYSITTING HER BROTHER, OR JOINING THE DITCH DAY CROWD CAME! I MISSED YOU! CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE DUDE MENDES....I mean Shawn. Oops sorry, I get overjoyed I know. Basically during 2nd/3rd period, we played what some of you like me would think of as a "game" where you pretend that you have your dream job and use the salary from that job to pay for the expenses that you have such as the Mortgage, Food, Car, Insurance, and vice versa.

Too bad I forgot to bring my Tabby charger, but it's a good thing that the Laptop had Chrome! Looking up my "Home", I typed in my zip code and it turns out that my Personal Finance Teacher used to live 2 streets away from me. Oh won't you be my....won't you be my...? Not the shocking part, but very interesting. I found Condos for $59,000 to $64,000 a month, only because their "co-op Condos". What is a co-op Condo? Basically, a co-op Condo is a Condo owned by the Owner who owns stock in the corporation whom created the Condominium. Hey, maybe I should ask my Mom to call up the Manager Ms. Whatshername to see if she's eligible since she's been Owning her's since....SAVED BY THE BELL. 3RD PERIOD IS OOOOOOOOVAAAAH! Moving on to a la Lunch.

What happens when you accumulate enough Gelatos and Shakes on you're Mariano's Card? You get either a free Gelato or a Shake! For example, I got a Strawberry Shake, free food woohoo! But that doesn't mean that I can't stop one of my friends from ditching me. STOP DITCHING ME! After Lunch, 4th period of British World Lit.  Actually, no you can call 4th period "The Book Club," since that's all it pretty much was today. Nothing much was happening at School afterwards, that's why this is all that happened. Came Home, got a urgent message from Ma that...WE'RE HAVING MICKEY D'S FOR DINNER! YIPEEE! THANKS MAMA!

Welp, that's my Thursday for you guys. Thanks for reading it and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day! Oh yeah, here's a couple of my selfies I took today:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gone Shoppin' Part 3: Hot Tuesday!

I don't normally go shopping on Tuesday, but if I do it's only for "emergency" purposes only. I though from how fatigue I was last night, I though I couldn't even open my front door. Man, wasn't my theory wrong. Whatever, let's just get how I spent my Tuesday shopping.

It was yet another beautiful morning in my neighborhood...a beautiful day in my neighborhood...won't you be my? Won't you be my..Neighbor? It was also a beautiful afternoon, which is why I decided that I would do it today so I would get a chance to rest tomorrow. What a good idea that was. Out the house I go to...PAYLESS! What did I go there for? You guessed it! Shoes. I HAD THE CHANCE TO GET THOSE GYM SHOES FROM FRIDAY, WOOHOO! Not bad for a pair for $30 right? Can I use my $10 off coupon please? Yes? THANK YOOOU! Left, then walked over to the boutique again. It was very empty and quiet there, but I though I would only do window shopping. Then that's when the temptation started kicking in like Jackie Chan in almost every scene in Rush Hour. KAWATAH! I found a tank top with my name on it that would go perfectly with the Gym Shoes. Why the sports gear? We're going on a Senior Trip next week and the location has to do with fitness and hiking. Better practice my Bear pose and look up coupons for bug spray. After I purchased it, I bounced back on the sidewalk to...MARIANO'S!

Mariano's is like one of the best grocery stores in Chicago, besides Jewel. They have pretty much everything you want and need, they even let you microwave food you purchased in their store. Want some Gelato and share it with a lover? Mariano's! Want a Pizza under $15? Mariano's! Want a Smoothie, Salad, and Taco Tuesday? Mariano's! Want a- MARIANO'S! You get the point. BBQ chicken sample? Don't mind if I do! I didn't really need much since I had lunch, but I needed SOME QUENCHERS. Hey, if you don't have a Car and walked to 3 places while it's in the 80's in Chicago, wouldn't you purchase a Dr. Pepper for $1.75 too? I would. Chilled there for a half hour, then walked back home.

So that's how my Tuesday went, and I hope you all had a wonderful hot Tuesday as well! Have a great and wonderful day!

Gone to Grandma's

Who doesn't like to go to their Grandma's House to visit her and the rest of the family? No one right? Exactly! Because when you get to your Grandma's House, she never judges you no matter what you've done and no matter what, she still loves you. Too bad I couldn't write this post yesterday because we always get home so late, this is why today, I am going to post about the trip that lead us to my Grandma's House and why I was dragging this morning.

Usually, we left around the late afternoon since everyone is mostly busy in the morning. School for me, my Mom has to catch up with her paperwork, a couple of my Aunts are busy with work, so is my Uncle, etc etc. After I was done with School and my Mom was done with her work, we finally left out the House to pick up one of my Aunt's to head to Grandmama's House. But first, we made a stop to a certain Beauty Supply Store. We went there before, and trust me that place is pure heaven compared to other stores that never have anything on sale and not show you any friendliness. Guess what? This store isn't one of them, in fact this store is a rare of it's kind. It's a father and son store, the kind of store that you would normally only see on TV or on pretty much every episode of Sanford and Son. What am I saying? This store is WAAAAY better than that. Let's get to the point.

We were greeted by the Father in the store, nice dude and everything, and he's very friendly. He showed us the merchandise we wanted inside the store and listed the deals he would give us on them. I asked him where his son was, then he told me he would call him to come inside. There was also a shady dude outside, but it turns out that he's one of their friends and owns a store not too far from them. Afterwards, the Father's Son (I'm not listing anyone's names for indenity purposes and to respect their privacy) came inside and he was very happy to see us, especially me from the little compliment he gave me. The last time we came there, I told him about the Prom I'm going to in a couple of weeks and he seemed to remember it since he told me if he was around my age, he would take me to Prom.~ That made me blush so hard! Then he told me about the Prom he went to and if I was going with anyone to Prom, I said no because well...who is there to go to Prom with? Then we made our purchases and left to go to Grandmama's!

Basically, this is the plan every time we go to Grandmama's: One of my Aunts that lives not too far from her orders food and takes it over to her house. We laugh and talk, then we leave. Since that Aunt was still at work, my Mom decided that this was a good time to go grocery shopping at Walmart. Who doesn't like Walmart? Who? Exactly! Nothing much going on there besides how "Super" it was and how cheaper the prices are since it's the suburbs. Then Dollar Tree. Then to Grandmama's. As soon as we arrived there, I felt severely bad on how hard my other Aunt looked mowing the lawn. But that's a whole different type of story. Since it was still daytime when we came and since it was VERY hot inside her house, I asked my Grandmama if she would like to sit outside with me while we wait for my Aunt. She agreed to go outside, alongside my Mom, and we had a small talk. I discussed with her about the incident that happened last Friday and she gave me another speech about "Always take a Man with you when you go out, Only watch the News," this and that, that and this. Finally, my Aunt was off of work and she arrived with the food!

After we've gotten settled in and finished eating, (SHE BROUGHT RED VELVET CUPCAKES FROM MARIANO'S, THANK YOU SO MUCH!) we got into a conversation and a few crazy antics that lead to my Grandmama asking us to give one of my Aunts some money for some "Squares" since she though she was using "Something else" since it looked "different." One of my Aunts also gave me a few gifts that included a Purse, Journal, Earrings, and Hand Sanitizer. Ooh, my hands smell like fruity flowers. Lol

A couple of hours passed, then we left. Dropped one of my Aunts off, then me and my Mom came Home. Man I was tired, all I did was talk and ate though so how could I be tired? Just kidding! My Mom received a call from work about something personal that required her to make a quick run there. I had to go with her because she wanted company. Yipee! After that was over, we came Home (AGAIN) and this time I felt like Saturday with a pinch of "Good Friday."

So there we have it, that was Monday for ya. Be sure to check back soon for more posts and pages! Have a great day!

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful, peaceful, and hardworking Mothers that are the reason why this Holiday was created and why we should be thankful for the Woman that raised and protected us from bad times to good times! And that love us no matter what, for better or for worse! And this is also a great time for me to tell my Mother a Happy Mother's Day (Even though I did like 5 times this morning) since she deserves it and deserves better! Therefore in today's blog everyone, we're going to discuss how I celebrated Mother's Day and you guys can post any comments on how you did too if you'd like!

A beautiful Sunday morning in my neighborhood! Birds are chirping, the Sun is shining, the trees are green, the Gardener planted fresh flowers yesterday to make this day extra special and more importantly for the environment, the weather is warm enough to got to the Park, and the Kids aren't scheduled to play Soccer today! Yahoo! As I woke up this morning, I told my Mother that she can finally open her Mother's Day Card, filled with love! She also has the chance to eat a delicious slice of French Silk Pie and know that her Daughter loves her so!

Celebrating this day for her made me think about how I was going to celebrate this day for myself, heck I didn't think I should since it's my Mom's day and not mine. But it wouldn't make any sense because that would be like a scenario of someone celebrating New Year's by waking up from their Alarm Clock they set for Midnight, blowing a Horn, then hitting the Hay again. OR, if you want it to make MORE sense, it would be like someone locking themselves in their room for the whole day to celebrate their Birthday by themselves by eating a 2 piece meal from Popeyes and lighting a Candle on a Debbie Cake while laughing hysterically. Wait what? Lol

I come up with crazy scenarios, I know I know, you can even ask my Friends...and my Teachers. Moving on back to Mother's Day, I was thinking of going to this Italian Restaurant I ordered from on Christmas, but then I though about how rude the Employee was on the Phone...look Man, it's not my fault your Boss didn't let you have Christmas off with Christmas pay...and shrugged it off. Then I though about the other Italian Restaurant I walked to on Easter, shrugged that off too because I didn't want to spend more than $15 again (I'm a cheap person, I know). Then I though of more Restaurants to go to and....well you already know the pattern, why explain again? Mama then told me instead of going to a fancy Nancy restaurant, why not do Mickey D's? And she was right, no matter how fancy a Restaurant is, it doesn't make you better than anyone. It just means that you're spending more money at a place than somewhere else cheaper.

I took her advice, got my Phone and Tabby, and left out the House to celebrate. But first, I had to make a "quick" stop to Payless. Gosh, the Manager wasn't there today, not even surprised because she was probably celebrating with her Mom like most people. Just went to scope and try on some Gym Shoes since the ones I have are kinda getting worn out and since the location of the Field Trip requires a lot of walking and possibly climbing, I though this was the perfect excuse on getting new shoes without my Mom saying "How many pairs you got now, Mama?" What can I say, I'm a Shoeholic like most Women, that's normal....riiiight? I had to put them back since I'm on a budget, but I MIGHT go back to purchase them. Left, bounce back on the sidewalk, and went to Mcdonalds. It's a good thing I had that $1 Sausage Burrito Coupon. By the way guys, they go good with a Drink of Orange Juice. I decided to have a bit of a long interlude there since I was tired and since I was bored. I'm always bored, that's how this blog was started in the first place. Free WiFi? Yeah! WRONG! well...a little bit. Even though it was connecting, there was no internet. That's it, the next Holiday, I'm going to Starbucks. Left, bounce back on the sidewalk, and came home to start writing this blog.

One more thing, I think for the rest of the day to celebrate, I'm going to watch a Movie, go on my Phone, do a little Youtubing, play some darn good Nintendo, and vice versa. Again, Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful and hardworking Mothers out there, including my Mom, my Aunts, Cousin, and Grandmother! Also, check out the Card I got my Mom for this special day! Have a great and wonderful day! Adios!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gone Shoppin' Part 2: Checkout Ross!

I though the only place I would check out today would be Jewels and the Boutique I go to. I was wrong, but I digress. It turns out that the only way I would only go to one place is if I was with my Ma or just because. And because my hypothesis for today was incorrect, I ended up walking for an hour and a half today, making my feet bark and my "inside self" chant "ALMIGHTY LORD, PLEASE HELP MY YOUNG SOUL." Blah blah blah, let me get to the point.
Sometimes, my Mom would drop me off whenever she's about to go somewhere or if it's in the same direction. That's why I was able to get to Jewels quickly and why I didn't walk longer than a hour and a half today. Same old, same old, nothing special was happening than it was yesterday. Same goes with the Boutique I went to as well. But what I can add is that I went to Mcdonald's for lunch, a la Mcdouble with the Freebie Shake that Jewels gave me can turn this meal into a $2.20 meal.~And it can also give a view of a cute dude that I saw there as well. Eh, he wasn't really attracting me that much annnnyway......and I have my eyes set on someone special in my heart.❤ Left, then went to a Beauty Supply Store to scope out the goods, and then bounce back onto the sidewalk again.
Lord have mercy, what in Sam Hill was I thinking when I decided to go to the Ross that opened by my house? A. Was I thinking it would be a finger snap? B. Was I thinking I could walk so fast, that I was Sonic? Or C. Was I just bored and decided to just go there just because?
And the answer is...
D. All of the Above! I never really walked to the other side of my block until a month ago with my Dog when I was testing out a route to go to another place, but this is the first time I've really done it despite the fact that I've seen it for so long. It was okay....for 5 minutes since the laziness and the tiredness started to kick inside. I wonder how those Soccer Kids felt though, THEY HAD THEM IN THE FIELD FOR PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE DARN DAY! Poor Kids. That's besides the point though. Anyways, when I finally got to Ross, I though it would either be between a copycat of Old Navy or just a place where you can use their parking lot to...never mind. I was wrong, it looks so pretty inside there! The Shoes, the Clothes, oh my god the Clothes...I found two outfits that looked so pretty that I had to put it back because I was saving my money for something else. The Shades are like $10 though, but it's still not as bad as the one at Macy's, trust me. The line wasn't even that bad either, I'll admit. Left, then bounce back onto the sidewalk..AGAIN. You could say that I was either walking like a Grandma or trying to audition for a Thriller remake, there IS no in-between people, I was THAT tired. Got home, took my Wedges off, and then started to do my thing.
I know you all are thinking "Juju if you have a Ventra Card, why make yourself suffer like that?" Well, I have two answers for ya: 1. My Mom wanted me to use it when she's Home, just in case she has to pick me up or something. And 2. Because I didn't want to. Why? Just because! Anyways, thank you for reading this blog and I'll have more to post soon! Have a great day!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Gone Shoppin'

If you know me personally, you should know by now that I frequently go shopping at least once a week, unless I haven't told you. Normally when I do shopping, it could range on the weekend or sometimes on the weekdays, it really depends on how I feel. And it seems like every time I DO go shopping, I have a story to tell, but isn't it like that for every person? Anyways, let's get to the story.
Mother's Day is coming up! That means that there's going to be a bunch of sales and merchandise that you can get your Mother to show how much you love her! In fact, if it wasn't for that day, I would've only went to two places today instead of five (Well..maybe, I'll admit). The first stop was the Walgreen's by my house. I only went there to get one thing and one thing only, which was a Ventra Card. The Lady complimented me on my beauty and my youth, asking me my age, and then we said our "have a good day" catchphrase. I almost forgot to mention that when I was walking from Walgreen's, there were these dudes who were Employees from a Mental Hospital not too far from me that were asking around about a Patient that ran away from the Hospital. They even asked the Cops. Hopefully, they'll find him and that the Man gets his treatment so his wild goose chase doesn't happen again. I'll admit, I was a bit scared though.
The next stop was Mariano's....oh boy. Waiting to cross, here comes this dude that's either my age or older than me by a year. He asked me my name, age, where I was going, blah blah blah blah.....asked me if he could follow me into the store, didn't really care so I just said yes as a tester. I quickly became tired of it and creeped out by him because he was a bit snaggle tooth AND because I barely knew him. What scared him away? Told him that my Mom and my Daddy were going to pick me up from the store and that they would have a fit if they found out that he would be coming up to me. And then in a finger snap, he left! Woot Woot! After that, I went and got my merchandise and left.
#3 was Dollar Tree, who doesn't like Dollar Tree? As I approached the entrance to the store (Remember, this is a Dollar Store, everything's a dollar), there were these two elderly ladies begging people (Including me) to purchase them some Body Wash. I felt bad for them because they had to do that, but I feel even more bad that they would even do that instead of coming up with an idea to get the money to purchase the Body Wash themselves. Surprisingly after I left, those two were gone. Then I went to a Boutique which was torture since I had to save my money for something else, but it was still nice to visit. Then Jewel's, nothing much happening there except the Mother's Day sales and the beautiful Cake displays. Finally, I came back home.
Well, that's my shopping day for ya. Come back soon to enjoy more of my blogs, even if they are a bit boring! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

(Prologue): The Blogger Begins

You all are probably wondering (especially the ones that know me personally) what gave you the idea of creating a blog? In this post today, I will give you an explanation on how my Blog was created.

Basically, I was in my 1st/2nd period of class and my Civics Teacher notified us about having freelance jobs. In other words, self-employed jobs. She told us about this website called "", which only has three job opportunities of becoming one of the following: Transcriptionist, Captioner, or a Translator. After School, I went home to look up the website that I though would be a dream come true....right? Yeah! WRONG. Well, that's just IMO. First I applied to become a Transcriptionist since it seemed to be more interesting and because I believe I did a bit of it when I used to make these Plushie videos on my old Youtube account. I had to take a Grammar test and then a "practice swing" by transcripting a video. I realized that it was taking forever and that my laziness was kicking in like a spoiled Kid at a Mcdonald's Playplace and decided to chose the other two jobs.

I then decided to chose the Captioner job since out of all the jobs on there, that paid the most by a few cents per minute. In truth, the Captioner job and the Transcriptionist job are same thing, only difference is that the Captioner job consists of matching the captions in the video at the right moment in the video while the Transcriptionist job is just listening to audio and jot down what you hear. It's very time consuming when you actually do it. And if any of you ever try Rev, you'll understand what I mean. After that, I realized that my last option was the Translator job. It was pretty easy applying, all I had to do was create a Resume and fill out a few questions on the information page. I've sent out 2 applications so far since I'm very eager to accept this job. However, they told me that they could not accept me just yet because they've already gotten plenty of Translators. And my Teacher already told me that I have to know the language (I chose Spanish) fluently in order to commit to the job.

I came up with an idea to look up other freelance websites similar to Rev online and with no luck, I was lost and confused. Heck, I even looked up freelance Tutoring jobs, visited, asked my School Counselor, and asked one of my friends in Class to help me. Instead of being like Destiny's Child by saying "No, no, no," I decided to say "Yes, yes, yes." By doing that, I though up an idea of creating a blog to post interesting stories and thoughts about me to maybe gain "some" dough. Even if I don't, I'm still going to continue this, I like it. I've created some before with 2-3 failed attempts, but that's only because I wasn't even trying too hard. Hopefully, this one will be better than the previous ones and that It'll be totally beneficial.

So stay turn for more posts and I'm going to also include photos and share videos in some of the blogs as well! And after you read this, be sure to make plans for your Mother for Mother's Day!

All About Me

Even though there's an "About me" section on the right hand corner of the page, let me do you the generous favor of expanding it just so you'll get to know me a bit more and so maybe we can get a bit more of an understanding. As you all know, my name is Junne (pronounced June with 2 Ns). ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

I'm 17 1/2 right now, going to graduate next month, my birthday is on May 24th (liberation begins in 2 weeks, mark it on the Calendar!), Cats is my life and my specialty as most friends see that in me when we speak on a certain subject, especially on my nails. My favorite color is Green, I've always loved Red and Pink when I was a Kid, but as I've gotten older Green seems to suit me most and became my lucky color as well. I'm also a fan of Black. Favorite food? I'm mostly into the Italian Cuisine, but if you specifically want a specific food, list me down for Burgers. Yep, fries with that and can you squeeze in a Diet Cola? One more thing. Favorite Hobby? It's between playing Video Games(Specifically Nintendo) and using my Electronics. What about you guys?

I live in Chicago with my Mom (She's an RN)๐Ÿ‘ฑ๐Ÿ’– and my 3 Pets, one Dog and two Cats. The Dog is named Camel, who is very cute and white as snow (She looks like the Dog from The Little Rascals and she's my "White Buddy")๐Ÿพ, oldest Cat is named Nightmare (His name speaks for himself, but I call him "Nighty" and my "Black Buddy" because...why not?)๐Ÿ˜ธ, and then there's the youngest of the Cat Sophie๐Ÿ˜ผ (Yeah, she's soft and cute, but when you get to know her, you'll either face between having to threaten her with force or giving her a roast like my Mom. I call her numerous of names like "Little Gray House Squirrel, Little Gray Scrub, Scratchy, Fluffy, etc). They're ages? Camel is 4, Nightmare is 8, and the Squirrel..oops Sophie is 3.

During my free time, I like to take long walks around my neighborhood by walking my Dog, going to this beautiful Garden when it's warm, shopping, and having my own company๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ‘œ. So thank you for reading this as I enjoyed writing this, enjoy!