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Thursday, July 6, 2017


Happy Thursday, everyone! I've got some good news that I've been keeping as a secret since last month and you've probably already known it by now from reading the title of this Blogette: Avon is now available on the Blogette for you guys to buy or sell. I became a Rep two days ago, but I didn't have much time to share it until now. And now, we can move on to the next steps on how you guys can either purchase your Avon items from me or sell it yourself, as well as a little background history on how I became involved with Avon. Here we go!

I was involved with Avon every since I was a little Girl because my Mom has always been a Rep with Avon, she's been selling it since before I was born. Before the internet became more convenient and advance as it is now, we used to have to go to a local Avon district to collect the Avon boxes that she would order online instead of having the boxes delivered to our Home. In addition to selling Avon, she would purchase me Kid's items from Avon such as playsets, Stuffed Animals, Kid's Bubble Bath, etc. We even used to go to Avon meetings so she could get more tips on how to advance to President's Club with Avon. Nowadays, instead of going to a local district to pick up her Avon boxes, she has them delivered to our Home instead. Instead of doing the irritating door-to-door selling, she has "E-customers", meaning online customers that can purchase her products through her website. She no longer gets me the "Kiddy" items, she now gets me the Women's Clothes, Jewelry, Nail Polish, Perfume, etc. You guys can also purchase from her as well, she's an excellent Rep who's been in business since the 90's.

When you first become a Rep for Avon, it might be scared for others at first if you're not familiar with the objectives and lack of support. But not to worry, if you keep your head high and believe in yourself hard enough while brainstorming different ways to gain your customers, you can advance to President's Club and make enough money to purchase things like TVs or even a Car. And when you first become a Customer for Avon, it might become addicting for others because of the different varieties there are on the website. That's why I'm going to list two sections on this post for tips on selling Avon and buying Avon. You can read which either one you want, read both sections if you want. But whichever section you feel is your choice, have fun!

Selling Avon: The #1 rule of selling Avon is this: NEVER FALL BEHIND. In other words, always make an order at least once a month. Despite the fact that the website states that you have to make an order every two weeks (Yes, it did take my Mom a long time to realize that you didn't), you don't, well unless you want to but it really depends on your own judgment. The good thing about Avon is that you can create your own hours like Uber, you're basically self-employed.
Also, make sure that you connect your bank account (If you don't have one, maybe you should start thinking about creating one now) on your Avon site so you can collect profit from your customers. And the best part about it is that you can sell your Avon through the YourAvon App that you can find in the App Store or the Play Store on your Phone. I highly recommend that you download those Apps when selling Avon for convenience purposes. Here's a scenario: Say if you're going to visit your relatives or a friend and you wanted to check up on your Avon. You would then go on your YourAvon App on your Phone because someone could've purchased some Avon from you and you could use that money to pay off something such as a Netflix Bill, Phone Bill, and vice versa. And use the money you save to spend on yourself or someone you love. Or when you want to purchase something through Avon on your Phone, you can download the regular Avon App as well. How do I sign up to become an Avon Rep? Well, you can become one by clicking this link to the website to get started. After completing the steps, you'll automatically have an "E-store" which is where your Customers can purchase Avon directly under your name instead of buying it from the regular Avon website. Here's the link to my E-store for an example of what an E-store looks like: What you'll also find when you get to the homepage of the website are pages to help you become a successful Rep such as Avon University, Sales Leadership, Rewards & Recognition, and my favorite, the Web Office. If you guys are fluent in Spanish, you can select "Spanish" as one of the languages you speak to attract customers who speak it. You can add your Customers to your Avon by going under "Web Office", then "Address Book", and click "Customers & Groups." So far, these are the main tips of selling Avon that I've learned to stick with. I hope you guys can do the same as well! Be sure to check out my Avon page! I'll post it on the right-hand corner of the Blog or you can click it from reading the "Selling Avon" section. Thanks!

Purchasing Avon: When purchasing Avon, I highly recommend that you purchase it through PayPal with QuikPay, just in case something fishy happens. If you don't have a PayPal account, I highly recommend that you create one before you start making purchases with Avon. Or if your under 18 and want to purchase Avon, find someone who's over 18 with a Paypal account and you can stick with them until you reach the age limit of 18. Start out small when you make the first few purchases of Avon if you're not very familiar with it, meaning purchase items with small prices like Deodorant, Nail Polish, or Eye Liner. Like I mentioned before in the "Selling Avon" Section, you can also purchase your Avon through the Avon App by downloading it from the App Store or the Play Store. And again, if you decide to purchase Avon through the Avon app, LOG IN WITH A PAYPAL ACCOUNT THROUGH QUIKPAY. Avon also has an "Insider Blog" that you can check out, here's the link: When you go on the homepage of the Avon website, you'll see a section near the top called "Brochure" where you can check out the latest eBrochures to pick and chose which merchandise you would like to order. It's very convenient for E-customers, very very convinent. When you're also starting out purchasing on the Avon website, go under sales for the exclusive special offers they have. And they also give you the option to submit your email address near the bottom left of their Avon page under "Sales" to get exclusive offers and the latest trends of Avon. Here's the link to the Avon website to get a glimpse of the website: Those are all the tips I have for purchasing Avon, I'll add more if I find some later.

Now that you guys have all the tips and my history of being involved in Avon, you guys can purchase it or sell it if you want, the option is all up to you! Again, you can start purchasing from me from the link I'll post below or click on the right-hand side of the Blogette. Check it out and the rest of my Blogs! Have a happy Thursday and I'll see you later!

My Avon Website:

Link to YourAvon Website:

Avon Homepage:

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