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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cafe #10: Avocado Toast

Ring ring! The Cafe has another Recipe added to its menu! I decided to change the name just to Diary's Cafe to make it simpler and I know I should have posted this recipe last month but I was still thinking about what happened between me and that crazy 17-year-old Girl who created that crazy Ella Mai saga. Anyway, there is a popular food that I have always wanted to try...which is...Avocado Toast! There are all sorts of Recipes of Avocado Toast, but I wanted to share with you my personal Recipe. The good thing about this recipe is that anyone can eat it, even vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, etc. And another good thing is that this Recipe can be eaten as a sandwich. I mainly eat this for breakfast, along with a boiled egg and some breakfast sausage, but I decided to eat some for lunch today. Therefore, in this new Recipe, we're going to make Avocado Toast! Let's get started, shall we?

Serving Size: About 1-2 people. As always, if you want to make more than the serving size, double the Recipe up!

Ingredients/Cooking Tools:

1 Avocado

1 Pack of Grape Tomatoes

2 Slices of Toasted Bread (I used Wheat Bread)

1 Cup of Mayo (I used Kraft, the one in the Blue Jar)

1 Knife

1 Spoon

Black Pepper

Thyme Leaves


1) Toast your Bread to your liking. I usually toast it twice on "3" and then on "2". 

2) Take your Toasted Bread and spread half a cup of the Mayo on it. 

3) Take a Spoon and put a Spoon full of Avocado on your Bread. 

4) Take a Knife and Chop up the Grape Tomatoes. I put about 6 on each slice of Bread. 

5) Sprinkle some Black Pepper on the Bread. 

6) Sprinkle some Thyme Leaves on the Bread. 

7) Bon appetit! 

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