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Friday, June 5, 2020

Cafe #14: Baked Mac and Cheese

Ring ring! The Cafe has another new recipe! Hello everyone, long time no see! With everything going on right now, I thought I would share a recipe that I made today earlier with you all. The people that inspired me to make this recipe is Chef Bae (you can check out her youtube channel below or go on Instagram since she's very active on there) and Chanel Dijon (who also has a youtube and who's active on Instagram. So after watching their videos on how to make Baked Mac and Cheese, I decided that maybe I should make my own and maybe share it with you all. Therefore, in today's new recipe, we are going to make Baked Mac and Cheese. Let's get started. 

Well actually, before I get started, let me post their Youtube and Instagram pages. 😊

Chef Bae:

Oh I almost forgot! Chef Bae has a website:

Chanel Dijon: 

Serving size: 8-10 people. As always, if you're cooking for more than that, double the recipe. Also if you're lactose intolerant, make sure you use Lactaid Milk and if you can Lactaid Cheese. 

Cooking time: About 55-56 minutes


1 Box of Elbow Pasta
2 Cans of Carnation Milk
1 Block of Velveeta Cheese
1 Block of Medium Cheddar Cheese
1 Block of Mozzarella Cheese
1 Block of Colby Cheese
16-18 Cups of Water
1 Cup of Regular Milk
Shredded Mexican Cheese (I used Kraft)
Shredded Triple Cheddar Cheese (I used Kraft)
Optional: 3 Spoonfuls of Butter

Black Pepper


2 Large Pots (I used a 16 Quart Steamer/Pasta Cooker and removed the Steamer and Drainer from it and I used an 8 Quart Stock Pot)

1 Drainer 

1 Large Spoon

1 Rubber Spatula

1 Regular Spoon

1 Medium Rack Roaster Pan & Lid 


1) Take a Large Pot (I highly recommend using a 16 Quart Pot without the drainer and steamer) and pour 16-18 cups into the pot. Let it boil for 15-16 minutes. 

2) While the pasta is boiling, grab the other large pot (highly recommend using a 8 Quart Pot) and pour 2 cans of carnation milk and 1 cup of regular milk in it and let it boil for 9 minutes. Then let it simmer. 

3) Put each block of cheese in the pot (one at a time until each block melts) and let it boil for about 5-10 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Also, you can take the large spoon and cut the cheese while it's cooking for faster cooking time. Then let it boil for 10-15 more minutes and stir occasionally. Once it's done, it should look like a creamy cheese sauce. Sprinkle some Black Pepper, Thyme, and Parsley into the pot afterward. 

4) Preheat the oven at 350. 

5) Drain the Macaroni from the pot and place half of it into the Roaster Pan. (Optional: Take 3 spoonfuls of butter and mix it around the Macaroni). Then place half of the sauce on top of the Macaroni and stir it together. Pour the rest of the Macaroni into the Pan and the rest of the sauce and mix well. 

6) Sprinkle some of the Shredded Mexican Cheese and the Colby Cheese on top of the Macaroni. 

7) Place the Macaroni and Cheese into the oven for 15-16 minutes. 

8) Enjoy! 

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