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Sunday, August 20, 2017

The South Shore Beach Picnic

Good morning/evening everyone, Jizzy's back with another new Blogette post today! See, I told you guys I wouldn't keep you hanging! I got some new wrap about yesterday because yesterday guess where I went? To South Shore, specifically the Cultural Center! So beautiful, peaceful, enjoyable, runnable, etc. I can't really remember the last time I was out late on a Saturday night, but whenever it was (or if I ever was), so far this is the latest I've been out by myself. I'm a Grown Woman, that's normal right? Well, not for someone who is still new to Adulthood. At least that's just MY opinion. Anyways, in today's Blogette, we're going to discuss what happened when I went to the Beach Picnic at the Cultural Center in South Shore. Check it out!

We've actually been planning this since like a month ago, which is another reason why the Travel Logs couldn't continue because it was either budget for the Picnic or continue the Logs. Like I said guys, Family and Friends come first, not the other way around. Besides, I've been kind of losing views on here anyway. Anyways, one of my friends had an idea of us getting together for a Picnic. Me being the person I am, I had to say yes. Well, no let me rephrase that. I actually said "HELL YEAH!" I think there was originally going to be at least 15 people that were coming, then a couple of weeks ago it turned down to 12. Then 2-3 days ago 11, then 10, and I'll explain the rest on the way. In order to have this Picnic, you gotta have some grub. Therefore, I was in charge of buying Fruit Snacks, Sandwiches, Chips,....and that damn Cooler. Therefore, I got the Snacks from Jewel's (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE BABY), Sandwiches from Walmart (Yeah, dude at Sam's Club said that they weren't there for "seasonal" purposes, yeah you guys need a new Manager), Chips from Mariano's....let me tell you about the chips. I usually receive emails from Mariano's about the latest sales and I just happened to need Chips for the Picnic. Saturday only, they were having a sale on a 32 Pack for $6.99, regularly $9.99! You can't beat that with a stick unless it's the new Manager at Sam's Club who made me go to Walmart for Nancy's Deli. And the Cooler, Target, on sale for $3.49. Yeah, it was a foam cooler, but I was pretty short on the fetty and I'm saving up for my Halloween Costume and accessories. But, at least that gave me an opportunity to decorate it and add hashtags on it. #JUNESCOOLER, #ICEICEBABY, #COOLLIKEDAT, #CHILLLIKEDAT, #DOWNLIKEDAT, #ROLLLIKEDAT. I'm "June" like dat. Lol, yeah some of the hashtags came from that song "Cool Like That" and oughta know where "Ice Ice Baby" came from. :P

Oh, I almost forgot. The day before the Picnic (a.k.a Fantastic Friday), I had to make another trip to Jewel's for some Ice. No, I didn't get the small pack. No, not the Chicago Classic or whatever it's called. I got the Big Girl, the 20-pound bag. Good thing I brought that Shopping Cart, otherwise I would've been at Cook County Hospital about a half of block before I got Home. I also had to go to Dollar Tree to get a Salad Spoon since they ran out of Ice Scoopers. Why didn't I go to Target? Three reasons: 1. I don't have a License, therefore I don't have a car. 2. Even though I live in a fair/fair neighborhood, the Target where I live isn't in one of the best parts there. 3. I know you guys hear me talk about how I walk this and there, but Just no. Why didn't you catch the Bus----JUST... FREAKING...NO.

The next day (a.k.a Saturday), it was time to get packing and bouncing! How was I going to South Shore? Lyft! Lyft is basically like Uber, but it's 2x cheaper and I think it's a bit more convenient. And guess what else was unique about me getting there? One of my buddies (I'ma call him Ombre since I have to keep everyone's name's confidential) sacrificed his time to take me there. THANKS, OMBRE IF YOU'RE READING THIS POST! GOD BLESS YOU! He was even nice enough to help me carry my bags inside the entrance. You can keep that $5 tip, my Brotha! Bye! Now let me tell you guys about South Shore. It's basically, well literally the south parallel of where I live. I live on North Lake Shore Drive, South Shore is South Lake Shore Drive. The Cultural Center is the landmark and basically the symbol of South Shore. Here are some fun facts that I found out: They filmed Blues Brothers at the Cultural Center (That place where a bunch of Cop Cars and where they performed, yep!) and former President Obama's Wife Michelle Obama is from South Shore.

Man, I felt like a Southern Belle yesterday. I wore my beautiful Sunhat, Lace Gloves, Black/White Dress, Nails and Toe Nails decorated, Makeup down pat, and let's not forget the Shades. I was slaying so hard, that there was a Wedding there and one of the Ladies asked me if I was part of the Wedding. No sorry, but if I was, I would totally be a Bridesmaid and catch that Boutique. A bunch of Men was scoping me out, old enough to be my Fathers. I got a bunch of compliments about my hat, I got so bored while waiting. I was so scared that the Ice was going to melt since a couple of Jinxs happened before I left the House. I broke my Champagne Glass and the Spoon for the Ice. I didn't even know if the Picnic was still going on or not since I was literally the first one there and because I haven't heard back from anyone....until like 5-10 minutes later. One of my friends called me through Messenger and asked me if I was at the Cultural Center, I said yeah and she said she was coming to the entrance. A few minutes later, she came with her Mama. Nice to meet you, you have a very nice Daughter! Instead of just waiting inside the Cultural Center, we walked around the Butterfly Garden/Pond/whatever you want to call it and obviously, we saw Butterflies....and Bees...I should've put on my Bug Spray....I am not a fan of Bees. Since we were still waiting for a couple of more people to show up, we went near the Picnic Area and we basically just started eating. Then I explained to my Buddy about how racist Laundry and Pool is. Seriously, why hasn't this been taken to justice? You can't mix the colors with the whites? The whites get the hot water and the colors get the cold water! And Pool? The white ball knocks down all the colored balls! IT'S A CONSPIRACY PEOPLE, CONSPIRACY! Watch that Boomerang movie and you'll see what I mean!

Still waiting, watching people BBQ, smelling it, getting thirsty (OMG, YOU'RE MAMA IS SO NICE FOR BUYING US DRINKS), waiting MORE, we just decided to dump the ice and just leave. I let them take some of the food Home though, I wasn't gonna let this go to waste...shoot. After they left, I explained to Mama (My Mom) what happened and she told me that I should just call a Lyft and just leave. Yeaaah....I was going to do that, but then I thought about what happened if I left and the other people showed up. I usually don't like to be out this late (It was around 6:55 or something), especially if it's on the South Side unless it's South Shore, Hyde Park, or when we go to my Grandma's House in Harvey. So, I stayed and waited. One of the workers there, who's a Cook asked me what I was waiting for since she's been scoping me out since I came here. I told her for a Picnic and she told me she was just asking since she was a bit concern. Thanks for being concerned, Ms. Cooking Lady! I didn't know this place had a Kitchen...I should've asked her to make me a Burger and some fries. After all that waiting, guess what? My other friends finally came. Hey guys, it's been two months! So glad to see ya, I MISSED YOU!

We talked, walked around to the Beach, came in the Water (Alright, so since when did the water become so warm? Isn't it usually cooler at night due to the lack of Sunshine?), and I gave them the Chips, Fruit Snacks, and most of the Nancy's Deli Sandwiches. I can't believe they rode their Bikes all the way here, at least they were able to make it here safely, I'll admit I was worried. After we said our goodbyes, I called for a Lyft. Nah, Ombre couldn't come and pick me up because he had to attend a Family event, but guess who came? Bryant from New Orleans! Nice to meet you, Bry! Welcome to Chicago! I also called Mama up since she wanted to stay on the Phone for safety purposes and we all talked. So Bryant, how's the Beignets? He grew up on them! What about the Creole food? He said it wasn't half had, as well as the Gumbo. Is it true about what they said about the Witches? He said they weren't true! YES! Now I can watch Candyman II and Eve's Bayou without Teddy! After Bryant dropped me off, I asked him to give me his number just in case I need a Lyft. Thanks, Bryant! Then I came Home, happy as a jack stick, remembered I had to wash the dishes but put it off until this morning, and reflect on the memories of the day! Woohoo! Let me tell you guys, I've never spent this much money on a bunch of people before. In fact, let's tally up on how much I spent on this big shibang.  If you see numbers with the "x" in front of it, that indicates the quantity I bought it in. By the way, the price and the total might not be accurate since this is only an estimate. In Chicago, tax is basically 10%.


1x Fruit Snacks $2.99 (With tax $3.31) (Like I said before, it was a buy 1 get 1 free, therefore I bought 2 boxes and I already had some at my House anyway)

1x 20 pound Bag of Ice $3.99 (With tax, $4.40, IT WAS SO HEAVY OMG)

1x 32 Party Mix Chips: Sale $6.99 (With tax $7. I believe it was $7.70, reg $9.99 (Not bad, right?)

2x Nancy's Deli Spirals $7.98, $8.77 with tax (Since I bought 2 packs, I paid $17.54)

1x Cooler Sale $3.49, reg $3.99 (With tax, it was $3.83)

Dollar Tree:

1x Plastic Bags $1.00 (With tax, $1.10)
1x Salad Spoon $1.00 (With tax, $1.10)

Lyft Ride:
My House to South Shore Cultural Center: $28.19 (Thanks again, Ombre!)
South Shore Cultural Center to my House:

I did the math and....HOT DAMN (Excuse my language on this post), I spent about $94.07 for the Picnic. That's only if you include the Lyft. Otherwise, without the Lyft, the total would be $38.98.

But overall, it was worth it and even though a few change of plans and a few mishaps happened, I had fun! So that's what happened at the Beach Picnic yesterday, thanks for reading this post! I've also managed to take a couple of Selfies and some Pictures of the Cultural Center and the Butterfly Garden. Have a great day!

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