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Saturday, September 2, 2017

All About Me II

Hello everyone, good Saturday we are having today huh? I've decided to create an updated "All About Me" page to bring the latest on the well..."All About Me" to you. Don't worry, there's going to be a new "season" of the Blogette next week. Stay tuned and enjoy this updated "All About Me."

For those who've kept up on my Blogettes or who know me personally, you should know that I'm 18 now since my birthday was May 24th, therefore I am no longer under my Parents' Jurisdiction...meaning MY LIBERATION TO THE WORLD BEGAN! I graduated 3 months ago, in College, and started last week. Studying? Psychology since my goal is to become a Psychologist...either Clinical or a School one. Cats are still my life, my favorite color is still Green, and I'm still down with the Italian Cuisine. Wanna take me out to Dinner? Let's do something Italiana! Or, we can get some Burgers since...who doesn't like Burgers? Favorite Hobby? Still Nintendo, although I don't play it as much anymore. Otherwise, it would be web surfing or just plain o'l shopping. Wanna head to Michigan Ave?

I still live in Chicago with my Mom and the Pets. I still take my walks every week, and workout as well. Dating? Nope, still haven't found that RIGHT ONE yet. It might take a few years, but it better be worth my while. Music? Only the one and only Queen B, AKA BEYONCEEEEEEEE! YES! I literally grew up with her Music since she was with Kelly and Michelle. My Mom used to tell me when I was a baby that when I used to cry, I always stopped when their song "Bills, Bills, Bills" came on. CAN YOU PAY MY BILLS? CAN YOU PAY MY TELEPHONE BILLS? CAN YOU PAY MY AUTOMO-BILLS? IF YOU DID, THEN MAYBE WE COULD CHILL.

And, that's basically it for now. Although, I will give you a fun fact about me: I was supposed to have been born in June (Hence my name and because my Mom always adored that name), when May hit so did I. I think June 24th was supposed to have been that date. Oh well, I like May 24th better. <3 Not only that, but she decided to add 2 Ns in my name because she didn't want my name to get mixed up with all the other Women with my name and because...she wanted it to be unique. Thanks, Mama!

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