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Sunday, July 21, 2019


Come one, come all! Big and small! Short and tall! Welcome, welcome, welcome all! To the Diary's (unfortunately) third Tea Time of all! Readers, hellooo! Junne here with yet another new post! I hope you enjoyed my previous posts of the whole Ella Mai saga because if you have, I have good news for you: I have an update on the second "Tea" I posted previously. If you haven't read the first and second "Tea", I highly recommend you read it. Trust me, I think you should. Here are the links:

First Tea:

Second Tea:

Alright, now if you want, you can bring your favorite teacup or even a coffee cup as this tea is running at the minute. NOW, let's actually get started.....shall we?


*Sigh*...I mean...what the heck is going on? All I wanted to do was attend an Ella Mai concert, meet her, and show her this poem I made for her. So far, I ran into some obstacles along the way: a crazy 17-year-old girl, a Con Artist, and now a Twitter Doppelganger. 

It looks to me that it's going to take a long time for Lucinda to leave me alone because a week ago, she sent me another follower request on IG and this time, it scared the heck out of me so badly, I was in panic mode and started crying a bit because I thought she was going to try and stalk me. I tried my best to deal with her respectfully and it's like the nicer you are to a person (this varies by person but I'm just speaking in general), the worse they're going to treat you. Since she won't stop, her identity will be revealed in the screenshot below. 

YES! This is her. Her real name is Calina and if she keeps it up, I'm gonna post a screenshot of the other accounts she tried to follow me on. By the way, I'm starting to notice the pattern of when she tries to follow me: once a month and between the days of the 11th to the 22nd. Therefore, I should be receiving another follower request between August 11th to August 22nd. But enough with her because we're going to discuss an update and analysis on the Con Artist who tried their darness to impersonate Ms. Ella. I'm going to do two analysis: why I thought it was her and why it turned out NOT to be her (in which I only have one reason why I thought it was her). 

Why I thought it was her:

If you noticed in the screenshot, you'll see that the person said this quote "Thanks for the likes, RT and support on my page I really do appreciate that and also I hope you don't stop watching my videos and keep supporting me". That's literally the only reason why I thought it was Ella because I liked a bunch of her posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, RT her several times, watched her videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I asked my best friend how could this be possible and she said it could have been a hacker. I mean, that's not possible but at the same time we can't rule it out since people do crazy stuff on the web. Then the convo started to get fishy afterward. 

Why it was NOT her: 

I I really have to explain? 

Before we continue, I just wanted to point out that I kinda monitored her activity status by Ella's. For instance, when she attended the BET Awards, I was monitoring the Con Artist's activity status and she was offline like her during that time and some other times as well. That's one more official reason but that's just stupidity on my part. 

Tuesday, June 25th, 10:10pm: 

I decided to turn this into a game of cat and mouse. You know like Tom and Jerry but online...on messenger....with a Con Artist...and so on. Soo...I get on messenger on Ginger Snaps (my laptop, I try not to call her a machine or my laptop though) and notice a weird name in the con artist's username: Lightermangol. 

So I decided to search up some catfishing websites on how to catch this catfish by putting in the username and the profile picture from Messenger. results whatsoever. Ooh, that rhymed! 

Next, I went to Steam and searched up the username since that's the card the catfish wanted me to send them. Let's see how this search turned out. 

Yep, just as I suspected. Anyways, let's unpause the cat and mouse game. I think right about now, we're on level 3...or as Nintendo would say "World 3-1". πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sunday,  June 16th, 11:35am to Monday, June 17th, 12:48pm:

Oh, July 5th that's nice. SIKE! NO πŸ‘ SHE πŸ‘ ISπŸ‘ NOT! She was scheduled to appear at the St Kitts Musical Festival on Saturday, June 29th! Dang, I think I earned some bonus points that advanced me to "World 4-1".  There's a section on artists' pages' where you can view their upcoming tour dates on Facebook as a head's up. So that's how the Catfish found out. And also, they don't always post all the tour dates so be sure to go online searching as a lookout...I'll let you know why later as this turned out to be very helpful. UNPAUSE. 

I decided to confront Catfish with the username of Lightermangol and this was the response: 

Here's when we start to earn more bonus points that skips us to "World 6-1". 

Joyce Peoples though. I tried to look up that Gmail on google but no results found. Either that Gmail was created recently or it was barely used. Ironically, my mom told me she went to school with a woman named Joyce Peoples. But I highly doubt this is her because my mom hasn't seen her since like 8th grade and Joyce probably doesn't even know who Ella Mai is. I emailed "Joyce" and she sounded veryy...verryyyy....verrrrrrryyyy similar to her "client". I decided to use my Hotmail as a precaution. 

Now we're at "World 7-1!" Woo-hoo! 

I wanted to game the Catfish but did not have any gift cards or codes (and sure as heck did not want to spend any). Luckily, I did a haircare study from this survey company a couple of months ago and they rewarded me with these Amazon codes and I decided to send them to Catfish. Right about now.....we're at "World 8-8" or in other words, the final level. 

Then two days later, Catfish tried to message me. 

Yipee! Yahoo! We've completed the game! We caught Catfish at their own game and we did not give in! That was kind of fun though. Alright, that was the end of the con artist. Now let's focus on the Twitter Doppelganger...of Ella Mai. 

Last Wednesday, I wake up and I'm on Twitter and I get a notification. It said Ella Mai followed me. I was excited as a Jack Rabbit making it through winter....until I noticed something odd: no verification check. 

Yeah some reason, I decided to message this person and...keep reading below because this was actually funny. 🀣😜😜


Here's the email. Again, using my Hotmail as a precaution. 

....Yeah..uhh....and that's the end of the Twitter Doppelganger. I decided to message that 1 follower the person had and they told me they knew it was fake and everything. We ended up having a nice convo, I showed them the poem I made for the REAL ELLA MAI, and we ended up following each other on Twitter. So, that's the end of the Twitter Doppelganger. But we're not done yet folks because guess what? 

Remember earlier how I mentioned even though Singers post their tour dates on their Facebook pages, you still would have to research them online like on google or something. Well, guess what? One of Ella Mai's fanpages that I follow on IG posted that she was going to Complex Con.....AND THAT IT WOULD BE IN CHICAGO THIS YEAR!! Oh yeah, one more screenshot before I continue. This is when I tried to ask Catfish what day was the performance was going to be on. Got left on read when I asked the first time. ...wonder why. 

Since they didn't announce the date yet, I decided to buy the 2-day passes and it turns out she was going to be performing on a Saturday. If you want more info on it, I'm going to try to post it along with the other experiences I had at Complex Con this weekend probably tomorrow because I'm tired, been walking all day, my throat is kinda sore, vice versa. 

Well folks, that's the end of our third Tea Time! The pot is empty and there is no more to tell after this. Thanks for reading and sipping! Have a blessed day! 

UPDATE 7/22/19: Here's the link! 

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