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Sunday, July 28, 2019


Come one, come all! Big and small! Short and tall! Welcome, welcome, welcome all! To the Diary's *sigh*...fourth Tea of all! Readers, hellooo! Junne here with yet another new post! I hope you enjoyed my previous posts of the lunatic saga of Ella Mai because if you have, I have good news for you: I have an update on the third "Tea" I posted a week ago. If you haven't read the first, second, and third "Tea", I highly recommend you read it. Trust me, I think you should. Here are the links:

First Tea:

Second Tea:

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Alright, now if you want, you can bring your favorite teacup or even a coffee cup as this tea is running at the minute. NOW, let's actually get started.....shall we?


The only thing I can say to describe this post is this:

I knew Ella Mai was popular, but I didn't think she would be this popular for people to try and impersonate as her. But I digress because I started thinking about that episode of Catfish when that woman perpetrated as Katy Perry and a couple of months ago when I was on IG and saw Chris Brown post a screenshot of some dude perpetrating as him, trying to con him for money, and even calling the real one a fake. But this lets me see and question how do people have time to do this with their lives and why? I know besides popularity and financial benefit on the conning part....but there has to be another reason behind it though.

I thought after I conned the Con Artist, that would be the end of them. I was wrong because of a message I received last Friday. Last Friday, I woke up and received a message on Messenger from another person claiming to be Ella Mai...and during that time, I didn't think it was the Con Artist until I compared the verbiage. I'll let the screenshots do the rest of the talking.

Then, I sent Con Artist a screenshot from the other account they tried to message me on previously....and then guess what else happened?

Not only did I get left on read, but I have reason to believe that the person blocked me because I opened messenger on my Laptop today and noticed I couldn't reply to the messages.

Looks like I won't be hearing from the Con Artist anymore. And noticed how they used a different email address for me to get into contact with them. First, it was Joyce Peoples, now it's an email by the name of a woman named Sandra. 

So far, I think this is the end of the Con Artist because of what happened. But let's focus on something that happened last Sunday while I was at Complex Con.

 Last Sunday while I was at Complex Con waiting for that Obama Master Class thingy to start, I decided to go on Facebook and look at my notifications. I saw where I received a notification indicating that someone liked one of the comments I made to one of Ella Mai's posts. The person who did it was.....someone by the name of Ella Mai Howell. Yes, this is Ella Mai's name...and I was like "...Huh?" I noticed the profile of the person and saw they listed a college that they "went" to in London, how they were from London and how live in LA, the profile and background photo, the "greeting" they listed on their profile, etc. So I decided to message this person. Again, I'll let the screenshots do the talking from this point. 

Again, looking at the verbiage. But then, I decided to open messenger on my laptop and noticed something else. I don't know if this happened yesterday or Friday but their account got deleted temporarily. Wonder why....? 

To be honest, I just wish these people would stop because from what used to be ridiculous and senseless is turning into frustration and annoyance. All I want to do is show this poem to Ella and now I get involved in all these weirdos. To the people who are perpetrating as Ella Mai, if I were you I would just cut this tomfoolery out because you end up making yourself look very idiotic, your wasting your life anyway from soo many opportunities, and don't forget: karma. In fact, I'm going to try to quit posting about these fakes because it's only going to make me angrier and angrier. I'm going to try to post about the positives. Speaking of positives, guess who made her first acting debut on Nickelodeon yesterday?

Ms. Ella of course! She was on the revival of "All That". Not only did she have her first acting debut, she also performed on there too. I'll post the links below.

                                     The whole episode was funny and cute at the same time. 😂❤❤

I'm surprised they let her performed Shot Clock. But she killed it in a way that made it more appealing.  😉💖💖

Ella again if you are reading this, I apologize that these people are perpetrating as you and that I posted these "Teas". I just posted these to inform my audience how jacked up the internet has become and what happens when you become a gullible person like me. I really love you and would like to get in contact with you because I have something beautiful to show you since you made me feel special. And thank you for acting and performing on "All That." x 😊

Well folks, that's the end of our fourth Tea Time! The pot is empty and there is no more to tell after this. Thanks for reading and sipping! Have a blessed day! 

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