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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gone to Grandma's

Who doesn't like to go to their Grandma's House to visit her and the rest of the family? No one right? Exactly! Because when you get to your Grandma's House, she never judges you no matter what you've done and no matter what, she still loves you. Too bad I couldn't write this post yesterday because we always get home so late, this is why today, I am going to post about the trip that lead us to my Grandma's House and why I was dragging this morning.

Usually, we left around the late afternoon since everyone is mostly busy in the morning. School for me, my Mom has to catch up with her paperwork, a couple of my Aunts are busy with work, so is my Uncle, etc etc. After I was done with School and my Mom was done with her work, we finally left out the House to pick up one of my Aunt's to head to Grandmama's House. But first, we made a stop to a certain Beauty Supply Store. We went there before, and trust me that place is pure heaven compared to other stores that never have anything on sale and not show you any friendliness. Guess what? This store isn't one of them, in fact this store is a rare of it's kind. It's a father and son store, the kind of store that you would normally only see on TV or on pretty much every episode of Sanford and Son. What am I saying? This store is WAAAAY better than that. Let's get to the point.

We were greeted by the Father in the store, nice dude and everything, and he's very friendly. He showed us the merchandise we wanted inside the store and listed the deals he would give us on them. I asked him where his son was, then he told me he would call him to come inside. There was also a shady dude outside, but it turns out that he's one of their friends and owns a store not too far from them. Afterwards, the Father's Son (I'm not listing anyone's names for indenity purposes and to respect their privacy) came inside and he was very happy to see us, especially me from the little compliment he gave me. The last time we came there, I told him about the Prom I'm going to in a couple of weeks and he seemed to remember it since he told me if he was around my age, he would take me to Prom.~ That made me blush so hard! Then he told me about the Prom he went to and if I was going with anyone to Prom, I said no because well...who is there to go to Prom with? Then we made our purchases and left to go to Grandmama's!

Basically, this is the plan every time we go to Grandmama's: One of my Aunts that lives not too far from her orders food and takes it over to her house. We laugh and talk, then we leave. Since that Aunt was still at work, my Mom decided that this was a good time to go grocery shopping at Walmart. Who doesn't like Walmart? Who? Exactly! Nothing much going on there besides how "Super" it was and how cheaper the prices are since it's the suburbs. Then Dollar Tree. Then to Grandmama's. As soon as we arrived there, I felt severely bad on how hard my other Aunt looked mowing the lawn. But that's a whole different type of story. Since it was still daytime when we came and since it was VERY hot inside her house, I asked my Grandmama if she would like to sit outside with me while we wait for my Aunt. She agreed to go outside, alongside my Mom, and we had a small talk. I discussed with her about the incident that happened last Friday and she gave me another speech about "Always take a Man with you when you go out, Only watch the News," this and that, that and this. Finally, my Aunt was off of work and she arrived with the food!

After we've gotten settled in and finished eating, (SHE BROUGHT RED VELVET CUPCAKES FROM MARIANO'S, THANK YOU SO MUCH!) we got into a conversation and a few crazy antics that lead to my Grandmama asking us to give one of my Aunts some money for some "Squares" since she though she was using "Something else" since it looked "different." One of my Aunts also gave me a few gifts that included a Purse, Journal, Earrings, and Hand Sanitizer. Ooh, my hands smell like fruity flowers. Lol

A couple of hours passed, then we left. Dropped one of my Aunts off, then me and my Mom came Home. Man I was tired, all I did was talk and ate though so how could I be tired? Just kidding! My Mom received a call from work about something personal that required her to make a quick run there. I had to go with her because she wanted company. Yipee! After that was over, we came Home (AGAIN) and this time I felt like Saturday with a pinch of "Good Friday."

So there we have it, that was Monday for ya. Be sure to check back soon for more posts and pages! Have a great day!

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