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Thursday, May 18, 2017

We Should've Turned This Day Into Senior Ditch Day, Guys!

Most Schools have Day(s) where they allow Seniors to have a chance to skip school for certain reasons and what not. Not my school, they're like "Heck no, you're the reason why I'm getting my paycheck and to renew my Netflix subscription! Don't be late again or else you'll get another detention!" Luckily, they stopped that detention for tardiness stuff back in Freshman year. Heck, it didn't even last a week. The end of the year is coming up, which is why most of the Kids didn't show up today, and which is why WE SHOULD'VE TURNED THIS INTO DITCH DAY. In fact, today's the day of our last academic day. In other words, no more School since we're going to focus on finals review next week. Then the Senior Trip, take finals, Prom, Six Flags Trip, and Graduation. So today, I'm going to explain how my Thursday at School was.

My, my, my, I knew this day was beautiful since I had the chance to have a nice Breakfast and take a couple of selfies on the ride there. And I knew it was beautiful since Cyanide and Happiness improved their shorts and...well when was the last time it was 78 degrees in Chicago? Oh that's right, last August. Let's cut to Advisory. Everything was going normally, got a few compliments on my get-up from my Friends and Teachers..."Hello there, Island Princess!" Normally is what I though until they flip flopped us to another room since the K-8 Kids had to take some Exam or whatever. Roll call admitted the names of the Kids who weren't there...or who though today was Ditch Day, but who could blame them? If I had got the memo sooner, you would've saw the Island Princess on the absent sheet since she would've been at Home playing Nintendo and gobbling Gummy Bears. Lemon flavor, yuck! We also had to take some "mandatory" survey. After Advisory, we....OMG! ONE OF MY FRIENDS WHO I THOUGH WAS EITHER SICK, BABYSITTING HER BROTHER, OR JOINING THE DITCH DAY CROWD CAME! I MISSED YOU! CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE DUDE MENDES....I mean Shawn. Oops sorry, I get overjoyed I know. Basically during 2nd/3rd period, we played what some of you like me would think of as a "game" where you pretend that you have your dream job and use the salary from that job to pay for the expenses that you have such as the Mortgage, Food, Car, Insurance, and vice versa.

Too bad I forgot to bring my Tabby charger, but it's a good thing that the Laptop had Chrome! Looking up my "Home", I typed in my zip code and it turns out that my Personal Finance Teacher used to live 2 streets away from me. Oh won't you be my....won't you be my...? Not the shocking part, but very interesting. I found Condos for $59,000 to $64,000 a month, only because their "co-op Condos". What is a co-op Condo? Basically, a co-op Condo is a Condo owned by the Owner who owns stock in the corporation whom created the Condominium. Hey, maybe I should ask my Mom to call up the Manager Ms. Whatshername to see if she's eligible since she's been Owning her's since....SAVED BY THE BELL. 3RD PERIOD IS OOOOOOOOVAAAAH! Moving on to a la Lunch.

What happens when you accumulate enough Gelatos and Shakes on you're Mariano's Card? You get either a free Gelato or a Shake! For example, I got a Strawberry Shake, free food woohoo! But that doesn't mean that I can't stop one of my friends from ditching me. STOP DITCHING ME! After Lunch, 4th period of British World Lit.  Actually, no you can call 4th period "The Book Club," since that's all it pretty much was today. Nothing much was happening at School afterwards, that's why this is all that happened. Came Home, got a urgent message from Ma that...WE'RE HAVING MICKEY D'S FOR DINNER! YIPEEE! THANKS MAMA!

Welp, that's my Thursday for you guys. Thanks for reading it and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day! Oh yeah, here's a couple of my selfies I took today:

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