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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful, peaceful, and hardworking Mothers that are the reason why this Holiday was created and why we should be thankful for the Woman that raised and protected us from bad times to good times! And that love us no matter what, for better or for worse! And this is also a great time for me to tell my Mother a Happy Mother's Day (Even though I did like 5 times this morning) since she deserves it and deserves better! Therefore in today's blog everyone, we're going to discuss how I celebrated Mother's Day and you guys can post any comments on how you did too if you'd like!

A beautiful Sunday morning in my neighborhood! Birds are chirping, the Sun is shining, the trees are green, the Gardener planted fresh flowers yesterday to make this day extra special and more importantly for the environment, the weather is warm enough to got to the Park, and the Kids aren't scheduled to play Soccer today! Yahoo! As I woke up this morning, I told my Mother that she can finally open her Mother's Day Card, filled with love! She also has the chance to eat a delicious slice of French Silk Pie and know that her Daughter loves her so!

Celebrating this day for her made me think about how I was going to celebrate this day for myself, heck I didn't think I should since it's my Mom's day and not mine. But it wouldn't make any sense because that would be like a scenario of someone celebrating New Year's by waking up from their Alarm Clock they set for Midnight, blowing a Horn, then hitting the Hay again. OR, if you want it to make MORE sense, it would be like someone locking themselves in their room for the whole day to celebrate their Birthday by themselves by eating a 2 piece meal from Popeyes and lighting a Candle on a Debbie Cake while laughing hysterically. Wait what? Lol

I come up with crazy scenarios, I know I know, you can even ask my Friends...and my Teachers. Moving on back to Mother's Day, I was thinking of going to this Italian Restaurant I ordered from on Christmas, but then I though about how rude the Employee was on the Phone...look Man, it's not my fault your Boss didn't let you have Christmas off with Christmas pay...and shrugged it off. Then I though about the other Italian Restaurant I walked to on Easter, shrugged that off too because I didn't want to spend more than $15 again (I'm a cheap person, I know). Then I though of more Restaurants to go to and....well you already know the pattern, why explain again? Mama then told me instead of going to a fancy Nancy restaurant, why not do Mickey D's? And she was right, no matter how fancy a Restaurant is, it doesn't make you better than anyone. It just means that you're spending more money at a place than somewhere else cheaper.

I took her advice, got my Phone and Tabby, and left out the House to celebrate. But first, I had to make a "quick" stop to Payless. Gosh, the Manager wasn't there today, not even surprised because she was probably celebrating with her Mom like most people. Just went to scope and try on some Gym Shoes since the ones I have are kinda getting worn out and since the location of the Field Trip requires a lot of walking and possibly climbing, I though this was the perfect excuse on getting new shoes without my Mom saying "How many pairs you got now, Mama?" What can I say, I'm a Shoeholic like most Women, that's normal....riiiight? I had to put them back since I'm on a budget, but I MIGHT go back to purchase them. Left, bounce back on the sidewalk, and went to Mcdonalds. It's a good thing I had that $1 Sausage Burrito Coupon. By the way guys, they go good with a Drink of Orange Juice. I decided to have a bit of a long interlude there since I was tired and since I was bored. I'm always bored, that's how this blog was started in the first place. Free WiFi? Yeah! WRONG! well...a little bit. Even though it was connecting, there was no internet. That's it, the next Holiday, I'm going to Starbucks. Left, bounce back on the sidewalk, and came home to start writing this blog.

One more thing, I think for the rest of the day to celebrate, I'm going to watch a Movie, go on my Phone, do a little Youtubing, play some darn good Nintendo, and vice versa. Again, Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful and hardworking Mothers out there, including my Mom, my Aunts, Cousin, and Grandmother! Also, check out the Card I got my Mom for this special day! Have a great and wonderful day! Adios!

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