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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Telltale's: "Starved Rock:" Senior Field Trip Edition

Near the end of the year, schools usually host Field Trips for Seniors as part of an award for completing the year and as part of the Graduation plan. Some places are "way past cool", some places are so boring that you wished that you could've either stayed at Home to play Nintendo or watch Cat videos on YouTube. But then there's my School, they at least try to have Field Trips that we chose instead of just choosing one for us and then asking "Why aren't you having fun?" Yeah....The Field Trip we went on today was 1 out of the 2 (Well technically 3 since we're pairing up with the underclassmen for a Six Flags Trip in a couple of weeks) we're expected to go on before Graduation. In fact, this Field Trip was so fun (And I know I'm going to say this again, but VERY TIRING), that it felt like one of the Telltale games! So today, we're going to discuss what transpired on the Field Trip to Starved Rock.

I'll admit, I was a bit nervous on going to Starved Rock, mainly because of two things: It was soo far AND BECAUSE I'M SCARED OF HEIGHTS. But kudos to the Teachers for letting us ride one of those beautiful and comfy Shuttle Buses on our 2 hour trip. KUDOS! On the way there, I noticed that there were a bunch of Barns and Fields, they actually looked either abandon or just very poorly managed. Regardless, it was nice to see some because it was my first time actually seeing a Barn in the state of Illinois. What about the one at Lincoln Park Zoo? Yeah, I though it was real.....until 10 hit my age. When we finally arrived, I though the walk was going to be a piece of cake since I'm a walker and because the images I saw of Starved Rock didn't compare to how long the walk ACTUALLY was. I was fooled by myself, but that was just ignorance on my part. Before we continue on what happened during the walk, let me just give this quick message on how cute the Gift Shop was and how I wish I could've spared my cheap self out some money to purchase a Churro from the Cafe they had there. Who remembers the ones from Sam's Club? Why did they have to get rid of them? JUST WHY?

Heh...A-Anyway, let's get on to the part of the "Telltale Game." It started out decent....until we had to walk like 4-5 flights of Stairs to see some Water and Trees. There were other Classes there, so at least we weren't the only ones suffering. Then we did the same thing again, only this time we were higher and you get the picture. The next part was either choosing A or B. A. Walking up some Steps (They weren't as high as the Stairs we had to climb before) or B. Walking around the steps, only in some mud. I chose B. We then reached 2 Waterfalls, which one of them we had to climb to get to the other. Here's where the game started to become harder and harder. We couldn't chose A or B. We had to chose C. ALL OF THE ABOVE (Yeah, there were some options of choosing C, but not during that much of the hike). We also had to be careful or else we were either going to trip and fall or "double dip" in the Water. After we climbed over the Waterfall, we finally made it to the other one. Apparently, they allow Dogs in Starved Rock, which made the Hike even better. A cute Dog ran into the small pond in the Waterfall, he must've really enjoyed himself. And I forgot to mention that there was this little Dog climbing over the first Waterfall to get to the second Waterfall....cuuute.

Next during the game...Oh Lord...I knew I should've brought a Water Bottle....Remember those 4-5 flights of Stairs? Yeah...they multiplied into 10-11 flights of Stairs. I felt like I was running a 5K again back in 5th grade. Then there were Bridges similar to the ones from Bridge of Tarabithia...I was so scared that it was going to break, I should've ran on that Bridge.....No then the opposite would've happened. One of my friends also spotted a Chipmunk....ALVIN IS THAT YOU? WHERE'S SIMON, THEODORE, AND THE CHIPETTES? Many Bridges, Staircases, and Dehydration's later, we finally, finally, FINALLY, made it out of the Forest. Game over! Woohoo....So I though. AH MOOSE HEAD....wait, or is that I forgot while typing. Remember the Cafe from earlier? Yeah, it turns out that we ain't gonna eat there, we're going to eat at the Cafe above the-Cafe-that's-above-the-Cafe-that-we-should've-went-to-instead-of-doing-the-Richard-Simmons-workout-we-did-before. After hyperventilating for almost 10 minutes, we made it. Instead of eating a parodied Subway menu, we ate like we were at a Restaurant! And guess who was kind enough to pay for it? You guessed it...Mr. Whatshisname(I-cannot-give-out-his-name)! Thank you, sir!

After lunch, we headed back on the Bus to go back home to "Sweet Home Chicago!" Woot Woot! I knew God was good when I saw the Sears Tower in the distance on our way back....2 hours later. Got picked up by Mama (You never keep me hanging, do you Mother Dear?), Grocery Shopping, Post Office, Home, and according to google at 7:30, we walked for 2 hours and 43 minutes today. Woohoo! New Record! So, that's how the "Game" went. I'll post some photos I took so you guys can see them. Enjoy your day and remember the moral of this blog: Never leave your Water Bottle and Bug Repellent at Home. Goodnight!

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