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Friday, May 12, 2017

Gone Shoppin'

If you know me personally, you should know by now that I frequently go shopping at least once a week, unless I haven't told you. Normally when I do shopping, it could range on the weekend or sometimes on the weekdays, it really depends on how I feel. And it seems like every time I DO go shopping, I have a story to tell, but isn't it like that for every person? Anyways, let's get to the story.
Mother's Day is coming up! That means that there's going to be a bunch of sales and merchandise that you can get your Mother to show how much you love her! In fact, if it wasn't for that day, I would've only went to two places today instead of five (Well..maybe, I'll admit). The first stop was the Walgreen's by my house. I only went there to get one thing and one thing only, which was a Ventra Card. The Lady complimented me on my beauty and my youth, asking me my age, and then we said our "have a good day" catchphrase. I almost forgot to mention that when I was walking from Walgreen's, there were these dudes who were Employees from a Mental Hospital not too far from me that were asking around about a Patient that ran away from the Hospital. They even asked the Cops. Hopefully, they'll find him and that the Man gets his treatment so his wild goose chase doesn't happen again. I'll admit, I was a bit scared though.
The next stop was Mariano's....oh boy. Waiting to cross, here comes this dude that's either my age or older than me by a year. He asked me my name, age, where I was going, blah blah blah blah.....asked me if he could follow me into the store, didn't really care so I just said yes as a tester. I quickly became tired of it and creeped out by him because he was a bit snaggle tooth AND because I barely knew him. What scared him away? Told him that my Mom and my Daddy were going to pick me up from the store and that they would have a fit if they found out that he would be coming up to me. And then in a finger snap, he left! Woot Woot! After that, I went and got my merchandise and left.
#3 was Dollar Tree, who doesn't like Dollar Tree? As I approached the entrance to the store (Remember, this is a Dollar Store, everything's a dollar), there were these two elderly ladies begging people (Including me) to purchase them some Body Wash. I felt bad for them because they had to do that, but I feel even more bad that they would even do that instead of coming up with an idea to get the money to purchase the Body Wash themselves. Surprisingly after I left, those two were gone. Then I went to a Boutique which was torture since I had to save my money for something else, but it was still nice to visit. Then Jewel's, nothing much happening there except the Mother's Day sales and the beautiful Cake displays. Finally, I came back home.
Well, that's my shopping day for ya. Come back soon to enjoy more of my blogs, even if they are a bit boring! Have a great weekend!

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