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Thursday, May 11, 2017

(Prologue): The Blogger Begins

You all are probably wondering (especially the ones that know me personally) what gave you the idea of creating a blog? In this post today, I will give you an explanation on how my Blog was created.

Basically, I was in my 1st/2nd period of class and my Civics Teacher notified us about having freelance jobs. In other words, self-employed jobs. She told us about this website called "", which only has three job opportunities of becoming one of the following: Transcriptionist, Captioner, or a Translator. After School, I went home to look up the website that I though would be a dream come true....right? Yeah! WRONG. Well, that's just IMO. First I applied to become a Transcriptionist since it seemed to be more interesting and because I believe I did a bit of it when I used to make these Plushie videos on my old Youtube account. I had to take a Grammar test and then a "practice swing" by transcripting a video. I realized that it was taking forever and that my laziness was kicking in like a spoiled Kid at a Mcdonald's Playplace and decided to chose the other two jobs.

I then decided to chose the Captioner job since out of all the jobs on there, that paid the most by a few cents per minute. In truth, the Captioner job and the Transcriptionist job are same thing, only difference is that the Captioner job consists of matching the captions in the video at the right moment in the video while the Transcriptionist job is just listening to audio and jot down what you hear. It's very time consuming when you actually do it. And if any of you ever try Rev, you'll understand what I mean. After that, I realized that my last option was the Translator job. It was pretty easy applying, all I had to do was create a Resume and fill out a few questions on the information page. I've sent out 2 applications so far since I'm very eager to accept this job. However, they told me that they could not accept me just yet because they've already gotten plenty of Translators. And my Teacher already told me that I have to know the language (I chose Spanish) fluently in order to commit to the job.

I came up with an idea to look up other freelance websites similar to Rev online and with no luck, I was lost and confused. Heck, I even looked up freelance Tutoring jobs, visited, asked my School Counselor, and asked one of my friends in Class to help me. Instead of being like Destiny's Child by saying "No, no, no," I decided to say "Yes, yes, yes." By doing that, I though up an idea of creating a blog to post interesting stories and thoughts about me to maybe gain "some" dough. Even if I don't, I'm still going to continue this, I like it. I've created some before with 2-3 failed attempts, but that's only because I wasn't even trying too hard. Hopefully, this one will be better than the previous ones and that It'll be totally beneficial.

So stay turn for more posts and I'm going to also include photos and share videos in some of the blogs as well! And after you read this, be sure to make plans for your Mother for Mother's Day!

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