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Monday, May 29, 2017

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! (With Honor and Gratitude!)

Before we began, let me start this post by saying Happy Memorial Day to you guys! If it wasn't for our Male and Female Soldiers, this Holiday would've never been created. Neither the 4th of July would've either. This Holiday is a perfect excuse to cheat on your diet because you can say "Well it is the Holiday and what's the obvious that people do on Holidays?" and get away with it. Ribs, Steak, Chicken, Hotdogs, Burgers, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Pop, Hawaiian Rolls, and many more make it the reason why someone would take go into the storage room that hasn't been clean in ages because-who-does to get their o'l Grill and fire it in the whole! And to share their Grilled Food smells by grilling in the Park! So today everyone, we're going to talk about how my Memorial Day went!

What a beautiful, but somewhat-well-not-really busy morning. Breakfast was...well "okay" not really, let me explain. Who knew if a boiled Egg had a slight crack (SLIGHT CRACK), it would taste like Paper. Heck, it didn't even taste like it, it tasted more like one of those pretend foods you guys probably had when you were younger when you were playing "House." Never played "House?" You are not alone, because I didn't either! Why? Because I had a "divorce" with the "Dad!" How did it come down to a "divorce?" Well here's a quick summary: Teddy forgot it was my Birthday and spent the pretend money that he SHOULD'VE spent on me with Barbie....TEDDY WE TOOK NAPS TOGETHER AFTER HAVING AFTERNOON APPLE JUICE WHILE WATCHING SESAME STREET!  ...Moving on to 12:00 noon, here was a perfect time for me to ride my Bike. Everything was going pretty good...for 5 minutes...might've been 3 but who cares? Called Mama up for some help because the seat needed to be adjusted since everytime I rode it, the handle bars were so close to my legs pedaling the Bike. Now I see why I got stopped a couple of times about the seat. What I though would take about a 2-5 minute job took an hour. The Seat was adjusted, but she wanted to also adjust the handle bars so I wouldn't slump over while riding.

After an hour, we came up with a compromise to keep the handles the way they are since the main problem was the Seat. I went out and tested it, it was better than I expected. In fact it was so better, that I rode it to Mariano's for a freebie. After 30 minutes, my Mom FINALLY got a chance to go outside and Grill since she'a a busy Woman, that's why I have the things I have because of her busyness. Keep being a busy Bee, Mama! Appreciate it! I also decided to ride around the Park again. To my surprise, my Aunt came over for fresh air and brought her two Dogs: Rambo...and crazy Cookie. Luckily, Camel was outside with us and this was a fine time for her and Cookie to meet each going through a round of WWE with each other. What was on the Grill? Chicken Drumsticks, Pork Steaks, and Corn. Sides? Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and Hawaiian Rolls. Dessert? Hostess Ice Cream! Woohoo! We also saw one of my neighbors who's dog is about Cookie's least he's not mean like her....and the "Little Gray House Squirrel"...licking her dirty paws while watching me type...and giving me death looks...QUIT IT, SOPHIE! Eek! There were a bunch of flies outside too (A Green Worm crawled on my Shoe)....good thing we live in the Windy City. After everything, my Aunt left since she had business to tend to, so me, Mama, and Camel came back inside for Dinner. Oh man, you guys have to try the Hostess Cupcake Ice Cream....Dairy Queen for days Man....Dairy Queen for days. But the Hawaiian Rolls will eat your heart out....Thank you for whoever created them.

So that's how my Memorial Day went, I hope you all had an enjoyable Day like I did! Have a great Day and again, Happy Memorial Day! Goodnight! Oh, also here's a photo:

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