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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Library, The Walk, Walmart, and Whatever

You know what I've noticed just recently? I noticed that the most walks I normally take are on the Weekend and some Tuesdays and Wednesdays out of the month. If not, then just the weekends. And you know what I noticed about the Library? It's pretty obvious but....NO ONE GOES TO IT ANYMORE....unless they HAVE to. And one more thing I noticed about Walmart....literally almost every day, a price is either getting cut, a bunch of Cars in a parking lot, and almost the same people working there. That's because of the success they've created over the years besides they're legacy, unlike o'l "Snobby Sears" and "Poor Kmart"...Who remembers the days when they used to go with their Parents to Kmart for layaway (No, layaway isn't for poor people), Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Appliances, Food (Yep, they used to have a Bakery and a Deli there, well at least in Super K/Big K), or just to look around? If not Kmart then Sears (They closed the one by me about 2 years ago I believe)? I think both of them turned to Chapter 11 for bankruptcy more than once, I could be wrong but it's mostly true, but that's a whole different subject. So today guys, let me tell you how Wednesday went for me...again.

YAHOO! 2 Classes cancelled because the Juniors went on a Field Trip to whatever! Yesterday, I took my last 2 finals for PE (Would you believe that Man said a PE FINAL? That m-) and Consumer Math! And there was no Digital Arts final, which made God on my side even more! God bless you! Therefore, no classes today since I'm taking the last two finals tomorrow, then Prom the next day, and so on! I though to myself, I said "Self, this would be the perfect time for you to show off that White Dress again to the public by going to the Library and renting the Dictionary that your British World Lit Teacher wanted you to bring for your final exam. Go Self!" I listened to "Self" and "Self" made sense, always listen to "Self", "Self" can be the difference of you being at Home binge watching on Netflix and YouTube or watching Monkeys hit each other endlessly. So as I was walking toward the Library, I noticed a Store that sold Chairs, specifically Computer Chairs because I knew two things would have to happen if I get one: 1. Get a job or 2. Wait for Mama to buy it. But if I asked her to buy it, she would give me an ultimatum: The Chair or Allowance. MAMA NOOOO...well expect for the Allowance part. How much was it? $135.00, plus $45.00. In other words, $180.00. Whereas if I purchase one off Ebay, I'll only be out of between $40.00 to $80.00...heck maybe even less than that. It wasn't just Computer Chairs they were selling, they were selling Massage Chairs with the Foot Tubs attached to them! The Water Fountain they had was to die for as well. I took the Catalog, left, and continued my Library Trip. Guess what happened when I got there? Self was right! I could go to the Library, renew my Library Card, find the Dictionary, and go Home.....WRONG. Self told me a bold face lie! WHY SELF? WAS IT BECAUSE I WENT TO BED TOO EARLY LAST NIGHT OR WERE YOU OUT TO LUNCH? Dang Self, I though we had a connection. And I don't mean Wi-Fi. I tried to open the Door, but the Dude waiting as well told me that they don't open until 12. Now guys, I don't go to the Library like I used to when I was a Kid and you have to agree with me on this....WHAT KIND OF A LIBRARY THAT'S BEEN OPEN SINCE EISENHOWER TRIED TO FIX THE COUNTRY OPENS AT 12? DIDN'T IT USED TO BE OPEN AT 9!? Oh that's right...the City had to go through some Budget cuts according to my Mom.

Feeling disappointing, tired, and frustrated, I though (Unlike Self) why waste a beautiful day like today and treat yourself to something? That something was to go to Baskin Robbins for they're $1.50 Cone of Mint Chocolate Chip since it's the end of the Month and to get Mama some Jamocha too. I came Home, rested, then waited for an hour to go BACK to the Library. What I though was going to be easy peachy...was hard fart. Why? Let's see. When I was almost at the Library, I almost got hit by a Car since there's a Car Wash/Gas Station adjacent to the Library Building and because I guess the Dude couldn't see me, but the more important fact is that at least I didn't get hurt. When I got inside the Library, talked to the Librarian that I came for a new Library Card. Mhmmmmm....I knew there was a catch. I need a $1 to renew it. Do you accept Credit, Ma'am? No. Just a flat no. I don't blame her (Her Nails might've been fake, but her personality was REAL) I blame the system. In fact, when ever they need to cut something the Library is the first choice! Basically, here's the scenario: "Random Dude: SIR! WE NEED TO EXTEND THE HIGHWAYS! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR! WE NEED MORE ADVERTISEMENTS TO PRETEND CHICAGO ISN'T DANGEROUS! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR! I FORGOT MY LUNCH! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR! MY CAT THREW UP ON MY FILES! Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! Random Dude: SIR---- Mayor: CUT THE LIBRARIES! I know I'm going to get criticized for this, but I'm just stating my own opinion: How hard is it to increase the tax on Alcohol and Tobacco? They'll make people stop using them for their own good and they wouldn't have to cut as much Programs, Schools, again Libraries like they already did now. Came Home, TIRED AGAIN, and made some runs with Mama.

We only went to 3 places. Jewels for something for my School tomorrow, Walmart for House things...Did I mention I found some cute underwear there too? I had to buy it! And Mcdonalds for Dinner since we're kinda low on food in the House and since my Mom barely has time to cook anymore. I just want to state something....NO, we don't eat fast food every day, we only get it sometimes or twice a month when we go to my Grandma's. Most people order out nowadays because of their busy schedules, putting them at a lower chance to make home cooked meals. Some people eat this stuff every day, giving them a danger risk of heart disease, diabetes, and vice versa. Even though I ran into a few issues today, it turned out to be a wonderful day. I'm not even nervous for my finals tomorrow, but I still want you guys to wish me luck so I can pass them and walk across the stage in a few weeks! See ya later, bye!

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