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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kaplan, Tupac, and Steak n Shake

Today was another busy Tuesday. I spent half of the day getting my application approved for Kaplan, went to see that new Tupac movie, and Steak n Shake afterward. Yep, Tupac. Who doesn't love Tupac? He was a famous Rapper who was overshadowed by his music lyrics and "bad boy" personality, but deep down inside he was a pretty cool person, I'll explain more in the Movie Review later. So in today's Blogette, we're going to discuss how my Tuesday was with Kaplan, Tupac, and of course Steak n Shake. Check it out!

Ugggh, pretty much after breakfast I had to start my Phone calls with this School. What? No, actually we started making Phone calls last week and that was a pain in the fanny than today. Since my Case Worker was busy with other Students, I found this the perfect time to go through an interlude of about a half hour or so...actually that turned into like 60 minutes or more. 60 minutes later, we finally get the Phone call back from my Case Worker and she instructs us on what to do next. Then we made to make more Phone calls and fill out more forms on the FSA website, as more complications were arising and we were pressed for time because not only did we have to hurry out the House in time to see Tupac, in addition, we had to hurry to pick up my Mom's Car from the Shop. After 2-3 hours of frustration, cups of Tang, countless random Movies on TV, and burning Candles, we were finally done. We also went to pick up my Mom's Car and my Aunt because she wanted to see the movie too, now let's move on to the next part.

When was the last time a Movie Theater was ever at a decent price? A. The 90's a.k.a the last DECENT generation? B. The 80's a.k.a the HISTORY OF THE MAKING GENERATION? Or C. The 70's a.k.a the YOU CAN DO/BE WHATEVER GENERATION? The answer is....yeah I really don't know or care at this point because there's a possibility that the answer could be a huge paradox. My Mom and my Aunt couldn't wait for Steak n Shake like me, I'm trying to watch my figure and they wanted some Popcorn and Pop. That's why my Mom spent $15..yes a 1 and a 5...almost $20...on two items. Hehe, my Aunt snuck in her Smoothie Drink though. So after that, we headed to the aisle where the Tupac Movie was playing.

All I can say is that if you want to know about the "real" Tupac, you gotta watch this movie. It was unbelievable and extremely amazing. And the actor who played him, he did it so well that it felt like you actually went back in time to view his upbringing and his failing action. Heck, THE DUDE LOOKED JUST LIKE HIM! I'll state more facts later, but that was just my quick though so we can move on and so I can have time to write this tonight since I'm a lazy person.

After we left, we finally came to Steak n Shake. Since my Mom and my Aunt ate plenty of Popcorn and Sprite, they only limited themselves to Milkshakes while I had a la the new Kit Kat Milkshake and the Bacon n Cheese Double Steakburger. Let me give you a brief about Kit Kat though. I FREAKING LOVE KIT KAT. Kit Kat is part of my soul, my life, my fortune. ♬MY LOOOVE...DO YOU EVER DREAM OF...CANDY COATED RAIN LOOOVE...YOU'RE THE SAME, MY CANDY RAAAAAIIIN.♬ I couldn't remember a moment when my Mom never came from the store at least once a week to deliver me a Kit Kat. If I could, I dirty dance with it and have Kids with it. I could see it now...Kitty and Katty. Or Kit Jr. and Katherine. I sound like a Cuckoo Bird don't I? Anywho, after Steak n Shake, we dropped my Aunt off and came back Home. Now I'm writing this post and still sipping on my Kit Kat. <3 Love you, Babe.~<33 Anyways, check out the next Movie Review post after this under "Movie Review" on the right-hand side of the page. Have a good day, see ya!

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