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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The End of The Year Carnival/Gone to Grandma's (AGAIN)

Every year, our School has a...well…”End of The Year Carnival” to wrap up the School year and as an excuse to plan a “fun” event for us. Yeah..heh….”fun”...YEAH, LOADS OF FUN. MMMMMHMMMM. Not a lot of the High Schoolers go each year, I wonder why? Maybe because it's mostly for Kids? I'll end that summary part here, let's move on to the next summary. Guess what? We're going to Grandma's again. Woo-hoo! And I believe we are going to have Chinese food! So in today’s Blogette, we're not only going to discuss the Carnival but my trip to my Grandma's. Check it out!

The End of The Year Carnival:
Alright, I'll just cut to the chase. I decided that this day would be the perfect time to wear my black/white striped Dress, because….why the heck not? Anyways, as soon as me and my Mom arrived there, she immediately pulled out her paperwork to finish there. Who could blame her? The event was mostly for the K - 8 Kids anyway so who cares? And I didn't really want to go, I was mainly there because a couple of my friends said they were coming. However, in addition to waiting for them like people used to do at McDonald's before that whole “All Day Breakfast” hit the fan, I decided to play a few games. What was the prize? Oh boy, 2 Lollipops from Dollar Tree! After getting a scoop of Ice Cream, I decided to call two of my Friends to see if they ditched me..AGAIN. Surprisingly, one of them answered the Phone. I'll just give you her nickname: Bee. Bee told me that her and her family are on their way to Six Flags, have fun Bee! I gave her my regards and hung up. Then….Oh this one is going to be another memory to chuckle at…..I called my other Friend. Nicknamed: Shae. Sent her a couple of texts, called her twice, SAW HER ONLINE ON MESSENGER AKA FACEBOOK, had Best Friend to call her….speaking of which, let me tell you about what happened with me and Best Friend. I get to the Bouncy House where he was at and he looked sweaty. Luckily Mr. M was there to give him a break, as well as one of the Lollipops I had to give… Cherry flavored buddy? The second time I walked to him way. He was standing aside without a shade!? Look man, he's my Best Friend, can you at least give him a Parasol? No, forget you then...dang! I decided that this was another perfect time to ask him to call Shae for me. Very surprising, he did. NO ANSWER. Yo Shae, Y U Soo lazi gurrrl? Blah, well at we tried….HEY NOW! HEY NOW! A couple of my underclassmen friends came….I knew they would since they are just too sweet and pretty to not come. Said hello, gave hugs, my number, compliments ( I MISS YOU GUYS! ), and then me and Mama (You can call her Mama Clay, Ma Clay, or Mother Clay) bounced outta there. To Jewels, donate at Salvation Army, then Home to go to G-ma’s.

Gone’ to Grandma's (AGAIN):
I couldn't… well we couldn't even spend a good 20 minutes at the House since we had to rush out the House to go to my Grandma's and so my Aunt could go to the DMV…..again. Don't blame her, blame the system. In fact, she's the reason why we're able to go to her (My Grandma) House we don't gotta spend 90 minutes in my Mom’s Car due to the lack of sleep she gets. Whereas if my Aunt ( Aunt J) drives, it'll only take 45 minutes. That's why lunch only consisted of half a Granola Bar and some Milk, why the Blogette couldn't be finished sooner, and why I'm basically typing this on my Tabby. Quick note about the DMV, then we can continue with the main topic: It was like Thanksgiving Thursday in the parking lot for the Seagulls! Off and on again it was raining, why? Maybe Mother Nature got jilted by her bf or her “friend” came. After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, we finally arrived at Grandmama’s. Her fence and stair railing is finally fixed! She gave me a Jacket as a graduation gift, asked me 5 times how I did my hair and makeup, and is passed out while I'm typing. I tried too hard to show her what my Tablet was…..she was more focus on the makeup than the internet. “Hey, who did this Baby’s makeup?” “What college are you going to?” “Who did your hair?” “Did you find yourself a boyfriend yet?” I got the answers: 1. Me. 2. Kaplan University. 3. Me again. And 4. Sadly, no.  Nevermind, she woke up after pointing and laughing at this chubby Girl on Andy Griffin… Yes, she only watches shows from the 50s to 70s.

That being said and since there's nothing much to discuss, that was my day. I hope you all have a goodnight.  Where's the pictures of the Carnival? Well, here's the thing. I didn't take any! Why? Because I didn't want to. Night. 

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