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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yesterday at Grandma's/ Telltale's "Six Flags Great America:" High School Edition

I noticed that every since I've become an Adult, I've become a very busy Bee like my Mom, only I'm not the one with the Job. It seems like every week, I'm either going somewhere or doing working on different projects to help with my Blog or just for fun. But that doesn't mean that I don't have time to visit Grandmama, right? And being busy also qualifies me for an opportunity to go on the yearly Six Flags Field Trip this year! Woo-hoo! So today in this post, I'm going to discuss the first half about what happened at Grandmama's yesterday and the second half of the Six Flags Trip today. In fact, it's going to be so long, that I'm going to create a page for more info on the Six Flags Trip, check it out after this post!

Yesterday at Grandma's: 
Everything was going normally, as usual, we went to pick up my Aunt since we usually ride together with her to go to my Grandma's. She showed us her Garden, let me chew on one of her delicious Strawberries she grew, and the "competition" next door to her. PFFFF, it looked like a poor excuse for someone using a Litterbox as an Orange Grove. I'm just stating my opinion though, but golly. Before we went to my Grandma's, my Aunt had to take care of some Business at the DMV. Would you believe me if I told you that it only took her 15 minutes? Why? Because she did it a few minutes before closing time! Maybe I should do that when I get move. Afterward, we finally got to my Grandma's, and as always my other Aunt brought us some food for the little family function that we always have. What was on the menu? Let me turn this into a roll call: Ribs, Hotdogs, BBQ Sauce, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Fruit Salad, and Hawaiian Rolls (I recommend that you microwave them for 10 seconds, they taste a bit better but still taste just as good at room temperature). 

There were also two trucks that came to fix the Steps of my Grandma's House and to fix the roof I believe? Then a crazy antic happened about some Baby Powder and a $1.07. LOL! Also, my Aunt (The one who always brings the grub when we come over, I'll call her "Aunt T") gave me a Dress, a Graduation Gift, and a Birthday Gift Card from my Birthday a couple of weeks ago. Nothing much was happening after that unless you want me to include on what we were debating on what to watch on TV and discussing our plans for tomorrow (Tuesday). Same o'l same o'l, let's move on to the Six Flags Field Trip, shall we? 

Telltale's "Six Flags Great America:"

Oh man, only 6 hours of sleep? I don't have to tell you because of where I was yesterday since we always get back SO DARN LATE....I MEAN GOSH? At least the Milk wasn't spoiled in my Cocoa Puffs again, otherwise, we would've had a severe problem. But ignoring that, for the first time in my entire life, I'm riding the CTA by myself since my Mom had to go to work today (I told you she's a busy Woman right?) and because...who else is going to take me that's not working on a Tuesday? I and Mama took the first Bus together, then she went to her stop for work and I had to take a second Bus. It was fun actually, some Dude and a Lady got into a conversation about their blindness while the Lady's Daughter was watching while sipping on her Chocolate Milk...THAT I MISS HAVING. MAMA, PLEASE BUY ME MORE TRUMOO. PLEEEEASE? I'VE BEEN A GOOD GIRL, I PROMISE. Ooops...*cough, cough*....That's my allergies acting up again. 

After that, I finally got to the stop at my School.....only 1 person from my Senior Class that's one of my friends? SERIOUSLY? Before you ask why it's only one person, let me discuss the rules and regulations about the Six Flags Trip. In order to qualify for the Trip, you have to get a 70% or higher in all of your classes, even if those classes aren't the "main core" classes such as PE, Art, and etc. The first time they offered us a chance to go on the Trip, also a quarter of each Class came. Now, it's like "Okay, who got kidnapped for ransom?" Finally, my other friend from my Senior Class came. Although some Kids qualified, some didn't go because they had other obligations to tend to such as work or deal with a sick relative. Meanwhile on the Magic School Bus, one of my friends had a discussion with me about how I AM mandatory to go on the Roller Coasters with her and my other friend since I've never been on one. Good thing I'm still wearing the cross Mama gave me....HAVE MERCY. We finally arrived there and guess what? It only took us about 10-15 to get in? Quick huh? I'm going to post the link to the page I created with my reactions to the rides and my reviews on them and post it in the post because this post is getting too long. One more thing to add: I MET BUGS BUNNY! He hugged me, grabbed my hands, blew an air kiss at me, and then waved goodbye to me.~What a charming Rabbit. <3 


Phew, what a day. Had some close calls, trapped in long lines, lack of Chili on the Hotdog, and a bunch of cute Boys who I wish could've came back with us. My Phone was nearly dead too...9%? SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR! I really enjoyed going back since I couldn't go last year because I had a cold. I was going to go back Home on the Bus, but my Mom decided to pick me up....10 minutes late since the Principal had to stay outside with me...Thanks, Ms. B! So now I'm back Home, tired, back hurts, and I'm going to bed after this sentence. Goodnight and I hope you enjoyed the post and page. 

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