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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Senior Finals! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! YAY!

Today is one of the best days this week, besides Memorial Day! Why? Because after today...I'M DONE WITH ALL OF MY CLASSES AND PROM IS TOMORROW! WOOHOO! OPEN UP THE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE...JK, I drink Sparking Apple Cider. And what else do I do after finals? Mama takes me to Dairy Queen as a celebration! So today, we're going to discuss how the final exams were today.

Sometimes when I wake up early for School, I'm like "Is the time broken?" or "Leave me be...I need beauty sleep." Nah nah, not today! Because today is a VERY special day since I'm pretty much done with class after this. My Mom was excited to, so excited that she decided to buy the Staff a Cake and leave out the House 30 minutes early. And only giving me Jevity for least she mixed it with Ice Cream! As always, I took a nap in the Car while watching Cyanide and Happiness while she laughed her buttocks off at Mr. Harvey during his Radio Show.

When we finally arrived at the School, guess who was the first Teacher we saw? Yep! Mr. Whatshisname, the same person who was kind enough to pay for our Lunch at Starved Rock. He gave me his "urgent" message stating that he though I would come with a Dress and Flip Flops last week, saying he was "scared" for me. Pfff, yeah he wasn't the first Teacher. One of the Female Teachers who went on the Trip told me that too, I understand (Hehehe..). While my Mom went with one of the Teachers to take the Cake to the Cafeteria, me and my Friends were discussing Finals, Prom, and the last two Field Trips of the year. NO I AM NOT RIDING THE SUPERMAN OR BATMAN....unless you hold my hand and give me a Barfbag. Finals? Yeah, I only studied one day for them. Prom Dress? Uhhh....SECRET...TMI ALERT...TMI ALERT. Finally it was time for our Finals to begin.

As expected, not everyone showed up. Why? Either they had other obligations...or like most people, they didn't want to. The ones that didn't want to, I understand that exams are very hard. But that doesn't mean that you should skip them because that's only cheating yourself and lowering your standards since you're not brave enough to take them. I heard there's only 7 Seniors eligible to graduate anyway, let's hope that number multiplies or else the Ceremony will only be a half hour. Heck, maybe even 15 minutes if you don't include the Cake and Punch that they might serve. The first test we did was British World Lit. That test wasn't too hard if you have the materials that you could use during the final such as a Dictionary, the BWL Book, and the Review Notes that you were responsible creating. Had all 3 and still got a D. Oh well, at least my grade is still a B. Second test was Personal Finance. The Multiple choice seemed easy...UNTIL IT SHOWED A BIG FAT F ON THE SCREEN. COME ON MAN, I SPENT....well...I SPENT 2 MINUTES LOOKING AFTER THE PAPER AFTER I SPENT 10 MINUTES WRITING AND COLORING IT. Same with the BWL Review Notes. Then there was the Part 2 of the Personal Finance....Oh come on Ms. V....Part 2? I though we were your favorites? Can't you just let us slide and give it to the Juniors and tell them "Well the Seniors from last year were my Babies...and most of you guys are in Honors so..." I was so heavily confused, I answered #1 on #5 and #5 on #1. NO I AM NOT "Confused with Life", Part 2 of the Personal Finance is.

After I spent 15 minutes thinking of ways to make up answers on the Part 2, I was free. FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, FREE AT LAST. Then me and Mama hopped in the Car, off to Dairy Queen....FREEZE. We had to go back because I forgot to pick up the Yearbook. Oh well, at least I found out about the Prom Menu for tomorrow. ;) we're headed to Dairy Queen! Who knew if you drove around Downtown for 10 minutes, you could actually find parking down there with only paying $2 for a half hour? And who knew that if you cashed in on the $5 Buck Deluxe Cheeseburger Lunch, you could upgrade a Sundae to a Chocolate Xtreme. Just a small note, there were some Caillou Kids there...I bet in my Mom's mind she was like "Thank god this Girl was born in the 90s." You know what I miss about Dairy Queen? I miss that French Silk Pie...oh man that was the stuff. I used to get it sometimes when my Mom picked me up from School back in Kindergarten. Good times, good times. Too bad they had to discontinue it...they could've at least sold it in the stores like what Baskin Robbins did. Who remembers that flavor? No one? Oh, my bad. Ask Google, they'll tell you. And not only will they tell you, they'll give you a Wikipedia bio from how it started from the Cows to how many people bought it for their Birthdays.

After DQ, Aldi. After Aldi, Home. Me and my Mom talked about how much I accomplished at this School, how I worked so hard to come this far and the obstacles we took while doing it. I hope the Juniors (Well, some of them already do) use me and the rest of the Seniors as examples to help them graduate next year. And if you guys are reading this right now, I'm proud of you guys that made it far to your Junior year and since you're going to be in our place next year. You've worked so hard, Junior year is the hardest year of High School. Good luck on your finals in two weeks, that's also the week when we get our Diplomas. I wish you all the best of luck.

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