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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Graduation Part 1: The Practice/Luncheon

Before we began, let me just note that I changed the name from "Blogzette" to "Blogette." Why? Because I wanted to and "Blogette" sounds cooler...hehe.

Alright, from the beginning! Usually, the day before you graduate 8th grade or High School, there's always a practice to keep the flow going so the ceremony will be "perfect." Practice makes perfect, which is why it took us about 60 minutes to get everything...."perfect." But before we tend to "practice makes perfect", we were rewarded with a Senior Luncheon at....GIORDANO'S! WOOT WOOT! Like the Shedd Aquarium, I've heard of that place before like a million times but never been there. I wish they could've let us go to a luncheon in 8th grade, as well as taken the 8th graders to a luncheon since they had to practice during the morning as well. So today, we're going to discuss how my Graduation practice and Senior luncheon went. Check it out!

Woke up as usual, Breakfast Cereal, threw on basically the same outfit I had on when I went to the Aquarium yesterday except for the different shoes, in fact I wore my Graduation Shoes today to break them in for tomorrow. 20 minutes later, me and my Mom finally got to the School....late. Blame the traffic, not her Car. No one was there, not even the Teachers. There was only one dude there. Oh that's right, we were supposed to walk over with them but since we were only like 10-20 minutes late...yeah you get my point. Luckily, the Navigator system on Google Maps didn't malfunction, otherwise, we would've gotten our Goose cooked while hangry. What is hangry? Hangry is a combination of hungry and angry at the same time. HANGRY. 8 minutes later, we finally made it. Oh man, I didn't know that many Teachers and Students would be there....hence that we had our own private section in the back instead of the front. So many people, that we had to wait for the next two Pizzas to dish out....well I took the last slice so. Yippee! I was so glad I did....EWW, WHAT! NO! IT WAS COLD! YUCK! At least the taste buds came back for the Salad and Garlic Bread. Oh, and the Lemonade, Water, and Pepsi were also our Refreshers.

After 20 MORE minutes, two of the Pizzas finally came. The stuffed and the thin crust. Lord have mercy, let's make room for my stomach...SIKE! I have a ceremony tomorrow, which is why I only ate HALF of the cold slice, a half a cup of Salad, 1 small piece of Garlic Bread, and two Thin Crust Sausage Squares. Mama was so glad to come, she personally created herself a doggie bag despite the Staff's objectives. After a walk over about the slideshow with our pictures for tomorrow, talk about boy bands like Run-DMC, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync (I hope one day they make a comeback), and vice versa, we FINALLY came back to practice for the ceremony.  Remember I said it took us 60 minutes? Yeah, it might've been longer than that...I think 90 minutes? Well when you mix crazy antics, missing Students, and slapstick jokes, you basically get our Graduation Practice! I proved to one of my Teachers that I DID KNOW HOW TO PRACTICE FROM PLAYING PIANO CEREMONIES FOR MUCH OF MY CHILDHOOD AND WHAT NOT....Speaking of which, I gotta start back practicing on it again. We were also given our Caps and Gowns, plus our Senior Class Pictures with our Caps and Gowns on.

After it was over....OMG ONE OF MY FRIEND'S MOM GAVE ME SOME CHICKEN WINGS...THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL! Did it really have to rain? ....I guess it did since that's what happened to me when we got into the Car. Yeah, guys, I broke down, I couldn't hold my tears back I was so sad. I did it before on Monday, but I guess I did it again today so I wouldn't jinx and embarrass myself during the ceremony, huh? I love that School so much, that even though I'm going to be busy with College, I'm going to try to save out some money to visit my Teachers and my underclassmen Friends to keep in touch with them...even though I have a majority of them on Facebook and text. Still, who wouldn't miss the hugs, compliments, and smiles that you would get from people that treated you so decent that you could've sworn that they were like you're long lost family members? *Sigh* Well, tomorrow is the big day. I hope everything goes well and that everyone goes to the ceremony. Talk to you guys tomorrow, and I hope you guys enjoy this post. Wish me luck, cross those fingers!  Below, you will see 2 more Selfies I took today.

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