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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mission Impossible: The Escape Room/Final Senior Field Trip Edition

Today is the day of the final Field Trip for us for the year. Well, the final Senior Field Trip for us for the year since we go on more Field Trips than any of the other underclassmen. And the best part about it was that we didn't have to come to the School until at 2:00 pm because the Trip was so close, that we could take transportation and walk there. What a beautiful day. So in this post today, we're going to go over the trip to the Escape Room. Let's go!

Let me break to the Afternoon since all I did this morning was watch the Fresh Prince, talk to Ginger Snaps, and played that Blossom Game online. So here we are, my Mom dropped me off at the School and even decided to stay there until we got back. I don't think she was bored since she brought plenty of paperwork to do and her Netbook thingy. How many Kids went on the Trip? Let me put it this way: If you ordered half a dozen of Donuts from Dunkin Donuts, you'll get the number of Kids that went on the Trip, including me. If you want to include how many Teachers went, then you might as well add 2 Cups of Coffee. Oh and one of my friend's Mom went, therefore 3 cups of Coffee and half a dozen of Donuts. Apparently, I wasn't consulted that Parents could go since I could've brought my Mom since she hasn't gone on a Field Trip with me since I was 11. OH, and I also wasn't consulted that instead of using the Ventra Cards that they FORGOT TO RETURN TO US TODAY, we had to use our own fare. Welp, there goes that Sensodyne money. We're going to take the Pink line, no wait a minute...we're going to take the GREEN line. I know I'm going to sound racist, but how the heck do you confuse Colored lines? Especially if it's Chicago! We also had to walk a couple of blocks, then we finally made it.

A lot of you probably never been or even heard of the Escape Room, so let me break it down to you. Basically, the Escape Room is where you are placed in a Room that leads to other Rooms from that Room and you find clues and objects to help you escape that Room to proceed to the next Room to escape the Room you started at. You also have 60 minutes to Escape or else. By the way, you can't use your Phone, you can't even take pictures or touch certain objects in that Room. There are four Rooms that they have that you can choose: Mission: Mars, Prison Break, The Heist, and Gold Rush. The Kids chose The Heist and the Adults chose Mission: Mars. Alright, it looks like this isn't going to be another Telltale Game, it's going to be Mission Impossible. *Cue the Mission Impossible theme*

60:00 - We were first looking around the Room for hints and clues. Of course, we knew we couldn't touch certain things and the clues they gave us was a bit confusing.

55:00 - OOH! A CLUE! One of the Kids found a clue! We had to find the numbers to unlock the lock on the door. The hint gave us a clue to look at the paintings, the years on the paintings, and behind one of the paintings was a Mirror.

48:00 - Someone opened this small square hole that leads to a small opening of the next Room we had to go to. Using the Mirror to find the combination, they used it to reflect the Mirror on the wall with the numbers on it. I used the combination and INTO THE NEXT ROOM WE GO! YES!

45:00 - Man oh man, it was so frustrating escaping out of this Room. The first clue we found were some puzzle pieces that automatically make me think "Okay, who played Banjo-Kazooie last night?" We couldn't find most of the pieces because...well YOU TELL ME!

40:00 - I was getting so scared, I thought between either needing to burst out the Room or getting some Adrenaline to boost my confidence. We found more clues that included a Key inside a bottle, a Map, a Napkin, Flashlight, and a closed Chest.

35:00 - We found another clue that leads to finding a Tablet inside the Drawer that was inside the Room and another clue that lead to the combination of opening the closed Chest to finding another Tablet.

30:00 - Guess what? We found another combination that leads to...a secret pathway to a hidden Room that contained on what appeared to be a Jailcell, Drawers, and some Goblets?

00:25 - Two of the Classmates found one more clue that leads the combination to open the door of the first Room.


The Teachers and my Friend's Mother came out of the Room looking a bit exhausted. Awwww...what's wrong guys? Are we smarter than you or was it too hard? Just kidding. Instead of going to Portillo's AS PLANNED, we had to go to a Pizzeria called Pizzeria Due that looked pretty fancy...and sexy...well the Man Waiters were so that's why----Something leads to one of my Teachers to sit outside instead of inside with us. He was taunting us while looking through the window, looking bored, blah blah blah. To keep boredom from happening with us, one of my Friends gave us the good idea to play a Game on her Phone, which-I-forgot-the-name-of but know that the rules are that you have to hold the Phone on your forehead while the other Players have to give you hints and clues to guess the name that's on your forehead. How did it go? Let me give you a quick run-down: OLD TV SHOW! FRESH PRINCE! LOOKS LIKE A MEXICAN SQUIRREL! CHINCHILLA! MEOW! CAT! TV SHOW WITH A HALLOWEEN FAMILY! NO, NOT THE ADAMS FAMILY, THE MUNSTERS! LINCOLN PARK ZOO! OSTRICH! A BUG! FLY!

After we finished our Pizza, one of the Teachers who had to pay the Restaurant Bill...again...noticed an order of Chicken Wings and a Ceasar Salad on his bill. Gee Whiz, where on Earth did that come from? I'll tell you, from Mr. M who's sitting outside and mocking us! So we had to take Transportation back, Mama took me Home, I'm tired af, and Ginger Snaps is helping me write this post. Plus for some reason, I am having a thirsty quencher for some good o'l Apple Juice and Tru Moo. Maybe I'll get some tomorrow. So that's how the Trip was and that's how it feels to be trapped in a Room for 60 minutes without the use of a Phone. I hope you enjoy this post, stay safe and goodnight!

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