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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Take Your Daughter to Work Day Tuesday

Has anyone ever heard of that day called "Take Your Kid(s) to Work Day? I sure have, but unfortunately, it was back in April and I blew it. I was busy focusing on my grades and Graduation anyway. In fact, I had so much fun today, that I might start doing this at least once a month. PFFFF...LOL, it's too bad I couldn't Facebook live what happened today, otherwise, this post would've been more enjoyable and something I can laugh at when I'm in an "emo" mood. And now I see why my Mom is like "Good thing you were born in the 90s." So in this Blogette today, we're going to discuss how my day at work with Mama was that included Ice packs and pre-pubescent little half-pints with misadventures into fantastic antics.

All I can say is that in this paragraph, Bebe's Kids ain't got nothing on this Kid. After the Pledge or in other words 5-10 minutes later, while my Mom was filling up the Ice Maker plus on the Phone calling up one of the other Nurses and while I'm on my Phone and Tabby, we notice wait I think either 3-4 Cops come inside the Nurse's Room (My Mom's Work Room) with the Security Guard and another Lady.....because of the 3rd Grader that they were with. WHY were the Cops called on him? According to Ms. Security Guard Lady, he was running in the hallways kicking people. Outside, my face is like "WTF?", but inside my sides were hurting so badly....I'm like "Kid why? Did they forget to give you a Cardon of Milk with your Corn Flakes or something?" LMFAO. Don't worry, my Mom calmed one of the Cops down by giving him one of those "Hope" speeches. Meanwhile, the 3rd Grader had his mouth balled up and for some weird reason gave one of the Cops a Uno Card? After everything, all of them left since it was lunchtime.

During Lunchtime, while I was innocently sipping my Capri-Sun and eating my Sandwich, I tried too hard to hold my mouth while hearing the Kids give excuses on why they came inside. We all (including me) had to wait outside so she (My Mom) could give one of the Kids her Diabetic medication. My Mom only stepped out the room for 5 minutes, but still, those Kids were coming. Two Boys came in there because one of them needed a Bandage. Instead of waiting patiently like an innocent Child, he decided that he could have the power to overrule the Nurse's Room by getting the Kid a Bandage in one of the draws...he couldn't find it and still had to wait for my Mom. :P Then....LOL Uh-oh! Two MORE Boys came inside the Room and asked where Mama was. I said that she had to step out for a few and they told me they needed some Ice packs because....because...well because one of them got hurt in their "Banana Cage." LMAO! I told them they could wait until she comes back, then they were like "Oh since she isn't here, we might as well go to lunch." And that's when....well...they left for lunch?

Oops, I forgot to explain what happened with this 4th grader. So Kid comes in the Nurse's Room complaining about how his stomach was hurting, 5-10 minutes later he's standing on top of an Exercise Ball watching my Mom help with the other Kids. Whoa, Kid, I thought you were sick? I thought you needed to lie down until your Brother comes? My Mom also gave me a duty there, I was the "Sticker Girl." I was in charge of giving the Kids Stickers after they were done seeing her.

After getting a bit bored, my Mom told me that maybe I should walk around to get a glimpse of the area and what not. First, I walked around the block. After hearing some of the Kids sing throwback songs from MJ, I decided to continue with my stroll. The first stop I went to was 7 Eleven, I haven't been there since like 7 years ago maybe. But I knew I wanted a Slurpee...Cola..@_@. Too bad I was already full, and too bad they had to make the Donuts look like the ones from The Simpsons! Just hope Homer doesn't stop through. The next and final stop was Walgreens, yeah I knew what they had but....whoa. Wait a second, this one is bigger than the one in the loop! Why? Well, 3 Escalators that include the Phamacy downstairs, the main floor, and a Boutique upstairs...duh. Boutique? I had to check it out like noticing that Cola Bottle with one of my (Wow, former) English Teacher's name on it. And why someone would be dumb enough to pay $2.00 for a pack of miniature Gummy Bears. What I thought was a Boutique was basically their Cosmetics department with Escalators. Yeah, I did get a chance to sample some of the products like the Lipstick and Mascara, but they were similar to the ones I already have. Afterward, I left as it was about to rain...thank god my hair didn't get wet. A couple of hours passed and it was soon time for us to go. By the way, this was the last day of School for the Elementary Kids which made this day even better.

So there you have it, that's how my Work Day with my Mom was. I haven't gotten to go to work with her since I was like wait since I was 11 I believe. It was fun while it lasted, and it gives others a chance to have a relief that they don't have any Kids. See you guys later, and have a goodnight. Here's a short video I made while Mama was on the Phone with one of the half-wit's Parents.

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