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Saturday, June 3, 2017


What's one of the most fun events that Girls like during their Junior and Senior year of High School? PROM! YES! Prom is THAT event, that's why you guys might see more Girls at Prom than Boys because Prom is mostly for Girls, well in my opinion. I went to my Junior Prom and it was very nice, but the one I went to today was special that I decided to "one-up" the one that I went to last year. So special, so special. I really had fun today and you're going to know why in 5...4...3..2...LET'S GO, guys!

It was even better today because there weren't any classes (Well at least not for the Seniors since...well you should know from the previous posts that I made), giving me extra time to prepare for my special day. I accidentally made the boiled Egg taste like nothing again; don't blame me, blame the ones who were delivering them to Jewels! They obvious didn't have time to get that Breakfast Burrito that they so very needed, did they? Or if it was the afternoon, they were probably one of those out-to-lunch fools. Forget breakfast, let's move on. Like last year, I took a nap so I wouldn't get tired while preparing. Why? Well, here's the scenario: If I had gotten tired, I would've passed out while doing my makeup and hair. If I would've passed out while doing my makeup and hair, I would've messed myself up. If I would've messed myself up, I would've missed my Prom. If I would've missed my Prom, I would've never lived it down. If I would've never lived it down, I would never get a Boyfriend, I would've run around my Condo screaming and banging on the doors, they would've called the Cops, I would eventually get a warning, then check myself into a Mental Hospital and then....I think you get the point.

Let me give you the phases on why it took me 4 hours to get ready: First Lunch, then Bath, next Dress, afterward Hair, and finally Makeup and Jewelry. See, that wasn't long at all, was it? Guess who I dressed up as....PRINCESS TIANA! Oh and guess who my ride was? GEORGE THE LIMO DRIVER! THANKS FOR THE COLA AND RIDE, GEORGE! I'll recommend you in the future for future references just in case one of my friends gets married or wants to pretend like they live on the Gold Coast or something. Oh, and I appreciate you letting us take a Selfie together!

Let me give this small note before we continue...a Random Lady asked me if she could take my picture! Omg! I felt like a Celebrity or something! YES! YES! TAKE ALL THE PICTURES YOU WANT, RANDOM CELL PHONE LADY! After that, I went to the area of the Swiss where the Prom was held and guess what? I was the first one there! Last year when I got there, almost everyone was there except a few people. This time, I was the first one! I was the chosen I though. Boring, boring, boring! Waiting for my Friends to come while taking Photos (Which I didn't mind) and having a short dance with one of the Teachers. A few boring moments later, we have one of my Friends and her Date arrive in matching outfits! BLUE IS THE WAY TO GO! Too bad I can't show you guys the picture unless she gives me permission or whatnot. After the rest of my friends came, we finally had Dinner and Dessert. We also had a Punch Bar and...OMG. REMEMBER THE FRIEND I TOLD YOU WITH THE JOB? SHE NOT ONLY BROUGHT ONE BUT TWO OF HER COUSINS THERE. HELLO! NICE TO MEET YOU! I'm Princess Tiana. Where's Naveen? Uhhh...he's here and there....(Every night..hehe)...nice weather we're having, huh?

After Dinner, we danced a bit...oh yeah! The Principal came and brought her Daughter...she recognized me as Princess Tiana! She's so cute and sweet! She tried to tell us how to dance, told us when it was time for us to get out the bathroom, and gave us high fives! Princess Tiana loves you, honey! We also had this Cake that had a Gentle Lamp on it since it was an "Arabian Lights" theme and all. Then we continued to dance some more, group dance, BEYONCE, Reggae dance mix, and then it was time to go. You know what I noticed? There were at least 20 Kids at the Prom last year, only 10 were there this year. In fact, it was such a small amount that I think that's why they made the dance floor smaller and why there were fewer songs to play. Heck, the Teachers didn't even start dancing until near the end; although I'll admit, we danced a little while waiting for the other Kids to arrive. Despite everything, I still had fun and it was better than last year. The only difference was the number of Students and Teachers. I'll post some of the Selfies I took in the Post, as well as some of the Prom pictures I took! So that was my Senior Prom, I hope you guys have a good night sleep! Goodnight!

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